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Foodie Friday – DIY Stuffie Christmas Cookies {Stuffie Takeover #5}

Oh, hey! I’m Huggies — unofficial chef and baker of the family — and I’m here today to continue with our epic December Stuffie Takeover Week special (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)! Today’s Day 5, Foodie Friday, where I’m going to show you how to make…

cookies 17

…these epic miniature cookies! (shown here in not-so-epic lighting). These cookies are per-fect for Christmas.

I’ll be showing you three kinds: chocolate chip, peanut butter, and frosted sugar cookies.

Please note that this is faux stuffie-food and is not edible for humans! DON’T DIE FROM EATING ONE BECAUSE THEN YOU WOULD BRING ME DOWN WITH SORROW TO THE GRAVE. 😦 XD

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Cookie Base

If you have polymer clay, go ahead and use for the base of your cookie dough! But since I don’t…I made a DIY salt dough. Recipe below:

  1. Measure 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour into a bowl.
  2. Add 1/4 cup of salt.
  3. Then add 1/4 cup of water. Add just a little bit of it at first and keep adding until desired consistency, to make sure the dough doesn’t turn out too watery.

cookies 1

Divide your dough into three parts: one for the peanut butter, one for the chocolate chip, and one for the sugar cookies (the reason I divided my dough into four instead was because I wanted to have leftover dough to make fun things 😉 ). Once your dough is ready, set it aside and keep reading!

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Cookie #1: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter cookies are definitely my favorite kind! I’ve already eaten all the ones I made in these pictures. Singlehandedly. Whoops.

cookies 3

You will need: one part of dough, a brown pastel, a piece of paper, a fork, and a paintbrush.

cookies 4

Divide your dough into two parts, roll them out into balls, and flatten them to make a cookie shape.

Rub your pastel onto the piece of paper until you have a nice amount of fine, brown dust. Using a soft paintbrush, brush your cookies with the pastel dust to turn them into a brownish, peanut buttery color.

cookies 5
creepy lighting 😌

Imprint the cookie with a tiny fork horizontally, and then imprint it vertically, too. This will create the classic “peanut butter cookie look.”

cookies 6

And those are your cookies! Don’t they look bee-you-ti-ful?

cookies 7

Above pictured: me in a crazy pose, snatching for cookies.

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Cookie #2: Chocolate Chip

Ah, the good old classic chocolate chip cookie! Did you know that chocolate chip is America’s favorite cookie?

cookies 9

Divide your dough into three parts: two big and one small. Roll out the two big ones into balls and flatten them to form a cookie shape.

cookies 10

Pinch off teensy-weensy bits of dough from the third part of dough. Make them pointy at the top.

Color them with a brown marker. These are your chocolate chips!

cookies 11

Firmly press the chocolate chips into the cookie. You’re done!

cookies 12


*drools* Oh, and you can also add some texture with a fork.

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Cookie #3: Frosted Sugar

cookies 13

Oh, YUM!

First, divide your dough into six parts. Three of the parts should be larger than the other three.

Roll out the larger three into balls of dough, and flatten them to make a cookie shape. With the other three smaller ones, do the same thing. Flatten them more, however, until they’re thin as…thin as…thin as…I don’t know. As thin as a layer of frosting on a cookie should be, I guess?

cookies 14

Take a pastel — color of your choice! (I used pink and green). Rub it against a piece of paper until you have sufficient pastel dust.

Using a paintbrush, gently brush it against the flattened frosting part of the dough.

cookies 15

Repeat this process with all three frostings. Then, stick them onto their cookie bases!

cookies 16

You can add tiny bits of dough as sprinkles, if you wish.

I LOVE how sugary and realistic they look!

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After making your cookies, either bake them at 300 degrees until they’re hardened, or just set them out to dry. The second option requires more time to dry, but a lot less effort.

cookies 17

And boom! Bammy-wham! You have a batch of delicious miniature cookies.

Unless your stuffies eat them all within the space of an hour, like I did…these cookies will keep forever! They’re made of clay, after all, so play with them as long as you like.

cookies 18

I’m going to make another huge batch of those sugar cookies for the party coming up on Christmas Eve, of which a photostory will be made!

Come back tomorrow for Sister Saturday hosted by Kenzie and Brookie, and happy cookie making!


P.S. If you try making these cookies, I’d LOVE to see a picture. Just shoot me one via the Contact page!



20 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – DIY Stuffie Christmas Cookies {Stuffie Takeover #5}

    I’ve never actually made something with salt dough clay that turned out that well,
    If I made them, my stuffed animals would eat them much quicker than an hour.

    Liked by 1 person

      Oh, you haven’t? I’m not very good at salt dough clay, either…most of my creations just end up cracking as they dry.
      True. Mine, too. I think they devoured the second batch in like, five minutes.

      Liked by 1 person

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