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Joy To The World ~ A Christmas Story, Part Five

If you need a refresher: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


“Okay…Tilly, you’re next,” announced Huggies, dropping two gifts in front of a bashful Tilly. One was from Brookie and the other from Kenzie.


“What pretty wrapping paper!” she commented shyly as she opened the one from Brookie, and then her mouth dropped wide open.


She looked up. “Thank you SO much, Brookie! This is so thoughtful of you! I’ve been needing new colored pencils for so long.”


Tilly opened the next gift, and it’s contents tumbled out onto the floor.

“No way, Kenzie…”

“Yes way,” said Kenzie.


Tilly immediately took her colored pencils and new sketchbook, going off to test them out.

“Owly is next,” Huggies said once he had found the presents.


“No, he’s not…I always thought Owly was thirteen,” Woot-Woot interjected.

“Excuse me, but I’m eleven,” Owly snorted, and then opened up his presents.


The first was from Bera-Bera and Toto. “WOW!” Owly exclaimed. “How’d ya know I needed red copper wire for my next electrical glass experiment? The perfect gift for me. Thank you, guys!”


The second was from Woot-Woot. When Owly opened it, his eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“A black agate stone,” he gasped. “How much did this cost? Thank you, Woot. You’re awesome.”


“Baby! Get on over here and open your presents,” Huggies demanded with a guffaw.


“Who, me? Oh, I forgot my birthday’s in November. Sorry. Okay, let’s see.” Baby talked like some TV announcer, juggling his presents from one hand to another. “We have one from Ranch and one from Hummus. Woohoo.”

“Quit goofing off,” Cornell shoved him playfully.

“Fine,” he sighed. The one he chose to pounce on first was the one from Ranch, and was an entire bag of Baby’s favorite ever candy: Werther’s Caramels. “DANKE, DANKE RANCH,” Baby said loudly, proceeding to thank Ranch profusely, and everyone laughed.

The second present was from Hummus, and this one caused an even greater commotion from Baby than the caramels had. In a few minutes, he was lost to the world as he tried to figure out the settings on the brand new FitBit.


Mimsy rolled her eyes, pushed past him with the declaration of “I’m the next youngest!” and reached for a gaudily wrapped present that had her name on it, as well as “From Cherry And Bunny Baby.”

“Oh, how adorable!” she gasped when she saw what it was. “It’s simply gorgeous! It’s the perfect gift for someone like me who can never keep her craft supplies organized…thanks Cherry and BB!!”


It was a lovely craft box decorated with polka dot scrapbook paper. Mimsy admired it and tried opening and closing it before gently setting it down and reaching for her other present.


She felt sorry ripping the pretty wrapping paper, but she ripped it anyways.


“A Wreck This Journal? Seriously? Thank you Strawberry!!” Mimsy squealed, flipping through the pages. “And it’s brand new, too! I’m going to start it right this instant.” So saying, Mimsy scrambled off with craft box and Wreck This Journal in hand.

** for the sake of time, we will now only display what each stuffie’s gifts instead of weaving it into a storyline **


Hummus received movie tickets from Baby and a Chris Tomlin music album from Ranch.


Ranch received peanut butter from Baby and a flashlight from Hummus.


Polby received a cookie jar from Huggies and a canvas from Dwuff.

Cherry got a jewelry box from Strawberry, and…she was very excited…a phone from Mimsy.


Woot-Woot got a calculator from Owly and an Amazon gift card from Bera-Bera.


Cornell got an amazing red hoodie from Dwuff and a Starbucks gift card from Dejected Dog.


Dwuff got Spotify premium from Polby and a tennis charm from Cornell.


Huggies got a mini donut pan from Polby and a Trader Joes gift card from Dejected Dog.


Dejected Dog received an inspirational poster from Huggies and an NKJV Study Bible from Cornell.


“Wait a sec. There’s still two presents under the tree,” Woot-Woot, who had been counting, was the first to point out.


Indeed, there was. Everyone turned to stare.


“Who did we skip?” Ranch wondered.


“Or do I get two extra presents since I’m awesome?” Dwuff suggested eagerly.


Mimsy, who was more practical, ducked under the tree and read the labels. “Silly us!” she exclaimed. “We skipped Mimi.”


“Who, me?” Mimi stared in utter, flabbergasted shock.

“Of course! Just because you’re new doesn’t mean you don’t get Christmas presents.” Mimsy laughed. “That’d be cruel.”


“But I just got here. I’d given up hope of getting presents. I had no idea…” Mimi took the parcels from Mimsy’s outstretched hands, trying to smother an over-excited smile.


A little awkwardly, knowing that everyone’s attention was on her, she unwrapped one. “It’s from Cocoa,” Mimi murmured softly to herself, gently pulling away the paper.


Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Coloring books? How did you know I like coloring? Did I tell you?”


“What, you do?” Cocoa asked with an incredulous look. “I didn’t know you really liked it. I just decided to get them for you because I mean, who doesn’t?”


There were three of them. “Garden Flowers, The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Sweet Treats.” Mimi read off each title and hugged the books close to her.

“Thank you, thank you ever so much, Cocoa! I can’t wait to start coloring in these!”


Cupcake lurked in the background as Mimi unwrapped the present from her, carefully and precisely.


A piece of paper fell out and floated to the ground.


Mimi reached out to catch it and turned it the right way in order to read what was on it.


In Cupcake’s best handwriting:

Coming Soon. ~December 29~

There was an ink drawing of a pair of ice skates, and nothing else.

“Coming soon?” Mimi questioned. “What – what do you mean?”


Cupcake’s grin spread from ear to ear. “What I mean is that I just ordered your gift today after you told me you couldn’t bring your ice skates here with you. It hasn’t come yet, but it will in three days, if Amazon does not lie to me.”

“Ice skates?” A wild, unspeakable expression arose in those sparkling eyes of hers. She gasped. “I- I- I don’t think, I–I never thought, I mean, never dreamed…”

“A lovely gift for a lovely new cousin,” Cupcake interrupted with a smile.


“Welcome to the family, Mimi.” Baby clapped warmly.


Now that the gift-giving was over, everyone got to their feet.


There was quite a pile of wrapping paper to clean up!


Everyone ran to their rooms for a safe place to put their presents. They stowed them carefully away in their rooms.

And then, they rushed back to the party room. Dessert was to be served next!


Do you still remember our Christmas photo series, Joy To The World? I know it’s nearly a month after Christmas, but I wanted to keep doing it, anyways. 😉 I can’t believe it’s almost over! The next part, which will be up the day after tomorrow, is going to be the finale.



19 thoughts on “Joy To The World ~ A Christmas Story, Part Five


    That would be so epic as Christmas gift. *runs for my ice skates and hugs them* I love my miracle skates. 😀 (as you very well know)

    Who CARES if it’s after Christmas??!?!? I’m LOVING this!
    ~ Light4theLord

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  2. Awww! This was so cute! You did a REALLY good job on the presents-there’s no way I’d have the patience to make 80 gifts?! And writing most into the storyline? That must have been tedious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks! 🙂 Haha, thank you – well, actually, I was lazy, so like, half of the 45-ish gifts (2 for each) were things I already had and just wrapped up and pretended they were new to the stuffies. XD I’m so glad you like it!! It was actually really fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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