Brookie & Starling’s Collab Interview!

Hello, hello, and hello! It’s Brookie in da house! Today I’m excited as…excited can be, because I’m doing a collab with the lovely Starling!
Yay, yay, yay!!!
She and Rebekah were emailing each other…and the conversation turned to her favorite stuffie…which turned out to be meee!!! And that up and turned into a collab discussion. XD For our collab, we decided to interview each other! I’ll be answering her eleven questions for me, and she’ll do the same over at her gorgeous new blog. 😛
Introductions are so boring. Can we get started already???

  1. Which is your favourite day of the week and why?
Oh, totally Saturday! We usually have our family game night then, or if not that, we’ll always watch a movie together. That also happens to be the day Huggies relents to baking an extra-unhealthy treat. I almost always convince him to make strawberry cream puffs.
And when it’s during the school year, there’s no school on Saturday! Woooo!!!!
  1. What is the worst argument you ever had? And with whom?
It was an argument with my sister Kenzie. I don’t even remember how it started…probably because I didn’t clean up my side of the room? Something like that. Anyways, it began with our bedroom, and turned to insults, and finally waged into a entire yelling-war. We had to be separated in the end. Hehe. 😛
  1. Who is your best stuffie friend?
Kenzie. The above may seem to contradict that, but we do pretty much everything together. Some nights we’re told to go to sleep multiple times in a row, but we just can’t stop laughing and chattering. And we keep getting each other into all sorts of things. Right now I’m trying to get her into botany, and she’s trying to convince me that bullet journaling is NOT boring. I’m not totally convinced.
  1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Oh, that’s hard! I actually enjoy myself overall (that sounded weird). But I do wish I could be more…good at everything. I know. That’s general. But oh well.
  1. Do you prefer lemons or lime?
Limes. SO TOTALLY. I detest the taste of lemons, actually, but I LOVE limes! People say they taste the same and think I’m silly for liking one and refusing to eat the other. And I’m like haha no.
  1. What was the best vacation you ever had?
So our family usually splits up when it comes to vacation because it’s impossible to keep twenty+ of us in line…last summer, six of us stuffies (me, Kenzie, Mimsy, Cherry, Tilly, and Huggies) went vacationing to HAWAII. Like can you believe it?? HAWAII. It was a BLAST. We got to go to the beach pretty much every day of that weeklong vacation, and once we even went surfing? What? The food was AMAZING, and the tourist guides were SO NICE. I still have several frilly leis in the back of my drawer from there…
  1. This may seem silly but: Where in Rebcake’s house do you live?
Oh, that’s not silly at all! Our bedroom is currently in the room she shares with her sister, because she’s still working on it, but once she finishes it and all the other bedrooms, she’ll put them into an entire complex in the basement. 🙂
  1. What’s your favourite colour?
Lime green! It’s my favorite by far.
  1. What are you normally found wearing?
Hmm…a frilly skirt with a cute top, and as my cousins say, a smile! I might instead wear a girly dress if I’m feeling extra fancy.
  1. What’s your hobby/hobbies?
Pretty much ANYTHING that’s not boring. History, sewing, baking cakes, rollerblading, Irish dancing, and collecting pressed flowers. And eating ice cream.
  1. What is your favourite restaurant?
Aah! That’s hard! We don’t go out to eat often, but I have MANY favorites. Probably Taco Cabana?
OH WAIT. Do froyo places count? Do they? Do they?

Thanks sooo much for doing this with me, Starling! ❤ I had a ton of fun writing out my answers and reading yours!
SPEAKING OF WHICH. Go check out her blog because she’ll post HER answers to MY questions, or perish.
Hope you enjoyed that! See ya next time.
 brookie signoff

p.s. don’t forget to enter elysian artiste’s word war! 🙂


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