Meet The Stuffies


The Stuffie Adventures crew (often called the Schmuffles family for short — c’mon, say it, you know you want to), is a crazy bunch. There are about twenty of them — we’ve never bothered to count. On this page, you can meet each member and get to know them a bit more!

In case this is getting a little confusing, here’s a list of main things you need to know:

  • Polby ~ goofy and playful ~ lover of cookies and swimming
  • Dwuff ~ happily annoying ~ lover of tennis and geography (and chocolate!)
  • Huggies ~ responsible and brotherly ~ lover of cooking and baking
  • Cornell ~ quiet and gruff ~ lover of basketball, sleeping, and stamps
  • Dejected Dog ~ witty and sarcastic ~ lover of wittiness and theology
  • Baby ~ popular and open-minded ~ lover of fitness and exercise
  • Hummus ~ cool, chill, and always smiling ~ lover of ping pong and movies
  • Ranch ~ “weird” ~ lover of collecting bugs and automobiles
  • Mimi ~ quiet but fun-loving ~ lover of ice skating and classical music
  • Cupcake ~ dramatic and imaginative ~ lover of creative writing
  • Cocoa ~ cheery and compassionate ~ lover of nature, especially plants
  • Bera-Bera ~ mischievous and clever ~ lover of spying and ninjitsu
  • Woot-Woot ~ smart and nerdy ~ lover of memory training and mathematics
  • Owly ~ slow and steady ~ lover of technology and robotics
  • Mimsy ~ creative and extroverted ~ lover of crafts and creativity
  • Cherry ~ shy and matter-of-fact ~ lover of singing and acting
  • Kenzie ~ sweet and protective ~ lover of photography and books
  • Brookie ~ a cutie pie and tomboy ~ lover of dolls and serving
  • Tilly ~ timid but reliable ~ lover of fine arts, especially painting
  • Bunny Baby ~ wild and tomboyish ~ lover of princesses and craft kits
  • Strawberry ~ small and wistful ~ lover of tea and elegance
  • Toto ~ boisterous and obstinate ~ lover of electric trains and shark toys



I’m goofy, but I’m big brotherly and cool, so if you include me in anything you do, you can guarantee I’ll add some fun sparkle!

Full Name: Polby Tommy Beizi-Beidi
Nickname: Po-Po, Polbs
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: May 1
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: Playful and goofy, caring, sometimes just a tad bit annoying, but that doesn’t bother my cousins much! I’m still a fun person to be around, overall.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Cookies, drawing, painting, photography, swimming, cooking, and singing (a.k.a. loudly warbling my little ditties).
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: COOOOOOOOOOOOOKIES!!!!!!!
Dream Job: ‘Twould be fun if I went into the movies and became Cookie Monster’s accomplice-in-crime, no?
Favorite Post To Star In: Polby’s Guide To Cookie Fanaticism



I am the craziest humbug who ever walked Planet Earth.

Full Name: Truffle Henri McFluffy
Nickname: I have a TON of nicknames, some of which include Dwuff, Puffy, Puff-Puff, Truf-Truf, Dwuffy, Duff Goldman, Buffy, Pipsqueak, and Nincompoop, though I prefer to call myself “Best Ever Fantabulous.”
Age: 13
Type Of Stuffie: Bear
Birthday: February 20
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I am a total humbug. I love annoying people, making silly jokes, and being a weirdo! People say I’m terribly immature for my age, but that’s just because they’re jealous of my awesomeness!
Hobbies/Obsessions: I play tennis professionally (top singles in the varsity team, let’s go) and I also love chocolate, geography, and annoying people full time. I play golf when Cornell drags me to it, too. And, I participate in the National Geographic Bee and won my state bee in 2016.
Favorite Color: Neon green, or orange.
Favorite Food: CHOCOLATE! I cannot live without it. Especially jumbo Snickers and Reeses cups.
Dream Job: A professional tennis player, land surveyor, or cartographer.
Favorite Post To Star In: Dwuff’s Guide To Taking Study Breaks



I adore cooking, and I want to share my love for food with the world: that pretty much sums it all up.

