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Totally Tilly Thursday: Procrastinating, or A Day In The Life Of Me {Stuffie Takeover #3}


Hello. It’s…Tilly, and welcome to Totally Tilly Thursday: the fourth day of Stuffie Takeover Week! Erm. Um. Yeah. Stuffie Takeover Week occurs the first week of every month starting from Monday, where instead of our owners writing posts about us, we have the chance to write posts and manage the blog ourselves, in a set schedule!

Today I’m going to be documenting my day…sort of.

7:00 AM – Tilly wakes up in her blue-and-gold themed bedroom/studio. She pushes away her flowery blue bedspread and jumps down from her bed energetically. She puts on her slippers, changes clothes, and brushes her teeth.

Totally Tilly Thursday

7:15 AM – Tilly has a sudden realization: IT’S TOTALLY TILLY THURSDAY. It’s her special day of Stuffie Takeover Week. Tilly grins. She has been planning for almost an entire week for the TTT post this month: it’s going to be a DIY tutorial on how to do dot art. She. is. stoked.

7:20 AM – Tilly does personal devotion in bed and reads Psalms. She then gets on her laptop and checks her email.

7:45 AM – Tilly goes downstairs. Her best friend, Kenzie, is making pancakes, so she helps out.


Pancake Picture


8:15 AM – Tilly eats breakfast with Kenzie, Mimsy, Cherry, and Brookie. She drizzles her stack of delicious gluten-free pancakes with maple syrup and fresh berries. Delicious. She also has a cup of orange juice on the side.

8:30 AM – Tilly goes back to her room, sits down at her studio, and sets up her easel. She continues working on her new painting. She pulls up her photo reference on her laptop – a lovely rural farm at sunset – and proceeds to paint.

9:15 AM –  Tilly gets tired of drawing, so she goes to the living room and plops down on the couch, where Woot-Woot is memorizing a deck of cards. She pulls out the book she’s reading — The Count Of Monte Cristo — and is engrossed into the story.

stuffie adventures academy.png

10:00 AM – Mimsy and Cherry are decorating the school room because school is starting soon *ugh* so Tilly goes to help them out.

10:30 AM – Tilly sits down to write a letter to her pen pal. She then mails it.

10:50 AM – Tilly decides to reorganize her bedroom. She starts rearranging the posters on her wall and wiping up the spilled paints on her desk.

11:30 AM – Tilly is called to help out in the kitchen, so she helps Huggies whip up some tacos for lunch.

12:00 PM – Tilly eats lunch. She has a bowl of kale salad, a taco, and a glass of hibiscus juice which Baby made.

12:30 PM – TILLY REMEMBERS THAT SHE MUST START ON HER POST. She decides to procrastinate until later.

Early Release Snip.PNG

12:35 PM – Tilly sits down on the couch with Bunny Baby and memorizes some early-release passages for the National Bible Bee (even if she’s not sure she’s going to qualify for Nationals yet…) She’s on a memorizing spree, so she memorizes ten entire passages before stopping.

1:00 PM – Tilly works on her bullet journal. She doodles and practices her handwriting and calligraphy.

1:20 PM – Tilly once again remembers that she must work on her post. Ten minutes, she tells herself, and then I’ll do it. 

1:30 PM – Tilly forgets about her post and practices piano.

Amanda Rach Lee Snip

2:30 PM – Tilly watches AmandaRachLee on YouTube and dies over the gorgeousness of her bullet journal. She checks her email and social media, and continues working on the story which Cupcake is helping her edit.

3:00 PM – Tilly remembers her post again. But her cousins are begging her to go to the pool with them, so she has no choice but to go.

3:15 PM – Tilly and her cousins head to the pool. They play with giant floats, swim laps, and have races. They also have a quick snack of a cookie or two (or three, or four, or possibly five).

4:30 PM – Tilly gets back home and takes a quick shower.

4:45 PM – Tilly wants to take the pictures for her post, so she gets her camera. She realizes, however, that for some reason IT HAS BROKEN DOWN. It can’t take photos any more, and every time she tries to open it there is an error signal. She panics.

NOO Gif.gif

5:00 PM – Instead of being smart and asking Kenzie for her DSLR or Polby for his Canon T2i Rebel, or even taking the pictures on her phone, Tilly decides to go help her cousins make sushi for dinner.

5:30 PM – Apparently Tilly isn’t the best at rolling sushis, so she’s kicked out of the kitchen. She decides to work ahead in her math book (so she’ll have less to do when school starts)…


6:00 PM – Tilly and her cousins eat a sushi dinner. They have California rolls, shrimp tempura, rainbow sushi with avocado…all on big platters which you can take from with your chopsticks. Tilly seasons her sushi with her favorite kimchi sauce. She and her cousins begin a hearty conversation. Polby then takes out dessert: homemade cookies n’ cream ice cream sandwiches. Everybody digs in.


7:00 PM – Tilly is inspired to do a quick sketch of bubbles by the Terrible Trio, who are blowing bubbles in the backyard.

7:45 PM – Tilly suddenly remembers her post again, and begins panicking again. She realizes what an awful procrastinator she has been the whole day.

8:00 PM – With a sigh, the EpicProcrastinatorTilly™ sits down at her laptop to make an unprofessional last-minute post. She’s sure her readers would have liked the dot art tutorial better…

Totally Tilly Snip

8:45 PM – Tilly sighs and publishes the post.

tilly (2)

*Note from Rebekah, who is not supposed to be managing the blog during STW but has something very important to say* Elizabeth and I were taking pictures for Terrible Trio Tuesday when our camera suddenly broke down, one way or another. It can’t take any photos right now (it turns up an error note), so until it starts working again or something happens, I’ll be taking terribly low-quality photos on my point-and-shoot camera. 🙂 Just a teeny heads-up! XD


13 thoughts on “Totally Tilly Thursday: Procrastinating, or A Day In The Life Of Me {Stuffie Takeover #3}

  1. Tilly, you had a great day! Sounds like me on a Saturday; wake up, eat, watch tv, read blogs, remember I need to blog, write stories, basically just procrastinate.
    I bet a dot art tutorial would be amazing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. A bullet journal is basically a mix of a planner, a journal, and a log…I guess the official website can explain it better than me! 😛
      Also, if you search “bullet journal” or “bullet journal inspiration” on Google, there’s a lot of inspiration floating around. 😀


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