Behind-The-Scenes Of August Stuffie Takeover Week

Hey guys! It’s Rebekah. Before you read this, if you haven’t already, go read all the posts of August Stuffie Takeover Week. If you don’t, you will comprehend 1% of everything I’m about to say.

Have you read all seven posts yet?

Okay! Let’s begin.

Make-It-Yourself Monday BTS: In Which Hours Are Spent Crafting On A Ping Pong Table…

This is going to be the longest. XD

When I was first planning for MIY a week or so before, I was going to do a lemonade stand. That idea quickly turned into an ice cream stand…but I soon realized that was pretty unrealistic. I had been going to do Back To School stuff in September, but apparently I had overestimated when school usually starts for everyone. That in mind, I decided on August Make-It-Yourself Monday: school supplies!

Make-It-Yourself Monday almost ALWAYS entails the most time and effort. For the past two MIYs, Elizabeth did most of the work, but this time I took on most of the job myself! That was a mistake.

Let’s just say I took a lot of BTS photos for this one.

That’s my set-up! Namely, a studio on top of a ping pong table facing the window.

Mimsy’s studio was composed of…a box! (It’s actually supposed to be the bedroom she shares with Cherry, but as I haven’t started working on it yet I used it as a studio). I lined the walls with a pretty pink construction paper. The table was a tape cassette holder. XD


For some reason, I’ve been discovering that my indoor photography always turns out blurry. Do any of you star photographers have tips? 😛


About halfway through, I switched my set-up so that it faced the window. That way, it could have better lighting!


Let’s just say the ping pong table got a bit cluttered with all my craft supplies. XD But do I care? No.


Oh, yeah, funny story behind this gluestick…

I was working on Mimsy’s pencil can. Right around then, I was told to hurry up because my family was going outside for a walk. I left and went upstairs, but in my haste, I had FORGOTTEN TO CAP THE GLUESTICK. -__-

Needless to say, the next morning it was all dry. I tried to still use it…but then you know what? The canister came right out of the stick and stuck to the lid.

I rolled my eyes and got a new one.


Okay, about the notebook. ABOUT THE NOTEBOOK. *melts into a puddle and dies* I printed it all wrong. It was supposed to be evenly double-sided, but it wasn’t. And I didn’t even know what I’d done wrong, so I just kept snipping.

It sort of turned out.



Before my genius sister told me to do colored pencils instead, I was trying to do miniature crayons. I should have used a knife, but the problem was, I didn’t have one. I tried using a scissors.

I just kept carving, and carving, and agonizing over how it wasn’t small enough yet. And then I broke the tip. And then I did the same thing all over again until I had shaved so much off the crayon it was already too small to be a miniature crayon…

And then I tried another crayon. Same thing happened! Colored pencils were a much better idea.


Don’t worry, the worst is over. XDDD Elizabeth took on, photographing and making these cute backpack charms for me!


Ok, maybe I was a leetle proud of that post. 😀 Even though the pictures were blurry. WAAAAAH.

Terrible Trio Tuesday BTS: In Which My Vital Organ (The Camera) Malfunctions


Uhh…shall I say hahahaha we broke a 1000 dollar camera?

It was an accident, I promise.

ANYWAYS. We have like, a pack of 15 bubble blowers which we got from a rummage sale, so Elizabeth and I decided to do a photo shoot in which the Terrible Trio blow bubbles! It was fun. ???

XD. I’ll get on with it. Anyways, none of the pictures were successful. Like so:



The bubbles were out of focus, we couldn’t find places to place the Terrible Trio, and being the quite non-photogenic trio they are, they kept falling over. The bubbles we blew weren’t big enough, and we even had to switch blowers because the first one was getting too foamy. And most of all, the wind kept blowing the bubbles in the opposite direction so we had to change places…

Let’s just say FAIL.

IT GETS EVEN WORSE. We kept clicking the button so fast and so hard to get pictures exactly while the other was blowing. We could never get good shots.


The camera turned up an error message. It began malfunctioning and wasn’t going to take any photos, so we went inside. Luckily, we got a lot of good shots already, but excuse me? The camera is broken.