Full Name: Huggies Cuddles Pawbear
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: April 12
Owned By: Isaac
Personality: I’m known to be a nice, friendly big brother and overall a great friend. I’m the most responsible of the family, so my cousins view me as the captain or safety police…however, I do enjoy trolling people occasionally!
Hobbies/Obsessions: Cooking, food blogging, food photography, YouTubing, movie editing, and hanging out with friends.
Favorite Color: Beige and white — they’re the perfect color combo!
Favorite Food: As a chef who has tasted so many amazing dishes…a favorite food is really hard to decide. I love seafood, so sushi is probably my number one choice. My favorite dessert, however, has to be creme brulee.
Dream Job: I’m currently training at culinary school, and I have dreams of opening my own restaurant someday. If I don’t get to do that…I’d like to keep food blogging and sharing my recipes with the world.
Favorite Post To Star In: Foodie Friday – Aesthetic Food Photography {Stuffie Takeover #2}



Hey. Nice to meet ya.

Full Name: Cornell Crofton McFluffy
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Type Of Stuffie: Bear
Birthday: June 19
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I can be seen as quiet, keep-to-oneself, and occasionally even gruff, but I love socializing and sharing good jokes (and card games) with friends.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Some of my obsessions are basketball, collecting stamps, speech & debate, literature, card games, and sleeping. I enjoy sporty and active pursuits, and I’ll take backpacking over staying at home anytime, but occasionally I can bury my head in a book for such a long time that my cousins have to pry my cold hands from the thing. I play guitar on his church’s worship team, and I’m also currently learning electric guitar, bass, and the drums.
Favorite Color: Red. Pretty much everything in the room I share with my bro is red.
Favorite Food: I like brownies, coffee, and pizza, and I can polish off an 80% dark chocolate bar in a matter of minutes (I’m not kidding).
Dream Job: I’d like to be a star basketball player in the NBA, or a game designer.
Favorite Post To Star In: After The Rain // Cornell’s Birthday Photoshoot

~Dejected Dog~


Roses are red, violets are blue, emojis are lame, and so are you! No offense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Full Name: Dejected Dog. Yes, that’s my full name. No middle name, no last name, no nothing. Who needs one?
Nickname: You can call me DD if you’re too lazy to pronounce my entire name (Dejected Dog), but I think it sounds pretty lame.
Age: 14
Type Of Stuffie: Dog. Duh.
Birthday: March 20
Owned By: Rebekah. Hmph.
Personality: Uh, I’m dejected, duh. You should have known that. **Side note from Rebekah: I told him to say that he’s melancholy, witty, and philisophical, but he said it was lame. He says absolutely everything is lame. -__-**
Hobbies/Obsessions: Jigsaw puzzles, witty quotes, spouting deep philosophical thoughts when at all possible, reading biographies, Grumpy Cat memes, correcting people’s grammar, having long talks, making mic-drop statements, and musing. I dislike all emoticons except these three: 😎 🤠😏 << those are okay. I don’t know if this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ counts as an emoji, but I like it. My favorite sight in this world is people’s reactions when I make epic comebacks at them. Quite amusing.
Favorite Color: Uh, idk.
Favorite Food: Fresh crab on top of a dollop of homemade ricotta cheese on top of a cayenne sprinkled basil flavored saltine cracker from Whole Foods. (I’m very particular, you see).
Dream Job: Professional criticizer of grammar and leader of the SayNoToEmojis™ campaign.
Favorite Post To Star In: Scriptural Sunday – Blue Letter Bible How-To {Stuffie Takeover #3}



I’m Baby, an twelve-year-old fitness buff who wants to travel the world.

