Stuffie Takeover Week


Stuffie Takeover Week is the special feature of this site! It occurs the first week of every month, beginning from Monday, and it’s merely a little invention of our stuffies. Instead of us posting about them, they have a chance to write posts and manage the blog themselves: in a set schedule! Our stuffies take over the blog during this special week: creating each day’s post, responding to comments…and they can even tinker with the site’s settings! Here on this page is a quick overview, as well as a list of every STW post ever done. Enjoy! ūüėÄ

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Make-It-Yourself Monday.png

Hosted By: Mimsy Kaminski, guest contributors

Topic: Crafts and DIY

Terrible Trio Tuesday

Hosted By: Toto Pawbear, Bunny Baby Kaminski, Carroty Kaminski

Topic: Mischief and fun stuff by the Trio: photo shoots, prank ideas, cool stuff, and more!

Wacky Wednesday

Hosted By: Ranch Lorensen, Hummus Nachos, Baby Beizi-Beidi

Topic: Wack-a-doodle nonsense, brain-teasers, riddles, magic tricks, and chaos

Totally Tilly Thursday.png

Hosted By: Tilly Kaminski, guest contributors

Topic: Drawing, crafts, and art of all kinds

Foodie Friday

Hosted By: Huggies Pawbear, guest contributors

Topic: Edible recipes, clay doll food, and anything food-related

Sister Saturday

Hosted By: McKenzie Chandler, Brooklyn Chandler

Topic: Sisterly fun

Scriptural Sunday

Hosted By: Dejected Dog, guest contributors

Topic: Devotionals, articles, passage study

Stuffie Adventures Test Divider 5

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