The Pulley System ~ A Photostory

Cocoa’s Point Of View


Plip…plop…drip…drop. The water sailed into my bucket as I perched precariously at the edge of the human’s sink, letting the tap water fill up my large blue bucket.


My bucket now full, I headed across the floor. The bucket had apparently sprung a leak, because…


Drops of water spilled as I walked. I hardly noticed.


More drops of water spilled. I resolved to clean it up later.


Before any more water could make its way out of the leak, I hurried to the porch door. Blocking my way was Hummus, who was staring at the leak in the bucket.


“Um, Cocoa?” He laughed. “Couldn’t you get water from the pump instead? Or like, mop the floor after you’re done? You’ve made three trips to the sink already, and I’ve slipped two times on the wet floor already.”


“Oh!” I giggled. “Sorry. I’ll go mop the floor. But I can’t get water from the pump; the distance there is like, two times greater than the distance from the sink.”

Hummus cocked his head. “But why do you need to get water in the first place? Isn’t there plenty in the big bucket already?”

“Nope.” I shook my head. “Rebekah hasn’t watered the plants in forever, so that means neither has she refilled the bucket in forever. It’s empty. That’s the exact reason I’m getting water with this small bucket right now.”


“Oh! I’ll help, then.” With that, both of us disappeared into the great outdoors.


I began to generously water the bean plants, but Hummus was not as interested in the welfare of the garden. He instead walked straight to the edge of the porch and picked up the rope lying there.


His eyes traveled to the rope…


up to the large bucket which was supposed to contain water…


and the other end of the rope which was fastened tightly to the deck post.


“What’s all this rope for?” He wondered out loud.

“Oh, that?” I looked up. “That’s the pulley system. Though, it’s technically not a pulley because it isn’t attached to a wheel.” I smiled, showing off my science knowledge. “Apparently the humans don’t want to make a trip down to the pump so often, either, since that bucket’s kind of heavy to lug up and down the porch stairs, so yeah.”



“And what? Haven’t you guessed already? Rebekah’s dad attached one end of the rope to the bucket and the other end to the deck post, so that when all the water in the bucket was gone, Rebekah could let it down with the rope, run down to the patio, fill it with water from the hose there, run back up, and pull the bucket up.”


“Whoah, whoah! Half a moment!” Hummus put his hands to his head. “That’s…interesting. To say the least.”


“Isn’t it?” I asked nonchalantly, going off to water the rosemary plant.

Hummus sat and thought. I thought he had fallen asleep, but evidently, not. Abruptly, he yelled “EUREKA!!!!!!!”

I jumped five feet into the air. “What was that for?” I complained. “You pretty much scared me out of my wits.”


“Cocoa, you — you! I can’t believe you haven’t thought of this before! What with being two grades ahead in science and everything!” Hummus squealed.

This doesn’t sound too great…Β I groaned to myself. “What new idea do you have? I thought you weren’t that into sciency stuff.”

Hummus just started dancing around and around. “Come on! If the humans can make a pulley system, we can make a miniature pulley system!”


With that, he untied the end of the rope that was fastened around the handle of the large bucket.


“I hope it doesn’t come off,” I muttered softly to myself, but much to my dismay, Hummus managed to successfully untie the rope. “Um, Hummus? Are you sure this is a good idea?” I ventured.

“Why of course it is!” He tossed the now unraveled end of rope to me. “Now get to work, will you?”


I saw where this was going. Reluctantly, I tied the end to the small bucket. Now, the rope dangling from the deck post was attached to our little bucket, which we were sure we could easily pull up.


I had to admit, that was a smart idea. Now we could have the same pulley system as the humans did, but with a bucket of managable size.

“I’ll let it down, and you fill it with water!” Hummus said excitedly.


I scurried down the porch stairs to the patio below.

Hummus let the bucket down with the rope, and it dangled lower, and lower, and lower…


Until a tremendous “bang” told us that it had hit the floor of the patio.


Now it was my turn. I scampered across the floor of the patio to where the bucket was dangling from the rope’s end.


I turned on the pump, fetched the hose (which was attached to it), and ran back to the bucket.


It was hard to balance the heavy hose on the bucket, but I finally managed.


Water gushed out into the bucket rapidly, and from above, I heard Hummus cheering. I let it fill the bucket a bit more than halfway, and then I turned it off.

“Bring it on, Hummus!” I yelled, and then let go of the bucket.


Once it was safely on it’s way, I ran back up the porch stairs.


Hummus was at the top, busily reeling the rope in. “We’ve got this!” He called to me.

“I really hope so.” I laughed.


Once it was about halfway up, he began to swing the bucket back and forth.

“Hey! What are you doing? Oh, never mind.” I sighed.


“Wheeee!” Hummus yelled as it swung from side to side, and I looked up from inspecting the pepper plants to find that the bucket was swinging almost completely horizontally.

“This is fun!” He yelled again. “I never knew buckets could swing so fast…”


“Hurry up already, and pull it up,” I rolled my eyes. “You’re going to take forever if you just keep swinging like that.”

He ignored my advice and kept it swinging back and forth.


“WATCH OUT!!!!!” I yelled, but it was too late. The bucket capsized and water sloshed out, pouring onto the patio below.

“AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!” We both yelled at the same time.

We stared at the empty bucket, which was now dangling down below again.


“Uhh…?” Hummus said lamely after a few moments. “What a waste of water.”

“We can try again,” I said equally lamely, and disappeared down the porch stairs to refill the bucket before you could sayΒ tinder and knife.Β 

And yes, after two more tries, it finally worked, in case you were wondering. And let’s just say we had so much fun with it that we hauled up much more water than we needed…the plants got somewhat flooded that day!





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  1. Hello, Rebekah! Tomorrow (8/29/2017) is Megan’s ( birthday! I’ve been spreading the word and I thought you might want to know in case you wanted to leave her comment or something. πŸ˜‰

    -Clara ❀

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