My life is over.

And then I toiled to delete 100 duplicate pictures. -___-

Wacky Wednesday BTS: Umm…

This is where Miss Rebekah tries to function without a camera.


So, I already had the quiz finished and everything…but I needed pictures.

Before I began using Elizabeth’s Canon T3i Rebel, I used a tiny point-and-shoot camera. I thought it was pretty good at the time, but now…HOW CAN A CAMERA BE WORSE QUALITY. I took a photo for Say What? with the small camera, and then I proceeded to take the group pics of the Wacky Wednesday Trio. I guess they were okay. 😛


Except when Baby toppled headfirst into the garden below. Haha!

The Say What? photo was just so horrible quality I was afraid my followers would all click away ASAP, so I took one with my Mom’s phone, which is just slightly better.

Definitely not as good as if I had taken it with the NOW BROKEN camera…WAAAAAH.

Oh yeah. Speaking of Say What, we’ve picked several of our favorite captions for you to vote on!

Say What 3 Image

Zielle’s Caption

Owly: To the left more, Woot-woot, no, your OTHER left!! No, you’re doing it wrong. Stand up straight!
Woot-woot: Well if you want I can just leave!
Owly: No no no no no! Ok sorry.
Cocoa: I’m going to take the picture as soon as you land on the house and when it crumbles to the ground.
Woot-woot: Wait. I didn’t know that. I’m proud of my creaaation!! Don’t touch itttttt *leaps out from under Owly*
Owly: AAAAH! *flies into the air and face-plants on the house*
Cocoa: *click!*
Woot-woot: Noooooooo! *looks at the picture of Owly’s screaming face and wide saucer eyes when he lands on the house then laughs* Hahahahaha! How about I send it to Facebook?
Woot-woot: Looks like it’s the other way. Seeeeeeending!
Cocoa: And sent. Ooooh look how many laughs and comments it’s getting! You’re famous, Owly!

PenelopeCrumb’s Caption

Woot-woot: Ahh finally, my masterpiece is complete!
Owly: Huh? You mean that tower which I was halfway building?
Woot-woot: YOU were building it? I didn’t know you could do anything.
Owly: HEY!
Woot-woot: Well, you can thank me for finishing it for you!
Owly: No thank you!
Woot-woot: Humph! *turns nose up* I’m gonna call Cocoa to take a picture of me and this awesome tower!
*goes off to find Cocoa*
Woot-woot: Cocoa! You love photography, right?
Cocoa: Well actu-
Woot-woot: Great! I could use some of your skills!
*drags Cocoa to the tower*
Cocoa: HEY! I was going to make a cup of OJ!
Woot-woot: Excuse me, Owly. I’m going to take a picture! And you are in my way!
Owly: Ok. I’ll stand here and watch.
*Woot-woot posts for photo*
Cocoa: Ready… one.. two…
Owly: WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flies onto the top of Woot-woot’s head* I helped build this too!
Cocoa: Oh ok…
Woot-woot: LATER! I want one by myself!
Owly: NO! YOU take your own later! I want some credit too!
*Woot-woot tries to shake Owly off and both crash into the tower*
*awkward silence*
Cocoa: Well, thanks a lot for wasting my time. *walks off*

Anna’s Caption

Woot-Woot: You’re sitting on my head!
Owly: Say mashed potatoes!
Woot-Woo: How do you even know Cocoa’s ready?
Woot-Woot: How do you even know Cocoa’s ready?
Woot-Woot: Ok, fine. *in bored voice* Mashed potatoes.
Huggies: *walks in* Does anyone want some mashed potatoes?
Owly: You read my mind! *dives for mashed potatoes*
Woot-woot: Careful, Owly you’re…
Cocoa: This would actually make a great photo!

