Q&A With Polby And Dwuff – Answer Post!


Hi guys! It’s Polby and Dwuff! Recently, we had our lovely readers do a Q&A with us. They asked us some really cool questions, so here we are to answer them!

Michele’s Questions

  1. What music do you like?


P: I like classical…and cool Christian rap and electronic. I have this thing with movie soundtracks, though.

D: To play or to listen to? I like playing the viola. And I like listening to ANYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON. (a.k.a. anything on Spotify).

2. If you could have 3 book characters to tea who would they be?

P: Exciting! I would invite Charles Wallace from A Wrinkle In Time (because he’s a cool dude), Bilbo from The Hobbit (cuz I like hobbits), and Cookie Monster (cuz he likes cookies). Oh wait, not Cookie Monster. He would eat all my cookies. I swap him out for…the old man from The Old Man And The Sea.

D: I would invite me, myself, and I.

P: That’s cheating.

D: Okay, then. Three rival enemies from any book at all, cuz then they would FIGHT.

P: That’s still cheating.


P: Thank you.

3. How did you meet Rebekah?


P: I was a gift (was it a birthday gift? I honestly can’t remember)…to Rebekah’s older sister Elizabeth (a.k.a. Evie). 🙂 I was probably one of the first stuffies in this house, and I still remain the family favorite! *winning smile*

D: Well, long story short, a French professor was retiring at the college where Rebekah’s dad worked. He had two teddy bears he wanted to get rid of (how dare he want to get rid of me!!!), so Huggies and I were bought for five dollars each! Elizabeth claimed Huggies but presently gave him to her older brother as a birthday present, and Rebekah claimed me (duh, I’m cuter). That’s how both of us joined the Stuffie Adventures crew. 🙂

EmeraldPheonix’s Questions

1. What is your favorite book?

P: Animal Farm by George Orwell.

D: Perhaps A Tale Of Two Cities by what’s his face? Yes, Charles Dickens. The boss.

2. Fav Animal?



P: Puppies! *squeals* Like, golden doodles and beautiful white fluffy Maltese puppies!!

D: My favorite animal is myself.

P: *sigh* 1) you’re not an animal, 2) that’s conceited.

D: 1) yes I am, 2) that’s not true.

3. Fav Food?


P: COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate-chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, M&M…if you want to know ALL my favorite kinds of cookies, read my guide to cookie fanaticism! 

D: Chocolate. I thought that was obvious. Although, of course, I do also enjoy pecan pie and lasagna.

PenelopeCrumb’s Questions


  1. How long have you guys been best friends for?

P: The minute he joined the crew in February of 2016, we were best friends! At first I was kinda mad because he was stealing my spotlight (Dwuff’s commentary: duh, I’m too cute for this world), but after a while I warmed up to him. 🙂

D: Ever since the dawn of time.

Anna’s Questions

  1. What’s your favorite movie?

P: I don’t really have any favorite movies, but I do love watching documentaries! (particularly about dogs or cookies)

D: I don’t have one. #humbug Oh wait, actually the Christmas Carol! cause old Scroogie is a humbug just like me!

2. If you could live with up to five book/movie/TV show characters for two months, which character(s) would you live with?

P: Ahh, I’m not sure! XD Probably just one person I would get along very well with. What about Jem, Scout’s brother, from To Kill A Mockingbird? I imagine we would have a lot of fun.

D: As I said, pick me five rival enemies, and I’ll have a pretty exciting two months. Can I get a “whoop-whoop” please?

3. Opinions on pickles?



P: They’re AWESOME!!! I luv ’em!!!! Did I mention that they’re awesome? Seriously, though, I sometimes just take a whole jar and eat the whole thing plain. And then later Huggies is like “where eez the pickles? I thought I just bought a jar yesterday.”

D: Ewww.

Diamond’s Questions

1. Have you two ever had a falling out?

P: Of course. XD

D: *quickly googles what that means* I remember this one night I took his beloved photo album and signed it all over with my name (like, not just “Truffle McFluffy” on every page, but “the awesome truffle” and “i am cuter than polby” and things like that. All in permanent Sharpie). And then I went to sleep. In the morning I woke up with whipped cream piped all over my face. seriouslyyyy.

2. Is it hard to live with all of your Stuffie siblings?


P: Yes, since there’s so many of them!!!!

