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Terrible Trio Tuesday – 18 Things To Do When Bored {Stuffie Takeover #5}


Toto: HALLLLLLLLLLLLO people of the earth! We’re the TERRIBLE TRIO: Toto Pawbear, Bunny Baby Kaminski, and Strawberry Macaron! FEAR US.

Bunny Baby: Welcome to the second day of the monthly Stuffie Takeover Week: Terrible Trio Tuesday! The first week of every month, we stuffies take over this blog, post daily in a set schedule, reply to comments, and basically manage everything and tinker with the site in general.

Strawberry: YAY!

Toto: Today, we are going to give you guys a list. It will be a list of 18 cool things to do when you are bored!

Bunny Baby: I get bored a lot, so I can just refer back to this list when that happens. Right?

Strawberry: Right.

Toto: Let’s get started already. Introductions are BOOOOOOOOOORING. And by the way, all the below stuff is edited by some of our older cousins who apparently think our spelling is bad.

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1. go on a walk

Toto: The outdoors are refreshing. Summer or winter, rain or shine, a walk is never a bad idea. It gives you good exercise, fresh air and oxygen, and gets you all refreshed, too. Plus, if you go with a friend, sibling, or parent, you can have some lively conversation!

2. cook/bake something

Strawberry: I love, love, love working in the kitchen! Whenever I’m bored, I just go there and see who is cooking up what. Spending time in the kitchen will get your mind off things, and your work will hopefully yield a delicious result. Try something easy like muffins or banana bread: it will be totally worth it!

3. watch a movie

Bunny Baby: Movies are the best way to rid boredom that many people know of. MY personal favorites are The Lion King and Disney movies, but yeah, being older than five-and-a-half and all, you’ll have different tastes probably. Anyways, grab a film from the shelf, sit down with a friend or two, get some popcorn and enjoy.

4. do push-ups


Toto: I’m the only person in the Terrible Trio who can do push-ups. *smirks* Rebekah says that no I can’t and that push-ups only count if you touch your nose to the ground, but what does she know? I love barging into the living room when my older cousins are working out, and joining in the fun. I always have a good time, and so can you: plus, you’ll build that muscle. *pumps fist*

5. organize/rearrange/redecorate stuff

Strawberry: Mimsy and Cherry were busy doing this one yesterday morning. The whole house was filled with the sounds of their arguing, the crashes of chairs, the crumpling of paper, the squeaking of tables being moved, the smell of fresh paint, and…yeah. They had fun.

6. play a prank on someone

Bunny Baby: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Toto, Strawberry, and I are pros at this. Here are some ideas: 1) tape a nickel onto the mouth of the faucet where the water runs out, 2) tape the back of someone’s mouse so it’s rendered unusable, 3) put toothpaste inside an Oreo were the cream should be.

7. read a book


Toto: What’s your favorite book? Whether it’s a picture book, a chapter book, nonfiction, or a novel, it’s always a good option to snuggle on the sofa with a book or two and a cup of tea.


8. take a power nap


Bunny Baby: I HATEEEE naps, and I throw a fit whenever I’m forced to take one. But maybe you have a different opinion. According to others, power naps are good to refresh you when you’re worn out, and they help you retain new information.

9. make a scrapbook

Toto: Scrapbooks are fun. Sometimes my cousins and I will just go grab a couple of magazines and get a notebook. Then we’ll just sit down on the floor with scissors and tape and lots of glue and go crazy.

10. do a coloring page

Strawberry: Who else, other than me, loves coloring pages? They’re so much fun! When you’re bored, just get your coloring book and some colored pencils, tune up some music, and display your artistically creative juices. If you don’t have a coloring book, there are HUNDREDS of free printable coloring pages online!

11. listen to music

Bunny Baby: *blasts Frozen movie soundtrack* Nuff said.

12. plan a party


Strawberry: “But my birthday’s already past and I don’t see any holidays coming up, do you?” you ask. Well then, plan your next party! Plan your sister’s birthday. Plan your dad’s birthday. Plan your Christmas party. Plan anything. Make up themes and brainstorm. It’s really, really fun planning parties!

13. start a blog

Toto: Blogging is a GREAT way to relieve boredom! (In fact, the only reason the three of us started working on this was because we all agreed that we were BORRRRRRED). Starting a blog is crazy easy with WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. You just need to think of a title and what you’ll blog about, start writing posts, and you’ll get better with practice.

14. start/tend a garden


Strawberry: This technically only works if it’s spring, but… My big cousins are avid gardeners. On a warm summer day when I’m especially bored, I always roll up my sleeves, get a spade, put on my garden gloves and help them out in their garden by planting, watering, or weeding! They grow veggies, and Kenzie+Brookie have a little flower garden of their own, too. 😉

15. start learning a new language

Bunny Baby: This is a good one especially if you’re a nerd. Duolingo is a great place to learn a new language: you’ll only need to spend ten to twenty minutes a day and you’ll be pretty near fluent after a year! I’m currently learning how to speak French, as well as Strawberry.

16. do a jigsaw puzzle

Toto: JIGSAW PUZZLES ARE TURRIBLE FUN. I got, like, five on my last birthday and I really enjoy putting together on a rainy day when I’m cooped indoors. I suppose all of you have at least one jigsaw puzzle in the house, so get it when you’re bored and work on putting it together!

17. stock an emergency survival backpack

Strawberry: We’re crazy, so we like doing this one. Basically, get a backpack and stuff it with everything you would take on a hike — food (we always steal food from the kitchen, hehe), water, sleeping bag, binoculars, etc. As well as some personal enjoyment items: books and entertainment. Then, go outside with a friend/sibling or two and spend an hour war-whooping around the backyard, pretending to play “survival.”

18. play a board game


Bunny Baby: Some good ones are Monopoly (though this one will take a long time), Pictionary (my personal favorite), Apples to Apples (this can get pretty crazy), Candyland, and Sorry. As well as Chess.

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Bunny Baby: And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed our post today.

Toto: Yeah, duh they enjoyed it, because I’m in it. Hey, don’t poke me!

Strawberry: Anywaaaays…that’s all for now. Which of these things would YOU do when you get bored?

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23 thoughts on “Terrible Trio Tuesday – 18 Things To Do When Bored {Stuffie Takeover #5}

  1. Good suggestions guys! I do a lot of these things. Actually, we each got a puzzle for Christmas so we’ve been putting them together recently. Love the terrible trio!

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