Light4TheLord’s Caption

Woot-woot: Alrighty, Owly, put the very last one on top. Careful!
Cocoa: *walks in* WOW! This is gonna be a great shot!
Woot-woot: DON’T SHOOT, DON’T SHOOT! *jumps behind tower*
Owly: Woah, woooaaaaah, woAAAHH! *CRASH*
Cocoa: *cracks up* That WAS a great shot!
Woot-woot: owww… owwwwww…. owwww… I think there’s a bullet in my side.
Owly: WHAT?!
Cocoa: *still laughing* *abruptly stops* What?!
Woot-woot: a lead bullet… owwww… owww..
Owly: Huh?
Cocoa: Huh?
Woot-woot: YOU SHOT ME.
Cocoa: With a camera. My nice, new camera. My very, very nice new camera. I hope your face didn’t break it. *laughs hysterically*
Owly: Are you okay?
Woot-woot: *hysterically panicing* I’m going to die! That hurt! Ahh… my side, oww… my side… *faints*
Owly: Ooohhhhhhhhh! Hahahahaaaaa.. It was one of our building balls from when I knocked it over! Hahaha… wait a second. You didn’t faint! Oh, please. Get up.
Woot-woot: owwwww..
Cocoa: Whatever. *leaves with Owly*
Woot-woot: *sits up* Hey, wait! Wait for me!


Totally Tilly Thursday BTS: Ahem.

Totally Tilly BTS

The post explains itself, so go read it.

It’s called procrastinating.

Elizabeth and I had been planning to do dot art. Two problems: 1) the camera was broken, 2) we were lazy. Thus, I started the post at 7 PM something after playing tennis.

Um, haha?

Foodie Friday BTS: YUM! YUM! YUM!

Foodie Friday BTS 1

Foodie Friday consisted of a Google Form, copying images from my favorite food blogs, and most importantly, eating my computer screen.

Foodie Friday BTS 2

I tried to use commercially licensed images, but they just weren’t yummy enough for my liking. (See Huggies’ post on aesthetic food photography).

Foodie Friday Snip

I had a lot of fun!! (And no, don’t worry, I realized I didn’t spend over an hour on it like my web timer said and like Huggies said in the last post. Seems like Web Timer treats Google Docs and Google Forms as the same site. 😀 )


The whole time I kept using pics from my older sister’s Instagram. Because aaaaah they are legit perfect!!! eeek!!

There’s apparently a hashtag which is #shamelessselfpromo. I think they should start one which is #shamelesssisterpromo.


I had to pause at the exact right time to copy pictures from this Buzzfeed Tasty video. 😀 YUM. You should recognize them if you’ve taken the quiz. Speaking of which, take it now! I’m even being nice and giving you a link.

(Oh, and the results will be in next Foodie Friday 🙂 ).

Sister Saturday BTS: Downloading, Downloading, And More Downloading

photofunia logo

Like MIY, I started the post for Sister Saturday long before Stuffie Takeover Week began! The entire cycle was basically uploading pictures into the effects and then downloading them.

It was super cute!

My computer is running out of storage space (-__- life of a creator), so I have to delete photos I take that I don’t especially like. I regretted this when doing the PhotoFunia effects, because I couldn’t find enough pictures of different stuffies in my computer.

And being the person I am, I was too lazy to download pictures from all the photo shoots on my blog. I’m positive I didn’t get all 21 stuffies in the effects like I had planned. I wanted to divide them evenly so each stuffie could get at least 1 effect, but did that work? No.

Do any else of you detest having things in your Downloads folder or is that just me?? But some way or another, I cannot STAND things in my Downloads folder. I always have to move them to my current folder.

I’m strange, no?


Scriptural Sunday BTS: Trying To Be A Professional Serious Theologian

Beforehand, Elizabeth thought up the genius idea of doing a video for Scriptural Sunday: The Stuffie Bible Talk. A video in which the stuffies talk about the Bible, basically.

But come STW and I was like no. Too much work, too much confusion, I didn’t know how to voiceover a stop motion, and above all, TOO MUCH CRINGEWORTHINESS. So I decided on a Scriptural article instead!

Apparently also I’m not a very good…theologian. Neither am I a good writer. No, honestly. Here are snippets from, ahem, an “article” I wrote on 1 John 4 about a year ago…

1 John 4:1-6 may seem like a simple passage at first, and unimportant compared to the thought-provoking chronicles of love that comes after. But when read over and over again, we see that there is a recurring theme, once closely linked with the famous phrase passed among believers: “In the world, but not of it.” There are three questions one must ask when reading this passage. Why is there confusion? How can we tell the difference? And last of all, How then shall we live?