Full Name: Baby Kirsch Beizi-Beidi
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: November 6
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I’m friendly. If anybody needs help or wants to talk, you can be sure I’m all open. My cousins tell me that I’m cool as a cucumber, and very chill, though I do have the most strange and sophisticated ways.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Ballet (including pilates, conditioning, strength training, and stretching), crossfit (including gymnastics, weight lifting, core, cardio, and calisthenics), karate, swimming, and cross country. Ok, you can already tell I’m a fitness buff. I do have non-exercise related hobbies, however! I enjoy traveling, photography, and playing the piano.
Favorite Color: Definitely navy blue!
Favorite Food: I adore all international food, and I love trying out new cuisines. It’s really hard to pick favorites, but I do love Thai curry and ramen noodle soup!
Dream Job: Professional ballet dancer and/or fitness coach.
Favorite Post To Star In: Wacky Wednesday – Masks, Nonsense, And Chaos {Stuffie Takeover #1}



Jolly optimist, full of smiles, always up to date with the latest sunglasses fashion…that’s probably me.

Full Name: Hummus Beanie Ladux
Nickname: Hummy, Hum-Tum
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Dog
Birthday: July 4th (Yup, that’s right! My birthday’s on Independence Day. 😉 )
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I’m possibly the jolliest and most fun person you’ve ever met. I’m easy-going, agreeable, patriotic, optimistic, and I make friends easily.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Ping pong, math (especially geometry — are any of you geometry fans?? you better be), swimming and surfing, the beach, violin, watching movies, listening to music…I have an unhealthy obsession with the musical Hamilton. I also like making people laugh — I’m apparently quite good!
Favorite Color: Yellow. It’s bright, and it’s cheery, what more could you ask?
Favorite Food: I am an eating machine, so I’m not picky. But I do have a favorite food…it has always been Huggies’ famous homemade pizza! Or…buttery popcorn topped with parmesan cheese. That’s what I eat when I’m watching a good movie.
Dream Job: Well, I want to be an Olympic ping pong champion. There. I said it.
Favorite Post To Star In: Hummus Of The Woodlands + Say What? #1 Winner



I’m weird. That’s right, run for your life.

Full Name: Ranch Bentley Lorensen
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: August 2
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I’m the weirdo of the fam-bam, I guess. I’m quite the tomboy, and can act like a crazy goofy nut, but usually I’m quite laid back. I’m very curious and boyish.
Hobbies/Obsessions: I really like collecting bugs, which is why my sisters never venture near my room. I also enjoy automobiles, model airplanes, and BOOKS (especially Lord Of The Rings). Oh yeah — and I like wearing hoodies and sweatshirts.
Favorite Color: Navy blue
Favorite Food: ALL THINGS PEANUT BUTTER. Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter chocolate candies, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter on toast, peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter chicken alfredo (it’s the food I eat when I’m mad)…even if you give me a plate of my least favorite brussel sprouts, if they’re marinated in a peanut butter sauce, I’ll take it.
Dream Job: A bug scientist.
Favorite Post To Star In: 9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Befriend Me, By Ranch



I’m always there to lend a helping hand…I’m shy and serious but I’ll do all I can for the sake of having fun.

Full Name: Amelia Melody Carmichael
Nickname: Mimi
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: January 23
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: Shy, quiet, serious, always the peacemaker, friendly and chatty, ambitious, imaginative, and full of plans and dreams. But…I’m secretly also a big fan of having fun, and I always like to shake things up and add quirky twists in case it gets too monotone.
Hobbies/Obsessions: I’m the “cold weather person” around here. I love snow, winter, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding. I do ice skating professionally, and I love it. I also really like music theory and composing, and paired with an avid interest for writing poetry, I’ve composed quite a few hymns by now, as well as one orchestral score which I’m still working on finalizing.
Favorite Color: White, of course. It’s the color of snow and of my pearly new ice skates.
Favorite Food: Cream puffs, coconut whipped cream, and eclairs.
Dream Job: Olympic gold medal ice skater, or hymn writer/composer.
Favorite Post To Star In: Joy To The World ~ A Christmas Story, Part 3



Where shall I start? I’m afraid that if I even say one word, everything about the very depths and heights of my personality will tumble out!

