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Make-It-Yourself Monday – 10 DIY Miniature School Supplies {Stuffie Takeover #3}


Hey guys! Welcome back to Stuffie Takeover Week! πŸ˜€ (Like my new studio?)

We stuffies are super excited for the third edition of Stuffie Takeover. This week occurs the first week of every month, where instead of our owners making posts about us, we have the chance to write posts and manage the blogs ourselves, in a set schedule!

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself…I’m Mimsy, here to host Make-It-Yourself Monday. As you all know, school is started soon. I’m kinda excited, even though my BFFs Cherry, Kenzie, and Tilly aren’t. In their opinion, the school year means “less time for crafts”Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But where was I? Oh, yes! Today I’m showing you how to make 10 school supplies for your stuffie! These DIY miniatures are super cute and easy, so let’s get started.

(I know some of the pics are a bit blurrier than usual, so sorry about that! I told Cherry not to turn the ISO speed up so high, but she wouldn’t listen -__-)

1. Pencil


To begin, take a toothpick.


Use a scissors to snip off one end of the toothpick, so you have one dull end and one pointy end.


Next, use a yellow marker to color the toothpick yellow. However, leave a space between the tip and where you color! (I know this step sounds confusing, so you can just look at the pic).


Next, using a black marker, color the tip of the toothpick black.


Ta-da! Isn’t that cute?


If you would like to have an eraser on your pencil, simply color the dull end of it a dark pink.


Use your black marker to make a ring separating your eraser and your pencil, and you’re done!


I made a bunch of pencils so I could have a handy collection available!

2. Eraser


For this step, you’ll need a human pencil that you have permission to destroy.Β Always make sure you can destroy it –Β I say this because I took Rebekah’s favorite pencil, and the reaction on her face when she saw I had destroyed it was amazing.Β πŸ˜‚


Use your fingers to pry off the eraser on the end. The eraser was loose on mine, but if it’s not for you, you’ll have to use a scissors or X-actoΒ knife.


Wasn’t that so easy? XD

3. Ruler


To make a ruler, first cut out a 3-inch long and approximately 1-inch wide piece of paperboard.


Use a human ruler to measure this, and for every quarter-inch on your human ruler, make a mark. These will be your stuffie inches.


Add marks in between (so every eighth mark). I found I had to lengthen my inch marks.


Now, add two marks in between every (stuffie) inch and every half (stuffie) inch. I found once again I had to lengthen my marks. πŸ˜›


Use a pen to label your inches. So write “1” to the left of the first inch, “2” to the left of the second, and so on. I also wrote “inch” between the first and second inches.


It should look like this when you’re done!


{close-up shot}

4. Folder


To make a folder, cut out a large square/rectangle of paper (have fun choosing your color! I chose blue).


Fold your piece of paper in half, crease, and then open it back up.


Next, fold over a strip of paper, horizontally. Again, this sounds confusing, so you can just look at the picture. πŸ˜‰


Add some glue or a strip of double-sided tape to both sides of this flap you just made, and fold it down.


It should now have a pocket where you can put your papers!


You can decorate your cover as you like. Since this folder is for my grammar assignments, I labeled it “English Grammar.”


Here’s how it looks like when it’s opened!


I also made another folder for Writing, and got Cherry to write on the cover with her beautiful calligraphy. *sigh* HER HANDWRITING IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE.


Now I have two folders, all ready for studying!

5. Pencil Can


For this, you’ll need a piece of paperboard. A cardboard tube works perfectly!


Cut out a long rectangle of the cardboard you’ll be using.


Now, roll it up, and attach tape where the two ends of cardboard meet. Now you basically have a miniature cardboard tube!


Cut out some paper of your choice, and use it to cover your pencil can. I chose pink, because that’s my favorite color!


You’ll also need to trace out the shape of the bottom of your pencil can, and use paper to cover that, as well!


Now, you can personalize it however you like! I added a strip of glitter on the top by covering that part with glue, and then sprinkling glitter onto it. It dries nicely!


I also added my name! Now, I have a pencil holder where I can put all my writing utensils. πŸ™‚

6. Pen


We’ll be making a BIC pen! First, you need a human pen that you can easily take apart and destroy. πŸ˜‰


Carefully take it apart and separate its parts (you don’t need to be a mechanic to do this, I promise).