Notice that Jesus did not say “everyone hears my voice,” but “everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.” This is not to discourage preaching to unbelievers, but instead to note that unbelievers who do not want to listen have that choice to not listen. Jesus will not force salvation on anyone.

The Greek word here for overcome is nikao, which means conquer, victorious. We live victorious over life because God is with us. And as the rest of 1 John 4 says, as well as various scriptures like John 13:34-35, we should love one another in order to show that we are God’s disciples, and in order to have others notice us and ask why we are this way.


I HOPE I did better in the post. I’m not too convinced. Tell me I did, and my self-esteem shall be raised by a magnitude of 1000000000.00000000000.

Scriptural Sunday BTS 1

I used Bible Study Tools and as bases for my lists. I am so grateful for those websites now…could I have survived Scriptural Sunday without them?

Scriptural Sunday BTS

Does anybody else love the font 28 Days Later? I downloaded it from DaFont and used it to make the graphics. I thought the theme of the font would fit the theme of the article!

That’s all. 😛

I feel like my STW posts this time weren’t as good quality as the previous ones. Honestly, the whole week just rushed out the window. But oh, well!

I can’t really think of any questions to ask you, so I challenge you: read back through this post and answer every question I asked/tell me everything I told you to tell. (E.g. If you love the font 28 Days Later).

Photostory coming soon, I pinky promise! I’m determined to do another one, even if it means reallllly bad photos (since the camera is still broken and I have to take photos with my little camera and the quality of that one is so bad and ARGH).

Whew. This was a LONG post.



19 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes Of August Stuffie Takeover Week

  1. I LOVED ALL OF THEEEMMMM!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 And I LOVED your Sunday post. Hey, if everyone says so…. does that mean it’s howevermanypeople times the number to boost your self esteem? 🙂 The MIY one was incredible. YOU DID FANTASTIC ON LIGHTING! *cringes at self*
    And yes, I’m going to go work on my part of the story. 😀
    ~ Light4theLord

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAAAAY! I’m super glad! 😀 And oh, you did? Ahem. *coughs* Uh, yeah, that works! XD Right now it’s self-esteem times 1. *does math* That means, still self-esteem? I mean, if 8 x 1 is still 8, that means self-esteem times 1…wait. This is getting confusing. I’ve been doing so much quadratic formulas lately I can’t even do a simple multiplication problem. -___- Does 1 + 1 = 11? Okay yay! *claps self on back*
      Seriously?? Lighting will be the death of me someday… 🙂
      Aaaaah I love your writing! Oh wait, I’ve said that wayyy too many times before. Anyways. Off to re-read it. XD


  2. Oh my goodness Rebekah, I just wanted to say how hard you work on your blog and how much I really admire that! I really wish I could comment more often. Your posts are absolutely AMAZING. Oh my word. You post so often and they’re always so high quality and AHHH. You (and all your stuffies!) deserve WAYYY more followers and likes and shares and comments!

    This behind-the-scenes post was so fun to read! ARG, so sorry your camera broke! I KNOW HOW CAMERA STRUGGLES ARE UGH. XD Are you going to fix it or get a new one or what’s going to happen? (Because I’m curious. XDD)

    You’re SO amazing — you run such a quality, God-honoring-and-glorifying blog!! Thanks for being such an epic part of the blogging world — you deserve way more followers!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness Madison!!!!! Can I just say…can I just say…you are way too sweet?? You have literally just made my day, and my week, and my month, and my year! Are they really? Do I really? Do we really?
      how…how could that be possible? XD I mean, compare your blog with mine. *facepalms* Thanks for being such an inspiration ❤ (to the extent that I plagiarize you in almost every post. Oops?)