Full Name: Cupcake Anne Lorensen
Nickname: None
Age: 11
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: December 21
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I’m a fantastical INFP dreamer, aspiring writer, budding poet, girly fashionista, creative crafter, and everything else in between. Oh, and most importantly, I’m a drama queen. But we don’t need to get into that. *laughs nervously* You can find me working on my novel, lost in a world of poetry, or flailing and screaming in bed from writer’s block with some cupcakes at hand (most likely the latter).
Hobbies/Obsessions: Creative writing, poetry, crafts, charm collecting, gardening, swinging, Rainbow Loom, watching too much DIY YouTube, knitting, and hanging out with my best friend Cocoa. I’m constantly discovering new obsessions! I’m currently writing a novel and I hope to have it finished before 2017. Needless to say, I am a writer. But wait, I already said that.
Favorite Color: Coral pink. It’s like, pinkish and orangeish. See how pretty it is?
Favorite Food: Peaches, raspberries, white chocolate, and most of all, hence my name, cupcakes!!!
Dream Job: A published author! Hopefully, this dream is going to come true in a year or so…
Favorite Post To Star In: Tea Party For Two ~ A Photostory



Isn’t God’s creation beautiful? I’m a naturalist, lover of plants and forests, and girl with a passion.

Full Name: Cocoa Kaylee McFluffy
Nickname: Well, lazy people just call me “Coke” for short, haha!
Age: 11
Type Of Stuffie: Bear
Birthday: October 16
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I’m compassionate, and I’m passionate. I’m cheerful and extroverted, I get attached to people easily, and I love to serve others! My dream is to eradicate extreme poverty and share the love of Christ with third-world-countries. My friends tell me I’m unrealistic, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream!
Hobbies/Obsessions: I LOVE nature! Everything about it: plants, birds, forests…everything except bugs, of course. Ew. I like to spend time in the peaceful and quiet outdoors, and I also enjoy nature journaling, backpacking, volleyball, and doing crafts/fashion with my best friend Cupcake. Since Rebekah also loves nature, she and I film science videos in a series we call Young Explorer’s Studios. It’s quite fun! 🙂
Favorite Color: Sky blue: it’s so deep and dreamy…
Favorite Food: Orange juice, and pie! I’m obsessed with ANY kind of pie (regular pie, crostatas, hand pies, mini pies, tarts…get the idea yet?)
Dream Job: Park ranger
Favorite Post To Star In: Nature Wanderings {A Photoshoot Of Cocoa}



SHH!! Not that way, this way! I’m an undercover spy and — oops. Did I just tell you that?

Full Name: Bera-Bera Ross McFluffy
Nickname: None
Age: 9
Type Of Stuffie: Bear
Birthday: September 31
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I love to have fun, and I’m quite silly! I’m stubborn, loyal, mischievous, courageous, selfless, and mischievous all over again…I hate losing. I’ll fight for a cause, and I’ll fight to the end.
Hobbies/Obsessions: I’m a wannabe ninja and F.B.I. spy. I’m not very good at keeping secrets however, which makes me an awful one. I love pranking people and framing others for it, playing tricks, adventuring, exploring, taking risks, espionage, ninjitsu, stealth, and sabotage. I secretly train to be an elite ninja-spy.
Favorite Color: Cyan
Favorite Food: I like ALL food! Apple cobbler, sloppy joes, mac n’ cheese, sweet-and-sour meatballs, and everything besides!
Dream Job: F.B.I. spy. You can’t tell anyone. Shush.
Favorite Post To Star In: Beyond The Stone Wall {Photoshoot Of Bera-Bera}



I’m a nerd. What’s your name? I’ll put it in a new loci in my memory palace (for the ignorant, it’s called the Loci method. Google it).

Full Name: Woot-Woot Warren Weatherly
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Type Of Stuffie: Owl
Birthday: December 2
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I’m resilient, reserved, and geometric. (Best description I have, sorry?) I’m a nerd. And by nerd I mean that I ask the name and age of everybody I meet so I can put it in its own special loci in my memory palace. I wear gold rimmed glasses that I can’t see out of, pull dimes out of people’s ears at random times, and rant pi digits 24/7. If you call me a nerd I’ll punch you, since that’s the title only I myself can use, but I don’t mind being called a geek.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Memory training (I participate in the USA Stuffie Memory Championships), math, magic tricks, and, just for fun, IMAX 3D movies.
Favorite Color: Navy blue
Favorite Food: French artisan bread, crepes drizzled with lemon juice and powdered sugar, and pickles.
Dream Job: Memory coach
Favorite Post To Star In: Stormy Skies {A Photoshoot Video With Woot-Woot And His Umbrella}


Owly Champeau.jpg

I’m Owly, the tech guy of the family. You can find me coding a new algorithm, calculating an equation, or in my lab mixing weird chemicals. But don’t worry, I’m rather friendly once you get to know me and my ways!