D: Usually, no. When they get into your room and steal all your chocolate, yes.

3. Which Stuffie gets on y’alls nerves the most?

P: Probably Dwuff. I know we’re supposed to be BFFs, but he is the most ANNOYING, EXASPERATING, CONCEITED, SELFISH, IRRITATING, DOWNRIGHT HORRI…….

D: whoa whoa whoa there! Just to clarify to our lovely readers, I am the most SPLENDID, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, BEAUTIFU……

P: *cough cough* (not true at all)


D: AGH the Terrible Trio (a.k.a. Toto, Strawberry, and Bunny Baby). They get into my secret stash of chocolate and ugghhhhh it’s so annoying.

4. What would Polby’s life be like with no cookies?


P: I would presently die.


Samantha’s Questions

Look to your right, what is the first thing you see?


P: A globe resting on top of a bookshelf. (I’m in our study room right now).

D: My desk, since I’m writing this on my bed. And a very annoyed Tilly picking up my crumpled up pieces of paper for me. 😂😂😂

What is the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

P: An acceptance letter from the art academy I now go to!! I was so excited, because it’s a really prestigious school and I’d never thought I’d be able to go there. I’m also really happy whenever a letter from my pen pal arrives. 🙂

D: Ridiculously lit shoes! So…long story short…some of my friends and I formed a squad called “Ridiculously Lit,” because one of them always wore these weird neon tennis shoes which he called “ridiculously lit shoes.” Fast forward to my birthday. The squad bought the exact same pair of shoes for me and sent them in the mail. I literally died the minute I saw the package.

What are your favorite Youtubers?


P: I like Home Cooking Adventure, her video formats are literally to die for! But mainly, I just watch art channels like The Virtual Instructor.

D: How2 is a newly started channel that’s awesome!!! HawkGuruHacker has super cool stuff, too.

What kind of music do you like?

P: I think this has been asked before, but I’ll just copy paste it again. I like classical…and cool Christian rap and electronic. I have this thing with movie soundtracks, though.


P: Dwuff, Spotify isn’t a kind of music!!


What’s your favorite candy?

P: Jolly Ranchers, totally. That’s some delicious stuff.

D: ANY KIND OF CHOCOLATE!!!!! Oh wait, scratch that. JUMBO REESES CUPS. << seriously.

What’s your favorite season?

P: Autumn. Totally autumn. It’s just such a pretty season overall, and the weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold).

D: SUMMER!!!! (A.k.a. freedom!!!!) Days at the pool, movie + pizza nights, and hot 90 degree temperatures are totally my type.

What’s your favorite beverage?

Mocha Latte.jpg


P: Oh, I don’t know! I like something simple and sweet, something that goes well with cookies. Like warm chocolate milk, or for summer, homemade iced tea.

D: A mocha latte, of course! Chocolate + caffeine = can the world be any better?

Did you have fun with this Q&A? We sure did! Thanks for all the lovely questions, readers! 😀 😀 😀

Cool Stuff Coming Up:

The Writerly Struggles Of Cupcake {A Photostory} OR Bera-Bera And The Minecraft Sheep. Comment below which one you’d rather have first!

The Interesting Post + Stuffie Adventures July Sneakpeek

And of course…Stuffie Takeover Week all over again!

see you later, alligator!

Polby And Dwuff Signoff


31 thoughts on “Q&A With Polby And Dwuff – Answer Post!

  1. This is so funny! I laughed so hard! I really enjoyed reading y’alls answers. You’re quite the pair. Ooh, looks like there’s some exciting stuff coming up! I vote for the writerly struggles of Cupcake, because Cupcake is so adorable! (Not as adorable as you two of course;))


    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKR??? 😀 😀 😀
      We are quite interesting! Okay, yay! Rebekah likes that photostory idea better, too… 🙂 And of course Cupcake’s not as adorable as us! *glares* (Just kidding, of course). xD


      1. Hahahaha! Thank you! Oh speaking of drinks I’ll be publishing a blog post tomorrow that will include some good & easy milkshake recipes if you wanna check that out! (I mean if unless the stuffies are lactose intolerant of course!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. XD You’re welcome! And OOH, I will totally check that out tomorrow! Milkshakes are the best! And haha, Hummus is lactose intolerant, but other than that, they all luv’ milkshakes like me… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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