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Totally Tilly Thursday – 2018 Bullet Journal Setup {Stuffie Takeover #5}


Hey guys! It’s Tilly here, for the fourth day of Stuffie Takeover Week, Totally Tilly Thursday (TTT)! Stuffie Takeover Week is the first week of every month, in which instead of our owners making posts featuring us, we will have a chance to make the posts and manage the blog ourselves!

For TTT, you are going to see me post all about art, drawing, painting, bullet journaling, organizing, and designing/decorating. Since it’s a new year, why not kick off 2018 with a new bullet journal?

In case you don’t know what a bullet journal is…you’ve been living under a rock. But I’ll answer anyways.

what is a bullet journal?

I think and online/YouTube bullet journalers can tell you this better than I can. Basically, a bullet journal is a journal and planner mixed into one. Art-savvy people aren’t the only ones who love to use theirs! Anybody who wants to get more organized can find a bullet journal helpful. It consists of a future log, a monthly log, a weekly log, and a daily log (though feel free to ignore all the rules and customize it the way YOU like it — like I do!) Bullet journaling consists of using a certain key to plan out your future, months, weeks, and days: a task, a task completed, a task migrated, a task cancelled, etc. A monthly spread contains calendars, trackers, notes, and goals for the month, while the daily spread consists of tasks, deadlines, or really, whatever you want. Like I said, it’s hard to explain. Just research “how to start a bullet journal” and you’ll no doubt find people who can be more helpful than I’m being.


Now that you know what a bullet journal is (or maybe not – sorry, I tried to explain it to the best of my ability), do you want to take a peek into my 2018 bullet journal setup?

I mean…it’s really not impressive or anything. But if you really want to, read on! (And if you’re just starting a bullet journal, hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration from my format!).


Here’s my notebook. It’s simply a black notepad with blank white sheets, and I wrote 2018 on the front with a gold gel pen.

(By the way, I honestly don’t know what happened to the quality of the below images! They looked nice and sharp with a clean white background on the camera, but when I uploaded them to the computer and resized them, they got wonky. Tips, anyone?)


Here is my cover page! (By the way, I used a 005 micron pen to do most of this. 😉 ). I wrote “Bullet Journal” and then added “2018” below that. I also wrote my name on the bottom. Then, I found some woodsy plant doodles on the Internet and copied those down to make the flowery wreath around the words.


Turning the page, you’ll see my key and index.

Key // This is basically the code of your journal. As you can see, a square means Task, a square with a slash means Task In Progress, an exclamation mark means a deadline, and so on.

Index // The Index is to keep track of the contents of your journal and what pages they’re on. (This is why you number your pages). On the left, I put the number of page(s) – a.k.a. 7-11, and on the right, I put what it is – a.k.a. January.


Next up! 2018 at a glance // I haven’t completed this page, as you can see, but it’s where I list all twelve months, and their days under the respective weekday. This helps me to keep track of how many days are in each month and what weekday a month starts on, etc, as well as providing an aerial bird-eye’s view of the year.

2018 goals and resolutions // This page is a list of goals/New Year’s Resolutions I have for this year! I sort of copied Mimsy’s bullet journal and doodled some banners on the top, with specks of gold and silver gel pen. Then, at the the bottom of the page, I had a rather unsuccessful firework doodle and one of my favorite Bible verses: Proverbs 16:19.


Future log // I don’t think I’ll really use my future log that much, but for other people, it’s really important. A future log is where you highlight days of the month with events/birthdays/deadlines/important things, and then write the date and event on the right of the month. Like you can see, I haven’t finished filling in all the months for my future log, yet.


This is the second half of my future log. I added some leafy doodles!


Okay, now, time for some lists! Lists, or categorizations, are basically, well, lists and categorizations. Here, I have a page for Ideas // random ideas that will pop up in brain.

I also have a page for Prayer Requests // basically things and people I’m praying for!


Continuing with the lists…

Quotes // Inspirational quotes I find motivating, beautiful, helpful, etc.

Wishlist // The list of never-ending things that I want! Primarily art stuff like watercolor brush pens and setting spray…


The last of my lists! Books to read/movies to watch // I decided to draw this out in bookshelf format, where I’ll write the title on the side of the book. This is a list of books I want to read, as well as films on my to-watch list.


And that’s it for now! I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

Do you have a bullet journal?


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24 thoughts on “Totally Tilly Thursday – 2018 Bullet Journal Setup {Stuffie Takeover #5}

  1. Awwww, your bullet journal is adorable! I think that you were going to do this last month, but you were sick right? That kind of worked out because now it’s perfect for the beginning of the year! I really like your bullet journal and your handwriting! Do you have any handwriting tips? I think I need some sort of planner this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks, Diamond! Close: I actually was going to do a post about winter doodles in your bullet journal, last time when I was sick. 😉 I’m glad you think so, and thank you so much!
      Hm, my handwriting isn’t especially amazing, so I don’t know. XD It helps to have a font/calligraphy font pulled up online ( to copy, and it’s also helpful to keep your hand steady and to work slowly to ensure no careless mistakes. 😉 Planners are quite useful – I hope you get one this year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Copying online fonts is a brilliant idea! I think I did that a long time ago, but I can’t seem to find any now. Thanks for the link, I’ll have to check it out, thx!

        Liked by 1 person

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