Full Name: Owly Humpty Champeau
Nickname: None
Age: 11. But everybody is ALWAYS so surprised at this. Apparently I look and act way older than my age? IDK.
Type Of Stuffie: Owl
Birthday: January 8
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: I’m an introvert…I like keeping to myself. However, I adore criticizing pretty much everything (constructive criticism, of course!) I’m a hard person to explain, so let’s just say that at the dinner table, hardly anybody would notice me. And not because I’m timid, it’s because I’m secretly working on my newest algorithm with my laptop concealed under the table. 😉
Hobbies/Obsessions: I am COMPLETELY and TOTALLY obsessed with science, especially chemistry and physics, and I have my own lab where I study! When I’m not doing that, I enjoy computer programming, graphic design (I do most of the techy stuff around this blog), engineering, math, 3d doodling, and name that logo.
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Favorite Food: Cookie butter
Dream Job: Professional criticizer of computers. No, just kidding. I’d like to be an app developer and digital engineer. Or a scientist.
Favorite Post To Star In: Wacky Wednesday – Masks, Nonsense, And Chaos {Stuffie Takeover #1} << I wasn’t even the star of this post, but scroll to the end and you’ll see what happened. It was epic. Read the comments, too. 😉



I’m Mimsy: a cheerful, decisive, twelve-year-old crafter!

Full Name: Mimsy Marie Kaminski
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Bunny
Birthday: September 17
Owned By: Elizabeth
Personality: Cheerful, extroverted, open, bossy but never stuck-up, perfectionist, yet does not understand what “organization” means, decisive, reliable, always agreeable…
Hobbies/Obsessions: CRAFTS! I love, love, anything DIY that involves paper, scissors, glue, and an X-acto knife. I love making someone’s day, the colors pink and gold together, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, and making/sending cards.
Favorite Color: Pink and gold! It’s the theme of the bedroom I share with Cherry, Bunny Baby, and Strawberry: perfect color combo!
Favorite Food: Anything strawberries, and vanilla is a nice addition…
Dream Job: A DIY YouTuber.
Favorite Post To Star In: Make-It-Yourself Monday – DIY Watercolor Monogram {Stuffie Takeover #1}



I’ll run away the minute I see you. But don’t let that flaunt you…although nobody could be more timid, I’ll drive you nuts if you get to know me personally.

Full Name: Cherry Cassie Corvett
Nickname: My older cousins call me Chair. I suspect that’s just to annoy me.
Age: 12
Type Of Stuffie: Horse
Birthday: February 7
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: Timid, indecisive, helpful, compassionate. I’m not sporty by any means, but I do love to go on little cozy adventures which I document in my journal. I’ll always notice the little things around me and the beauty in everyone.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Acting and singing! I’m very involved with stage life and music theater, and I got to sing solo at a music festival my choir did in France. I also like calligraphy, writing, dancing, being a grammar Nazi, and collecting stickers.
Favorite Color: Deep midnight purple
Favorite Food: Blueberry peach cobbler!
Dream Job: An actor or singer.
Favorite Post To Star In: The WriBoInspo Machine {A Photostory}



I’m shy yet diligent and protective, with a love of photography, crafts…and oh! I almost forgot — books.

