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Wacky Wednesday – MATH+SCIENCE TRIVIA CHALLENGE {Stuffie Takeover #5}

Baby: Hey, hey, hey, you ole’ peeps far and wide! How are you this fine evening?

Ranch: Why, I’m doing great, thank you, how about–

Hummus: Hello and welcome to Wacky Wednesday, the third day of Stuffie Takeover Week: a monthly special which occurs the first week of every month, where we stuffies take over this blog and get to write our own posts in a set schedule.

Ranch: Today, for Wacky Wednesday, we are doing something very exciting. (We were going to do a vlog, but SOMEBODY protested. *glares at Baby*)

Baby: This very exciting thing is…A MATH AND SCIENCE TRIVIA CHALLENGE! Just the three of us!

Hummus: Yeah, I hope Baby and Ranch paid attention in class. We’re all in the same grade, so this should be pretty fair.


Hummus: There will be three contestants: me, Baby, and Ranch. There will be two categories:

  1. Math
  2. Science

Ranch: There will be three questions in each category, as well as a bonus question in the end, 7 questions in total. Mr. Polby here will be the judge. Each question is worth 1 point, and an incorrect/blank answer is worth 0 points. The last bonus question is worth 2 points.

Baby: Each question will be asked at the same time to all three contestants (a piece of paper will be held up with the question on it) and they will be multiple choice. The contestants will have 30 seconds to write the letter of the correct option onto their notepad.

Hummus: And there’s a way for you, the reader, to get involved, too! Well…not really, actually.

Ranch: Whaddya mean, there’s a way, not really?

Hummus: What I mean is that there’s no actual way for them to compete. Someday we’ll do an actual contest with teams, but for now, what you CAN do is that you can be on either Baby’s team, Ranch’s team, or my team, and root for us!

So, choose a team and start cheering your contestant on!

Team BabyTeam HummusTeam Ranch

Okay, let’s get started.

category one_ math (1)

Question 1)

Each sheet of metal is 0.7 inches thick. If Oscar stacks 5 sheets on top of each other, how thick will the stack be?

a) 0.1 in.

b) 0.35 in.

c) 0.42 in.

d) 1.2 in.

*30 seconds elapses*

Polby: What are you guys’ answers?

Hummus: Easy, my fellow dudes. 0.7 times 5. What do you think we are, second graders?

Ranch: Yeah, so what’s the answer, genius?

Hummus: Why, B, 0.42 in. of course. You didn’t think I would–

Baby: *bursts out laughing* what a genius you are. What’s seven times 5?

Hummus: 42, duh. So the answer is B). Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait JUST A SEC.

Polby: Okay, so by looking at your answers, Ranch and Baby score a point each, and Hummus does not.

Hummus: 7 TIMES 5 IS SO TOTALLY 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! riiiiight? Oh, well. I’ll ROAST y’all at geometry.

Current Scoreboard

Baby: 1

Hummus: 0

Ranch: 1

Question 2)

What is the area of the shaded region?

a) 24 in.
b) 25 in.
c) 26 in.
d) 27 in.
*30 seconds elapses*
Ranch: Ouch. 30 seconds is much too little time to do an area problem.
Hummus: He who laughs last laughs best. *smirks*
Baby: so, did I get it right?
Polby: Baby and Hummus earned 1 point for this round, Ranch did not.
Ranch: I told ya’ 30 seconds was too little time.
Hummus: excuses, excuses.
Current Scoreboard
Baby: 2
Hummus: 1
Ranch: 1
Question 3)
Brett jarred 10 liters of jam after 2 days. How many days did Brett spend making jam if he jarred 25 liters of jam? Assume the relationship is directly proportional.
a) 3
b) 10
c) 5
d) 6
* 30 seconds elapses*
Baby: WOW?!
Hummus: WHAT?!
Ranch: It’s easy, dude.
Polby: Apparently, Ranch was the only one who got the point for this round. Moving on!
Current Scoreboard
Baby: 2
Hummus: 1
Ranch: 2

category one_ math

Question 1)

Which of these diseases is not caused by improper disposal of sewage?

a) Cholera

b) Heart Attack

c) Jaundice

d) Typhoid

*30 seconds elapses*

Ranch: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yeaaaaaaaaaah.

Baby: How am I supposed to know this?

Polby: Hummus, you got that right. Ranch and Baby, you did not.

Ranch: Waht? Okay, it looks like I spoke too soon.

Current Scoreboard

Baby: 2

Hummus: 2

Ranch: 2


Question 2)

What controls movement of materials in and out of the cell and acts as a barrier between the cell and the environment?

a) nuclear membrane

b) nucleus

c) cell membrane

d) cell wall


*30 seconds elapses*


Ranch: *speechless*

Hummus: *speechless*

Baby: *speechless*

Polby: Okay, it looks like Ranch and Hummus got the point for this round!

Current Scoreboard: 

Baby: 2

Hummus: 3

Ranch: 3


Question 3)

Which best describes a pathway circuit?

a) Electricity flows along one pathway.

b) The flow of electricity comes from one source.

c) Electricity flows along more than one pathway.

d) The flow of electricity comes from more than one source.


Polby: This. Is. The. Last. Question.

Baby: WHAT? IT IS? What if there’s a tie?

Polby: Never mind, we still have the bonus question, which is worth TWO points. But for this last “regular” round…let’s see. Baby got this one right!

Ranch: What, I didn’t?

Polby: Nope.

Ranch: ugh, second guessing tho.

Current Scoreboard: 

Baby: 3

Hummus: 3

Ranch: 3


Polby: This question is worth 2 points and can determine your win or lose. Ready? Here we go:

While conducting Luminol test, luminol reacts with hydrogen salt and forms:

a) Di-anion

b) Cation

c) Anion

d) All of the above

* 30 seconds elapses*


Polby: Only one person got this right.

Baby: So, who is it?

Polby: And the winner of this Math-And-Science Trivia Tournament, at 5 points, is…



















Team Baby

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!!!!! Congratulations, Baby Kirsch Beizi-Beidi!

Baby: Thank you, thank you. *bows* Now I am officially the smartest of the Wacky Wednesday Trio.

Ranch: *cuts in scornfully* At math and science, that may be. Just watch me roast you at geography.

Hummus: But anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this little tournament of ours! Check back tomorrow for Totally Tilly Thursday, and…have an awesome day. 😉

– the three musketeers –


18 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday – MATH+SCIENCE TRIVIA CHALLENGE {Stuffie Takeover #5}

  1. Aww! This was fun! I really like watching these three interact on stuffie takeover week. Their personalities clash and it’s just so funny to watch them argue!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww. 😦 I should’ve won. Oh, well, I’ll beat em’ all next time.
      Well, basically, each correct answer to a question is worth one point, and each incorrect answer is worth 0. Then, the bonus question at the end is worth 2 points. 😉 I hope that answers your question!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah. XD
        Oh! We didn’t actually state what our answers were for sake of time, Polby just checked them silently to see if they were right and announced who got it. 😉 (The right answer is given in bold, btw).

        Liked by 1 person

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