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15 Facts About Hummus // Collab With Caramel @ Beezus The Bear

Hummus 1

Hello, people of the world! My name is Hummus Nachos (enough puns about my name, okay).  Rebekah is still on her blogging break, so I decided to jump in and take over the world and rule in her place without her permission!

Hummus 2

To put it less dramatically, I decided to post.

Well, I confess I wouldn’t have thought of it had not Beezus @ Beezus The Bear asked me. She told me that her owner, Sam, had just received five new stuffies from her godfather! And…dun dun dun…

Hummus 5

One of them, Caramel, was the same kind of stuffie as I WAS.

Hello what. It’s like having an online twin. Shocking.

Hummus 4

Sam and Beezus were planning to do introductory posts for each of the stuffies, and Sam thought it would be cute if Caramel and I did a collab together for his introductory post! We decided to come up with 15 questions, and I would answer them on this blog, and Caramel would answer them over at Beezus’s blog! So I give you:

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1. What’s your favorite food and why?

Oh, this one’s easy! PIZZA! I love all kinds of pizza, but my favorite is Hawaiian. Or perhaps buttery popcorn with my favorite grated Parmesan on top. That’s what I eat when watching a good movie.

2. Tell us some of your hobbies!

Ahaha I’m going to copy this almost directly from the About page -> Ping pong, math (especially geometry), swimming and surfing, the beach, violin, watching movies, listening to music…I have an unhealthy obsession with the musical Hamilton. I also like making people laugh — I’m quite good at it, if I may say so myself!

3. Who is your best friend(s)?

Well, Baby and Ranch and I are like, people who will inevitably do something really crazy if you leave us alone for 0.0000001 seconds. But aside from my cousins, I have a best friend named Mint. And another named Coconut.

4. What’s your favorite color?

I really do like all colors, but I’m going with yellow. It’s bright, and it’s cheery, what more could you ask?

5. What’s your favorite dessert?

I’m actually a bigger fan of savory foods (such as pizza and popcorn), but ha. Let’s admit I do have a sweet tooth. I am a passionate fan of brownie sundaes, for example.

6. Which of your stuffie friends/siblings/cousins gets on your nerves the most?

Uhh…nobody? I’m very chill, easygoing, and relaxed, so I’m not sure. I don’t get annoyed very easily at all. But, Toto and Bunny Baby are quite a struggle when it comes to watching/babysitting them. 😀

7. What kind of music do you like?


I like playing classical music on my violin. As for listening to music, however, I LOVE super cool Christian rap and electronic, such as Tobymac and KB and Andy Mineo and more…

8. When and how did you meet your owner?

Well, I’m actually owned by Rebekah’s older sister! I don’t remember exactly when, but my cousin Cocoa and I were given to her older brother when he was very, very young, and then I got handed down to her. 🙂

9. Look to your left, what is the first thing that you see?

*casts a quick glance to my left*

A poster that says CHALLENGES ARE THE DOORWAYS TO EXCELLENCE, for one. Cupcake gave it to me last Christmas. Oh, and my little bro Bera-Bera’s bed, since we share a room, and him sitting on it playing Minecraft on my iPad. I need to tell him to stop using my iPad so often. Or to recharge the battery himself.

10. Which of the four seasons is your favorite, and why?

SUMMER! Hands down! Lots of surfing and afternoons at the pool, lots of sunshine and being lazy, lots of excitement, my favorite 90 degree weather, and everything in between! Also, no school. That’s always a plus, isn’t it?

11. Show us the latest picture you’ve taken!

Half a moment! Let me check.


This is when we went out to the lake a few days ago. We! went! kayaking!

12. Describe your dream bedroom.

Oh, I’m not picky. The bedroom I share with Bera-Bera right now is good enough for me…so I guess I’ll just describe it for you. It has three big windows with white curtains, and a navy blue wallpaper. I have a loft bed with bedding that clashes colors, and underneath is my desk, a bunch of cubbies, all my schoolbooks, my trophies from swimming contests, and a bunch of papers in disarray.  Bera-Bera’s side of the room is in no better shape, tbh. There’s mismatched socks on the floor and he’s zooming his cars around on the fluffy carpet while I type this…We’re both messy people, so naturally, our room will be messy. 😉

13. Describe your dream vacation!

*long, happy sigh*

A trip to Hawaii…with lots of surfing and tons of swimming and days at the beach and sunglasses and sun lotion and good friends and family and best of all, Hawaiian pizza…

I’m not kidding. I’ve been wanting to vacation in Hawaii for FOREVER. Our stuffie family is so big that we usually split when it comes to vacation…maybe next summer I MIGHT, just MIGHT be able to go with Baby, Ranch, Bera-Bera, and Huggies. Considering how much $$$ we are all willing to contribute. 😀

14. What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

??? I don’t really get that much mail. It’s the other way around, I’m always the one who will get THE mail (from the mailbox), and there’s always a letter for Cupcake, a letter from Cherry’s pen-pal, a postcard for Cocoa, maybe an art acception letter for Tilly or Polby, some cool package from someone’s friend…and a bunch of Geico ads. But for the sake of answering this question, I’m going to go with the surfboard my best friend mailed me on my birthday last year. 😉

15. Give a shout-out to some blogs you love!

Okay, if this was Rebekah, she’d be shouting out 300,000,000,000,000 blogs.

You’re lucky this wasn’t her. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO ANSWER. I don’t even read many blogs. (But if you wanna know YouTuber recommendations, I’m your man. 😉

Stuffie Adventures Test Divider 5

Hummus 6

Aaaaand yes! That’s all! Thank you so much, Caramel, for doing this with me (be sure to check out his post right here!) I hope you enjoyed our lovely collaboration, and these questions, and the very low-quality pics…thank you for reading!


(I know that signoff doesn’t really fit my personality, so I’ll make a new one soon).


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    1. AWW NATALIE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME. ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm glad I made you happy!

      Hummus: Thank you! Ha. I get a lot of jokes about my name…I don’t hang out with a bunny, thank you very much. *sarcastic bow*


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