Full Name: McKenzie Brynn Chandler
Nickname: Always Kenzie. I’m rarely called by my real name.
Age: 9
Type Of Stuffie: Doll
Birthday: November 17
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: Compared to Brookie, I’m shy and reserved, compared to Tilly, I’m kinda not. But! I’m a perfectionist, and I literally cannot STAND an undone job. **Brookie’s note: meaning she can’t stand me.** I don’t like to brag, but people also say I’m creative, diligent, and hardworking.
Hobbies/Obsessions: I have a waaaaaay too unhealthy obsession with photography: I’ll take so many pictures of anything and everything! I love managing my aesthetic Instagram page — it took forever to convince everyone that I was old enough to get an IG, but I finally did! Other than that, scrapbooking, calligraphy, doodling, and spending time with my little sister Brookie takes up most of my time. I also take gymnastics and ballet: my classmates say that I’m so flexible, they can’t believe me…I don’t buy it. Also, BOOKS. Enough said.
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Food: Boba tea — hands down!
Dream Job: A photographer.
Favorite Post To Star In: Sister Saturday – Fun Photo Effects #DollyPhotoFunia {Stuffie Takeover #3}



A chatterbox spreading sunshine wherever she goes…

Full Name: Brooklyn Rose Chandler
Nickname: Brookie. Nobody actually calls me Brooklyn unless I’m being annoying…in which case it’s always accompanied with exasperated yelling. 😛
Age: 7 (I almost typed 97. Oops.)
Type Of Stuffie: Dolly!
Birthday: November 17 — I share a birthday with my older sister Kenzie.
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I’m a cheerful cutie pie and an easily excited chatterbox! I have a sweet, bubbly, and energetic personality. Though my childish energy can sometimes be too much to *cough* SOME PEOPLE *cough* I’m always seeking to brighten somebody’s day, and that’s why people call me Sunshine Girl?
Hobbies/Obsessions: Anything that is NOT boring. I really like playing with dolls. I have three American Girl dolls and two paper dolls, and on my last birthday, I got a dollhouse for them! I also enjoy chatting with people, making people laugh and smile, history, decorating cakes, getting and sending letters to my missionary pen pal, helping Cocoa with her “Clean Water For Third-World Countries” project thingy, rollerblading (not the same as rollerskating. so much better), Irish dancing, spending time with Kenzie and trying to login to her Instagram account and mess up her gallery…no, I’ve never succeeded… Oh, and I collect pressed flowers.
Favorite Color: Lime green
Favorite Food: ICE CREAM!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!
Dream Job: A skyrocketing, earth-breaking, nation-shaking missionary!
Favorite Post To Star In: Sister Saturday – The Sisters Tag! {Stuffie Takeover #1}



I’m a budding artist and a perfectionist lost in a world of watercolors…

Full Name: Tilly Sophia Kaminski
Nickname: None
Age: 11
Type Of Stuffie: Bunny
Birthday: March 9
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I’m a shy introvert and an understanding friend. I can’t stand messiness and I’m always the kind of person who stresses out over keeping everything neat. I’m also a perfectionist, and I’m extremely precise, enough said. I’m scared of talking about herself, and I can’t talk over the phone for the life of me…not to say I can talk in real life.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Drawing, painting, anything fine arts or creative, and sharing moments with friends. I love art and music! Chance upon me, and you’ll probably find me with a sketchbook in hand, I bring it literally everyone. I enjoy all kinds of art: graphite, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, acrylic…I have my own studio where I draw and paint the day away, and I aspire to train professionally at art school one day.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Shaved ice — it’s the perfect way to reward myself when I’m done with a painting!
Dream Job: An artist.
Favorite Post To Star In: Totally Tilly Thursday – Tilly’s Art Supplies And Artwork {Stuffie Takeover #1}

~Bunny Baby~


Hi yaiiiii!! Wanna play with me?

Full Name: Bunny Baby Joy Kaminski
Nickname: Buns Bebe, BB
Age: 5
Type Of Stuffie: Bunny
Birthday: May 26
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: I’m a goof-off! I have a thousand ditties and chants that I repeatedly use. I’m ornery and fun-loving, which can cause me to be passive-annoying (or intentionally annoying, who knows), but people still love me because they say I’m adorable and cute!!
Hobbies/Obsessions: Roller skating, reading picture books, playing outside, and playing pranks on the family with her fellow members of the Terrible Trio. I’m a total girly girl, and I love princesses, dress-up games, and twirly-twirly skirts. I also enjoy dress-up games and kits (cake baking kits, bracelet kits, Make-Your-Own Cupcakes kits…)
Favorite Color: Magenta
Favorite Food: I’m a carrot fanatic: carrot cake, carrot bread, carrot cookies, carrot stew, raw carrots with dip, baby carrots…and even carrot gum! Cherry tomatoes are good, too. I call them “Baby Tommies.”
Dream Job: Bracelet maker? Picture book designer? Dress-up fashion designer? Or C.E.O. of the most famous carrot cake company in the world? I don’t know yai!
Favorite Post To Star In: The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”



Shall we have a tea party?

