Stuffie Takeover Week

Totally Tilly Thursday – The BFFs Invade {Stuffie Takeover #5}


Polby: Hello, everybody! I’m Tilly, here to host the fourth day of Stuffie Takeover Week: Totally Tilly Thursday!

Dwuff: THAT’S A LIE. Don’t pay attention to him, readers. He’s not Tilly. He is Polby.

Polby: Allow me to explain. Stuffie Takeover Week occurs the first week of every month beginning with Monday, where we stuffies take over this blog. If you CLICK HERE, you’ll find that each of the seven days have a separate topic with a separate person(s) overseeing the topic. Today, Totally Tilly Thursday, was supposed to be about art/drawing/bullet journaling/organization/decorating, hosted by Tilly. But, unfortunately, she’s down with a fever. So she asked someone to pop in for her and make a post!

Dwuff: Since we haven’t done much on this blog recently, and we don’t have our own STW day, wpopped in for her. Bahaha!

Polby: First, the two of us decided that we would actually pretend to be Tilly. We decided that we would make a post and write it in the way she would, and take gorgeous pictures like she does, resulting in the fact that none of you would notice that it actually wasn’t Tilly herself writing the post.

Dwuff: And, uh, let’s just say that didn’t work. We wanted to do a post entitled “20 Bullet Journal Winter Doodles.” After much punching and shoving (on Polby’s part, at least), we still could do not much better than this:


Polby: I know, I know, that looks pretty pathetic.

Dwuff: After that fail of ours, we tried something else…

Stuffie Adventures Test Divider 5

How Well Do You Know Me?!


Let’s explain how this works. Polby will ask Dwuff a question concerning himself. Then, Dwuff will ask Polby a question concerning himself, and so on. This will test how well they know each other!

(If you have a good memory…you’ll remember that the Wacky Wednesday trio did a similar thing!)

round one

Polby: What’s my favorite color?

Dwuff: Blue.

Polby: Correct!

round two

Dwuff: What’s my favorite fruit?

Polby: WHAT? Hey, that’s not fair! You’re supposed to start out easy. Let me see…pomegranate?

Dwuff: My favorite fruit is chocolate.

Polby: *blinks* Okay, this round doesn’t count.

the new round two

Dwuff: Fine. Name all of my nicknames you can think of.

Polby: Hmm…your original name is Truffle. Then there’s Dwuff, Dwuffy, Truf, Truf-Truf, Truffy, Duff Goldman, Puff, Puffy, Puff-Puff…

Dwuff: Woah. Nice job.

Polby: Oh. There’s Fatty, Fat-Fat, Fatso, Nincompoop, Pipsqueak, Terrible, Horrible, Annoying…

Dwuff: You may stop there.

round three

Polby: Do I prefer talking or texting?

Dwuff: Talking. We can tell.

round four

Dwuff: What’s my favorite band?

Polby: NEEDTOBREATHE, Rend Collective…one of those two.

Dwuff: yup. Rend Collective.

round five

Polby: This is getting a little monotonous. Let me spice it up a bit…what’s my favorite spice?

Dwuff: Nice pun. Cinnamon?

Polby: Wrong.

Dwuff: Cumin?

Polby: Wrong.

Dwuff: Uh…salt and pepper?

Polby: Wrong. It’s oregano.

Dwuff: What’s that?

round six

Dwuff: What’s my shoe size?

Polby: How am I supposed to know that? Size 8?

Dwuff: Close! Size 7.

round seven

Polby: Do I sleep with my door opened or closed?

Dwuff: Opened?

Polby: Closed.

Dwuff: *facedesk*

round eight

Dwuff: Who was the last person I texted?

Polby: Well, you text a lot of people, so I don’t know. Mark, Huggies, Cornell, Tyler, Robby, me?

Dwuff: It was Mark.

Polby: YAY!

round nine

Polby: How often do I shower?

Dwuff: Once a year, judging based on how bad you smell right now.

Polby: *jumps up* DWUFF!

Dwuff: ehh, well, like, every four hours?

Polby: *rolls eyes* NO! Every two days.

round ten

Dwuff: What’s my biggest pet peeve?

Polby: How ugly your face looks.

Dwuff: Oh, get outta’ here.

round eleven

Polby: What’s my favorite social media?

Dwuff: Huh. I’m guessing Instagram.

Polby: Correcto-mundo!

round twelve – last one!

Dwuff: Who, living or dead, do I look up to most?

Polby: ME!

Dwuff: Sorry, but no.

Polby: I don’t know? George Washington? Someone famous?


Polby: Don’t tell me you’re serious… -__-
Stuffie Adventures Test Divider 5

And that’s ALL! Stay tuned, b/c we hear Huggies has great plans for tomorrow, Foodie Friday. 😉

Did you enjoy our little invasion?

Did we do a good job pretending we were Tilly?

Or maybe not? Oh, well.


Polby And Dwuff Signoff




12 thoughts on “Totally Tilly Thursday – The BFFs Invade {Stuffie Takeover #5}

    1. Yes, yes, yes, of course. Totally. And a lunch of chocolate is the same thing as a lunch of salad, because chocolate grows on a tree and is therefore a plant and is therefore a salad, which justifies my decision to eat a jumbo Reeses cup for lunch. *nods* Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tilly says thank you and that yes, she’s pretty much recovered now.
      Polby: Of course. We could totally fool people into thinking we’re Tilly, riiiiiiiight? *notes sarcasm* Ah, yes, we are great frenemies. *cool ninja emojis*

      Liked by 1 person

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