Glitter Messes And Group Pictures {For 100 Followers}

~Mimsy’s POV~


I was sitting by the fence of the garden which is overgrown with weeds with my new copy of The Wind In The Willows and my new laptop. I like spending time outside. It’s nice and peaceful, and free from distraction.


“Ahh,” I grinned to myself, stretching. “Wonderful.”


The soft breeze blew into my face. I stared into the blue sky, daydreaming.

I had just gotten to the most boring part in my book, so I decided to take a little break, opening my laptop.


I opened up the Stuffie Adventures site, checked my WP reader, and then ambled over to our stats. I was just surfing through Rebekah’s latest drafts when something caught my eye in the top right corner.

Followers: 100.


That was a clear statement.

I panicked. Was this a hoax? A problem? A mistake?

Could it be true?

But there it said plainly, both there in the stats and on the site.


I panicked even more…and in despair, plummeted backwards.


I heard footsteps clopping towards me, and I whirled around just in time to see Cherry running at full speed.

“Mimsy! Mimsy! Mimsy! We hit 100!!!”


I groaned. “I know…”

“Oh my goodness that’s so awesome and — wait.” She cocked her head. “Aren’t you supposed to be happy?”


I groaned even more. “Cherry, don’t you see?”

“No, I don’t.”

“We need to make a special post in celebration! Don’t we have anything planned?”

“I thought our owners already had THAT planned out…”


“But they DON’T! Oh, Cherry, we must save the day! Let’s think of something and…oh, hurry up!”

Cherry only gawked at me. “Like what?”



And so we thought. And thought. And thought.

“We could make personalized cards for each of our followers…”

“That makes 100 cards. That’s impossible.”


“Why don’t we…”


“Let’s put each of our follower’s names and blog URLs on a poster!” Cherry piped up.

“Yes! That sounds awesome!”


We shared a quick glance and immediately ran off.



Five minutes later, we had gotten a HUGE piece of white paper and was getting ready to write the names and URLs of every single follower.


We tacked our large poster up onto the wall.


It was a big task, but it must be done.


We gathered our supplies…


I dragged a large box over to act as a stepping stool.


And I climbed up, ready to write.

Cherry grabbed my laptop, pulled up our Stats, and prepared to rattle off the names.


I cautiously wrote down the first follower with precision (yup, our first follower was ourselves). XD


I wrote down the second, remembering with a laugh how Rebekah’s blood had literally froze when she saw she had a follower.


And then there was the name of the lovely Samantha…


The first row was finished. I was getting the hang of this now, and so I wrote faster.


The project continued, with Cherry trying to read names and look at what I was writing at the same time.


The list kept growing…


And growing…


And growing.


Meanwhile, Cherry was working on something. I gasped when I saw it.


“It’s beautiful, Cherry,” I smiled, though secretly envious of her loopy handwriting. “C’mon, hang it up above!”


“Well, alrighty…”

I hopped off the stepping stool as she hopped on with her sign. I handed her a piece of tape, and it went up.


“Beautiful!” I exclaimed. “Now, I just have to finish writing names, goodness, this is going to take a long time.”


We both stepped back, suddenly, and stared at the picture.

And then we stared at each other. With secret smiles on our face.

“You know what this needs?”

“Some sparkle, some glitter, some sequins, perhaps…”


It was as if we could read each other’s minds. Cherry quickly dabbed on some glue in the shape of a heart.


She stepped back and surveyed.


She reached for the bag of sequins which was lying next to my laptop and tugged it up in a precarious position.


“Wait, Cherry!” I began, realizing that the bag was opened. “Watch –”


It was too late. All that glittery material spilled out of bag and onto the floor. “AAHHH!!!!” We screeched at the same time.


“NO. Wait. Just no…” Cherry began.


I immediately rushed over to rescue the bag, while Cherry started picking up the spilled sequins. Just then, we heard footsteps.

“Oh please not now.” I groaned.


The door slammed open, and Cocoa appeared. “Oh there you are! We’ve been looking for you forever! What on earth are you doing? Wow, what a mess…”

Cherry just rolled her eyes. And then she seemed to comprehend what Cocoa had just said. “Wait…why have you been looking for us?”


“Haven’t you heard? Stuffie Adventures hit 100 followers! We’re taking group pictures in our driveway, and making speeches in the camera, and stuff. C’mon, what’s a group picture without you two?”


“Oh, so you did have something planned?” I felt rather silly.

“Of course.”


Cherry just burst out laughing. “Alrighty then. Let’s go.”



And so, that fifth of July, 2017, we took a group picture to mark our milestone.


Ranch saluted to the camera.

“Four months and ten days ago, a blog was born. This little corner of the web, created to share the adventures of we 23 stuffed animals, has become both a source of fun, craziness, and excitement for the entire family. And YOU are the ones who have caused Stuffie Adventures, a blog that does not deserve 100 followers whatsoever, to have just that. In just a matter of months, what started out as a –”


Hummus shoved Ranch away before he could finish. “I think all Ranch means to say is ‘thank you!” Now let’s go get some ice cream!”



34 thoughts on “Glitter Messes And Group Pictures {For 100 Followers}

      1. Well, I guess that’s right! XD But I owe credit to Madison ( and Light4TheLord ( and I just kinda recreated the same thing with my soft toys… 😛

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  1. Congratulations on 100! That’s an amazing accomplishment! I liked Mimsy and Cherry’s idea for the celebratory post. It was very cute!


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