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Of Suns And Stories ~ A Photoshoot Of Baby + Say What? #1 Voting!


Friends, Romans, countrymen, my name is Baby! A few days ago, Rebekah took a few pictures of me at sunset. She rather liked them, so I sneaked on here today and decided to post pictures of myself like…like a conceited mongoose.


If you’d rather not see pictures of oh-annoying-me, keep scrolling anyways! Two reasons: 1) I’m actually pretty awesome, 2) Rebekah has picked three captions from our first edition of Say What, and you get to vote on which one should be the winner!


Isn’t that exciting?

I was going to type “Aren’t that exciting?” but I had a feeling Dejected Dog would descend on me with a grammar lecture.


I like this picture! ❤


I literally KEPT trying to tell Rebekah that bokeh was overrated, but she wouldn’t listen. -__-


Oh yes! I forgot to tell you! We recently got our weeds grass mowed down, so now we can take pictures in it! Before it was up to Rebekah’s head.


(Yes, I am serious).


Where’d THIS picture come from? XD


It still looks like the grass is up to my head…


^^ my favorite!


And that’s the last picture of me, the conceited mongoose!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The three captions of Say What? #1 you’ll get to vote on:


Polby: Say, what’s this? Cho-pin. That’s weird.
Truffles: *waves paws* No, no. It’s Sho-pin.
Polby: Obviously not. It’s Cho-pin. That’s what it says, duh.
Truffles: You are absolutely positively.. wrong. It’s Sho-pin.
Polby: Cho-pin!
Truffles: Sho-pin!
Polby: Cho-pin!
Truffles: Shop-in!
Polby: Chop-in!
Truffles: Wait, what? No! It’s Shop-in!
Polby: YOU CHANGED IT! Chop-in!
Rebekah: Guys. Stop. It’s Sho-pan.
Polby: So… what’s a nock-turn-ez?
Truffles: It’s what I’m going to do to you if you don’t stop. Get it? Knock in the head, turn you over and umm… ZZZZ as in you’re going to be knocked out and go to sleep.
Polby: I think you’re wrong.


Polby: Ahhh, the classic, the idol of music, the most splendifiorious –
Dwuff: Polby, what are you doing?
Polby: Bah! You threw it off. First it was Mimsy, then it was Hummus.
Dwuff: Sorry, Polby, I didn’t mean to, but what on earth are you doing?
Polby: I’m getting an intellectual tan.
Dwuff: Excuse me?
Polby: An intellectual tan. Touted to make you 300% more handsome and attractive.
Dwuff: But how does sitting on top of the piano whispering praises over Chopin give you a, er, you know what?
Polby: If I sit here long enough being weird, then Rebekah will probably notice me, come over, ask me what in blue blazes I’m doing, then remember she hasn’t practiced piano in a few days and play away and I will hear the notes of the classic, the idol of music, the most splendifiorious…
Dwuff: *sigh*


Polby: Truffles, do you want to watch me play the piano telepathically?
Truffles: Yeah right.*rolls eyes*
Polby: No really, *Polby squeezes his eyes really tightly. Really beautiful piano piece starts playing*
Truffles: Woah, wait. Are you really doing that?
*Polby is too deep in thought to respond*
*5 minutes go by*
Mimsy : Polby! Can I stop this piano recording on your phone?
*Polby runs away*


{please vote only once 🙂 }

Well…that’s all! 😛 See ya next time!

Which picture is your favorite? Bokeh or light streaks or neither?



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