      I'm glad! Yes, camera struggles. -__- Umm…I don't know…? I'm currently still trying to convince myself that it's not permanently broken and EVADE THE FACT THAT IT PROBABLY IS. 😛 I don't know. I'll just…wait. And yay for curious people! *highfive*

      ARGH. Stop. If you give me another compliment I shall smile so hard my face will explode. Give the glory to God instead. I’m sure He deals with compliments better than I do. XD ❤ ❤


  3. You work so hard on this blog, and I know I don’t comment enough, but I think all your work REALLY pays off! The photos and everything is completely flawless, and it’s just so… cute! Your stuffies are adorable! Your posts are to such a quality degree, and I love reading it and looking at all your photos! You are truly amazing, and quite the inspiartin to me! ❤ Oh my goodness gracious, your blog is one of the only super high-quality blogs I've every read, and you post pretty much every day, you must be so in love with what you do, and I think that's what makes a good blogger. ❤ ❤
    Keep up the good work! You are truly awesome, and I meant every word of this comment. 🙂
    ~Sammy and Dolls of Agdollawesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohmygoodness. Samantha!!! First it was Madison, and now you. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, getting two loads of compliments from two of my most admired doll bloggers ever in the course of two days. I’m seriously going to melt into a puddle and DIE right now.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤ Wait, I'm an inspiration to you? Never. It's vice versa. 😉 Awwwwww really? That's so sweet of you to say! I do love what I do and, well, I try to be a good blogger…ahem. 😀
      Like I said. I don't know what to do with myself. All I can say is, thank you?


  4. *gapes in amazement* WOW. You put an incredible amount of work into this blog! 😮 I read all your posts (though I rarely comment) but I hope to start commenting more because your posts are amazing!
    Alrighty, I’m gonna do what you said and answer all the questions in this post. *rubs my hands together* Here we go!
    Why do indoor photos turn out blurry? — Hmmm. Are you using a dSLR? If so, do you use it Auto or Manual mode? If you’re using Auto mode, the camera is going to automatically use a low shutter speed to make up for the lack of light. A low shutter speed will make your photos blurry if you’re not using a tripod.
    And if you’re not using a dSLR, then I don’t know why that’s happening. 😛
    HAVE YOU VOTED YET? — Yes I have! The captions were hilarious!
    Do any of you detest having things in your Downloads folder or is that just me? — WOW I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. Yes, I do hate that! XD
    Does anybody else love the font 28 Days Later? – Ooh, I’ve never heard of it until now! It’s really cool though. 😀

    -Clara ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, well…I kinda overexaggerated all the work I do in this post…but thanks anyways!! 😀 Aww, really? Thanks 🙂 And yay, I love comments! 😀
      Finally. Somebody took on the challenge.
      Oh, wow, thanks for all the tips! *quickly researches if I’m using a dSLR* XDD *checks again if I’m using Auto or Manual* That just proves what a bad photographer I am. I had no idea of any of that. *facepalms*
      YAAAAAY! And yes, I was laughing so hard when compiling the captions. XD
      Finally someone else has the Downloads phobia…Right now in my downloads folder are only a couple program runners and fonts…
      It is a quite cool font! And there are a lot of similar ones. I have yet to discover the world of fonts.
      YES AREN’T THEY. #jealous

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! You really do put a lot of work into your blog and it really pays off. You are such a talented girl, and you put your talents to good use. This Stuffie Takeover week was AMAZING, camera mishaps and all. And about what you were saying about lighting? Shoot(yes, pun intended,😂😂) your lighting and photos are much better than mine! And I’m used to using a simple camera!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Anyway, your posts turn out great anyway. Your stuffies have such a sweet personality and your blog is so inspiring to me.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, Diamond, thank you!! That means so much to me!! Haha, I’m glad you think so. Yes…camera mishaps…I guess you’re never grateful for your dSLR until it breaks…XD I love that pun! And really??
      Lighting will be the death of me one day. 😀
      Awww thanks so much! You write such sweet comments and I’m really encouraged by that. ❤


  6. Camera blur ….. try a wireless remote you can pick them up for next to nothing. Or try to set a delay on the camera so you are not touching it at all as it takes the picture. Also try not to move at all. I applied this to macro photography and my shots came out blur free ☺ hope this helps.

    Liked by 1 person

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