All you’ll need is the ink canister in the middle. Take that out (you can throw away all the other parts of the pen).


Using a scissors, cut it in half. (More or less depending on how long you want this pen to be). This is easier than it sounds…



Using a Sharpie, color the space between the tip and the pen black. This will make it to look more like a realistic pen.


And you’re done! Best of all, this pen can actually work…I’ll prove it to you…



7. Notebook


My favorite part, the notebook! πŸ˜› To get started, you’ll need filler paper. I used a printable from American Girl Ideas for this, but again, you could just use plain white paper if you don’t want a ruled notebook.


Cut out all your pages separately, making sure they are of equal size. I had a bit of problems with this due to *cough cough* SOMEONE *cough cough* not printing them right, but it was…fun.


Now, choose some paper for your front and back cover! I got some pretty gold scrapbooking paper. Cut out two pieces of equal size to your pages.


Now, you should have your front cover, your back cover, and your filler pages.


Next, stack together all your pages, and put glue alongside the binding. Make sure you get ALL the pages!!!


Once your glue has dried, add your front and back covers.


Use Scotch tape to secure your covers to the pages!


Next, color the binding with Sharpie. This 1) makes it look more realistically like a composition notebook, and 2) covers up the ugly taping.


Add some embellishments on the front, and you’re good to go!


I ❀ my notebook! I’m going to use it for science…

8. School Books


What’s school with textbooks to study with?? Exactly. Wanna make some?? Exactly.

To make a textbook, first copy-paste a book cover printable and print it out. You can do that by simply googling “textbook cover,” copying the image you want, pasting it into a Google Doc, and printing the document!


Cut out each book cover. I have three! One is Algebra, one is Biology, and the other is American Government (#eww).


Carefully crease where the binding of the book starts and ends.


Using the cover of your book as a guide, outline it with a pen or pencil to establish the size of a page.


Use this as a guide to rule out your pages!


Once you think you have enough pages, stack them, making sure they are of equal size. Add glue to one side, where your binding is. Make sure you get all the pages!


Once the glue dries, add another layer and attach your pages to the cover of your book.


Ta-da! You’re done.



9. Backpack Charms


Now I’m going to show you how to make some adorable backpack charms! First, you will need to cut a short piece of yarn with your scissors.


Place that piece of yarn between the two middle prongs of a fork…


And then take another piece of yarn and start looping it around the fork.


Now you’ll want to tie a double knot in the middle of the pom pom using the short strand of yarn. Β Slide the pom pom off the fork, trim away the edges, and then TADA!


You have a fluffy little pom pom to hang on your backpack!


I also decided to make another blue pom pom and a pretty pink tassel

10. Colored Pencils

Okay, last DIY school supply for today!


To make colored pencils, you’ll first need toothpicks and scissors.


Using the scissors, snip off one end of the toothpick. Now, one end should be dull and one end should be sharp.


With a marker of your choice, color the tip.


Then, color the rest of the toothpick with the same color, leaving a space between the tip and where you color.




Make lots of these so you have different colors to choose from!


I’m all set for school with my new supplies! πŸ˜›

Wow. I just realized how long this post is. It has so many pictures it’s kinda scary! XD Thanks for sitting through all that, and I hope you enjoyed this!

Which school supply was your favorite? Have you been doing any back-to-school shopping lately? When does your school start? Are you home schooled or public schooled? (I’m homeschooled with my cousins in our very own Stuffie Adventures Academy!)

Mimsy Kaminski


23 thoughts on “Make-It-Yourself Monday – 10 DIY Miniature School Supplies {Stuffie Takeover #3}

    1. Thank you so much! ❀ ❀
      Yes, Rebcake is homeschooled! That's so cool that you are too! Always nice to meet other homeschoolers πŸ˜› (And the reason I'm replying to this instead of her is that she's banned during Stuffie Takeover Week mwahaha πŸ˜€ )

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    These supplies turned out so perfect, I want some for myself!
    I plan on making all of these, because they are perfect for stuffies and dollies! Great work! You are such a great crafter! πŸ˜€

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