The Brotherly Battle Of Sherlock

 Dwuff's POV "But pens are so much more...professional." "Not really. You can't even erase pens!" "So? Just cross it out! Pencils are so kiddish." "Bad idea. And no they're not!" "All those famous writers use pens, though..." " forget all the famous writers that use pencils." "Just look in your writing textbook. What does..." "Guys, quit arguing,"… Continue reading The Brotherly Battle Of Sherlock

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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~

The week passed by with only a few incidents. Ranch replaced a can of vanilla ice cream with ice, Cocoa dyed the water on the kitchen table green, Kenzie had taped the remote sensor shut, and Baby snuck strawberry jello into a juice cup. But then came the one thing that would end Prank Wars 2017… Continue reading Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~

Photostories · Prank Wars

Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 3~

(Here are the teams to help you clarify. And here are parts 1 and 2. Enjoy part three! 😉 ) (Bunny Baby’s POV) “Guys, we have to play the next joke in Prank Wars!” I whisper-shouted as I ran breathlessly to where Toto and Strawberry were making the bunk bed together. “We’re the Terrible Trio, right? And… Continue reading Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 3~

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The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”

Toto's POV I lay down with a sigh. I had been sitting by the window playing with that metal slinky for almost twenty minutes, and there was only one word which described me at the moment: bored. I had finished school, I had completed my chores, and there was nothing else to do. Huggies was… Continue reading The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”

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The Leprechaun Trap ~A Photostory~

Polby and Huggies were having a nice and quiet time reading together. “Hey, I almost forgot! It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!” cried Polby suddenly, turning toward Huggies.  “Really? Saint Paddy’s?” Huggies eyes shot up. “I can't believe I forgot! What shall we do?” “Hmm, let’s see,” Polby mused. “Oh, I know! Why don’t we build a… Continue reading The Leprechaun Trap ~A Photostory~

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Toto’s Not-So-Grand Adventure + New Stop Motion!

Hello, everyone! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to our very first blog post! We have two surprises in store for you all today. #1: Toto’s Not-So-Grand Adventure ~A Photostory~ Today, Toto had a not-so-grand adventure! Huggies and his other cousins were all too busy to pay attention to him, so he decided to go outside and… Continue reading Toto’s Not-So-Grand Adventure + New Stop Motion!