Full Name: Strawberry Kate Macaron
Nickname: None
Age: 5
Type Of Stuffie: Mouse
Birthday: January 27
Owned By: Rebekah
Personality: People call me a milder version of Bunny Baby. I’m still quite wild, and I do like running around with the Terrible Trio, but I’d much rather be drinking tea and acting like a grown-up. I look up to people a lot. I’m wistful and sensitive, and I talk with a lisp.
Hobbies/Obsessions: I like flying kites, playing with Bunny Baby and Toto, reading, drawing, drinking tea, and baking. I also like to play tea party, house, and dress-up.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Dream Job: I don’t know.
Favorite Post To Star In: Terrible Trio Tuesday – Fun Facts About 4th Of July! {Stuffie Takeover #2}



I’m Toto: obstinate, tomboyish, and a total tag-along!

Full Name: Toto Coco Pawbear
Nickname: None
Age: 5
Type Of Stuffie: Polar Bear
Birthday: April 17
Owned By: Isaac
Personality: I’m obstinate and tomboyish, and I’m always tagging along! People think I’m loud and annoying, apparently? 😀 😀 😀 Okay, I may sometimes intentionally wear out people’s nerves.
Hobbies/Obsessions: Electric trains, sharks, Montessori sets, playing Geometry Dash on my older brother Huggies’ iPad, playing with my fellow members (Bunny Baby and Carroty) of the Terrible Trio, and crazy straws and erasers. I have an electric train in my room: I got it for Christmas, and it being the grandest and coolest toy I have, I claim that I could not go a day without playing with it. Oh — Bunny Baby said I should put in “I find a strange pleasure in yelling at the top of my voice randomly just to annoy people,” but she isn’t allowed in my profile. I also enjoy playing race cars with Ranch and Baby, or swimming and surfing with Hummus.
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Graham crackers, cheez-its, cheeseballs, fruit snacks — any unhealthy snack ever! I HATE BROCCOLI. BROCCOLI IS THE WORST. IF YOU LIKE BROCCOLI YOU ARE MY WORST ENEMY EVER.
Dream Job: Electric train designer, world-famous pranker, or leader of the anti-broccoli society.
Favorite Post To Star In: Terrible Trio Tuesday – Bubble Fun {Stuffie Takeover #3}

56 thoughts on “Meet The Stuffies

  1. “Roses are red, violets are blue, emojis are lame, and so are you! No offense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Okay, I DIED. I busted out laughing and am still laughing. THAT IS PERFECTION. 😂😂😂😂

    Your stuffie’s profiles are SO. AWESOME. I love the little quote from them under each picture! Such an awesome detail! And your pictures are AMAZING.

    “Emojis are lame, and so are you! No offense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”



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    1. XDDDDDD I had to watch myself when I was typing that or else I’d burst out laughing and completely lose my wits. 😂😂😂 Wow. What an accomplishment I have made! *eye roll*

      Yaaay! Thanks SO much! I’m glad you like them. 😀 That quote was…last minute inspiration. XDD

      Ha. No offense taken. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    1. OH MY GOODNESS. That is SO cool. XD I’ve met a person who had one similar to Cherry, and another one who had one similar to Bera-Bera, and now Hummus has an online twin as well! 😀 Plopper is such a cute name. 😀


  2. Actually, I technically have two Ploppers/Hummuses because I thought I lost mine and then we went to the store and got another (this was when I was like seven) and then we found the original Plopper/Hummus so now I have two! 🙂

