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Terrible Trio Tuesday {Stuffie Takeover #1 Day 2}

Hey guys! Terrible Trio here! 😀 😀 😀 Today is the second day of the first ever Stuffie Takeover Week! Stuffie Takeover Week is the first week of every month, in which instead of our owners making posts featuring us, we will have a chance to make the posts and manage the blog ourselves!  Now let's… Continue reading Terrible Trio Tuesday {Stuffie Takeover #1 Day 2}

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The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”

Toto's POV I lay down with a sigh. I had been sitting by the window playing with that metal slinky for almost twenty minutes, and there was only one word which described me at the moment: bored. I had finished school, I had completed my chores, and there was nothing else to do. Huggies was… Continue reading The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”