Buttons are graphics that are like mini advertisements for your blog. If you would like to swap, let us know in the comments below!

Here’s our button:

Stuffie Adventures Button

Your button here! (Click on each image to visit the site).

Smile And Craft AG Button

Clara's Craft Corner Button

Kait's AG Crafts Button

Dolls N' All Button

Journal Of Two Dolls Button

Charis Rae Button

AG Lane 123 Studios Button

Buzz About AG Button

Happy House Of AG Button

Madi-Grace Button

Born Free Button

A Young Writer's Dream Button

Hooves And Pens Button

Reverie Dolls Button

Forever And Everly Button.png

Caught Daydreaming Button

Lunar Reflections Button

A Farm Girl's Life Button

From A Doll's Perspective Button

Liv A Little Button

Elysian Artiste Button

Julia's Journal Button

This Journey Called Life Button

The Talk With Moi
Writing Wonderland Button
Starling Button
World Of AG Dolls Button
 My Homeschool Notebook Button
* We clean out the comments section on this page often so it doesn’t get clogged. So don’t be surprised if your comment suddenly disappears.

34 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. You’re welcome! Ooh, a button page sounds awesome. 🙂 Yup, I do remember K8GB; I actually follow her blog! I don’t exactly remember how I found it…but I love it. 😀

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      1. I actually don’t know how to add code…would you mind telling me how to add it inside a WordPress page? If it doesn’t work, you can do this: right click, select “Save As,” save it to your computer, and then upload it onto your page as an image. 🙂


  2. Oh, okay! However, it’s still not working for me. 😦 When I try to enter the embed code in the visual tab, it shows a broken image. When I insert the code into the HTML section, WordPress interprets it as HTML and turns it into an image. Also, it becomes really small, which may be inconvienient for other bloggers. I’m so sorry for all the confusion!


    1. No problem at all! To resize the image just drag the sides. WordPress should interpret the HTML as an image. It will still have the link inside the image. If you want you can send me your design and I will create the blog button for you. Did you happen to check the video tutorial? It’s a bit better.

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      1. I watched the video! It’s amazing! I’m just not clear on this: is the button generator website supposed to generate the button so you can embed it on your page, or the code which people can grab?

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  3. In my draft it looks perfect, with the image and the grab code under it. However, when I save and go to the page, WordPress apparently interprets the code which people are supposed to grab as code I wanted to work. So now there are two images instead of an image and code. You’ll see what I mean if you go to the Buttons page… 😦

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    1. Whoops! I forgot to make the page visible! Sorry about that, mine is on the Blogs we like page, and in the side bar of my other blog. Sorry about the confusion!


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