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    Brooklyn, you are SO right. Rollerblading is SO much better than rollerskating. Have you persuaded Rebekah of this yet?
    Mimsy!!!!!! I’m SO jealous. I want to ice skate EVERY DAY.
    Lucky McKenzie. Don’t even rub it in that you have an IG. *cries*
    I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ reading all of these! (and yes, I read all of them and was laughing)
    ~ Light4theLord (BERA BERA ONLY – this is for super-secret-spy-ish stuff. Don’t tell anyone about the super-secret research I’m doing for a super-secret project. Shhhh… you keep my secret, I keep yours. FACE MY WRATH IF YOU TELL. But that’s definitely not blackmail, ’cause that’s illegal, and it’s not a threat…. or is it?)

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      Brookie: IKR. I’m always right. 😀 Like…it’s so much less boring! Unfortunately, Rebekah still doesn’t agree with me! Can you even believe it for one second???
      Mimsy: AHAHAHAHA. I made you jealous, didn’t I? Yes. I have pearly white ice skates and skating costumes, and I could choose to go to the rink every day if I wished 😎 😎 😎
      Kenzie: I won’t rub it in! Or…I’ll try not to. 😛 It took FOREVER convincing certain people *glares* that I could get one. And by that I mean forever. But…I have one now so haha… Yours would be SO pretty if you had one…oh wait. That’s called rubbing it in. Nevermind.
      You did?? Wow. *congratulates you* Not many people will actually read the profiles!!
      Bera-Bera: Don’t worry. Nobody around. I won’t open my mouth to say a word even if thirty horses had to drag the truth out of me. 🙂

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  4. Ok sooo i did the whatever contact thingy cause I had an idea, but I don’t know if you responded or if I’m an idiot and can’t find where you responded. I don’t know if it’s a email or whatever but I’m SUPER bearfuzlled???(confuzzlled in bear talk)
    So I would really appreciate if you could help me.
    -Beezus da Bear🐻💖

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    1. Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I did receive your email, but I just haven’t responded until now. 🙂 I’m going over to respond to it right now! Sorry for the confusion. 😀


      1. If you would want to do a colab I was thinking what if we did like a compare/contrast or interview I guess. Lile we could come up with a bunch of questions and have on your blog Hummus answer the questions we came up with then on my blog have Carmel answer the same questions on my blog??? Unless you have a better idea??

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      2. Can we talk/type about it? I wanted to try to have all the 5 newbies posted by tomarow at 9:00 pm. I’ve been working on some today but two I need to write about it tomarow cause I’m going to a specific place, but Sam and I wanted to post about Carmel today…

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      3. I don’t know if I can do this colab with you because I really wanted to post the colab by my bedtime on Sunday (which is 9:00pm) So if on Sunday at noon we haven’t figured out the questions then I can’t really do a colab. So if before noon on Sunday I need you to please have 15 questions for Caramel and Hummus to answer. I’m sorry. It takes us a long time to write posts because we procrastinate a lot… so yeahhhh….

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      4. Alright, sorry about the late reply! I was gone all day. 🙂 I’ll try to have the collab post compiled and edited before 9:00 PM tomorrow! Here are the 15 questions:

        1. What’s your favorite food and why?
        2. Tell us some of your hobbies!
        3. Who is your best friend(s)?
        4. What’s your favorite color?
        5. What’s your favorite dessert?
        6. Which of your stuffie friends/siblings/cousins gets on your nerves the most?
        7. What kind of music do you like?
        8. When and how did you meet your owner?
        9. Look to your left, what is the first thing that you see?
        10. Which of the four seasons is your favorite, and why?
        11. Show us the latest picture you’ve taken!
        12. Describe your dream bedroom.
        13. Describe your dream vacation!
        14. What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?
        15. Give a shout-out to some blogs you love!

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      Haha, I actually can’t make it from my keyboard, either; I copy pasted it from a blog. 🙂 Try copy pasting it!


      1. YESS. I’ve loved them since I was little. But seriously, if you put them all on my bed at the same time (and I have a FULL-SIZE BED, mind you), I can barely fit on it. I mean, I do have like, two giant stuffies (OMW GIANT STUFFIES HEEHEEHEE), but STILL. That’s a lot.

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