Stuffie Takeover Week

Scriptural Sunday – Free Printable Bible Verses {Stuffie Takeover #1}

Hello readers. This is Dejected Dog. Actually, Delaney over at DWOD nicknamed me DD, and I rather like it…so hi, this is DD. Today is the final day of the first Stuffie Takeover, the first week of every month in which instead of our owners making posts featuring us, we will have a chance to make the posts and manage the blog ourselves! I can’t believe it’s over. Oh, don’t worry, next takeover coming in July.

Soo I’m here to host Scriptural Sunday. This special day of the week will be where I (as well as my editors) will share devotionals, articles, quotes, verses, passage study, prayers, etc. For this edition of Scriptural Sunday, I’ll be sharing some awesome Bible verse posters designed by Owly. These are free printables which you can easily print as posters and hang up in your bedroom! Pretty dope, right?

(Thanks Owly for the posters. They’re lit).

Psalm 23-6

john 8-36

hebrews 13-8

let your light

colossians 3-23

1 thessalonians 5-18

Psalm 139-14

1 John 4-4

Hope you enjoyed. I guess that wraps up my post for now. Did you enjoy Stuffie Takeover Week? What would you like to see next Stuffie Takeover?



43 thoughts on “Scriptural Sunday – Free Printable Bible Verses {Stuffie Takeover #1}

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Yes, stuffie takeover was dope. Okay, haha…thanks a lot. And thanks for commenting. You're pretty cool.
      P.S. Okey…for some reason she's not seeing your email…and for some reason her replies to your previous emails never go through?? Or do they?? Sorry for the confusion…
      ~Dejected Dog

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      1. 😀 😀 😀
        Yeah, it’s pretty weird. Sorry about that. 😦
        ~Dejected Dog (btw I usually DO NOT use emojis because I think they’re lame but I decided to use them this time to be nice).

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  1. These are cute! I guess Owly really is AWESOME! I like your new nickname DD. Perfect thing for a Sunday! Aw man, this is the last post of stuffie takeover week. *sniffs* I can’t WAIT until next month’s.


    P.S. Firstie!

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    1. Thanks a ton, Diamond. I hate to admit it, but true, he is. I like my new nickname too! It’s pretty lit.
      *sniffs with you* Yeah. July takeover coming soon, though!
      ~Dejected Dog

      P.S. Yayyyyy. *claps for you*



    And awww thanks so much for mentioning DWOD! Hey… why is my keyboard being ripped away from my fingerskjsg elwrgunwtlehkj


    Del! Give that back. -__- Ahem. As I was saying. The Scriptures and graphics are absolutely AMAZING! I can’t get over how epic those graphics are.


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    1. YAY THANKS. Um…because someone’s ripping it away?

      You’re welcome, Del. Did you know that “Del” can be a computer brand or a “delete” key on a keyboard or an HTML tag when you want to cross out something like this? Anyways. Thanks. I like epic things.

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      1. Ahem. Oh, how cool. I just searched your name up in the dictionary and it actually means “pretty lame.” Hehe.
        Well maybe I was lying and maybe not. Who will ever know.


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      2. Ayy comebacks. I like comebacks.
        Oh great insult. But there’s one thing. Remember when I asked your opinion about my face? Me neither.



      3. Wait, what? That statement is totally wrong. Don’t worry, if you switch the “I” with the “you,” it will be right again.
        You know another time where I lied? It was when I said I thought you were cool.


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      4. WOWW DEL. I was the best at comebacks in the blogging community, before…YOU came.
        And what? No! There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that.
        Hey, we should do a collab sometime. “Top 10 Comeback Insults From D+D.” hmph.

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      5. Not really. 😏 I don’t get served too easily. Dude yourself.
        *mimics in a high girly voice* I’m so dumb!! *switches back to my voice* I’m so epic. 😏
        And I was going to give you a nasty face but I see that you’ve already got one.

        Yeah. Perhaps someday. Oh rly now.


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      6. Yes really. And actually, you do. Your entire comment is creaming “served”. Have you lost your mind? Oh, wait. *laughs* You can’t lose what you don’t even have!

        Wow. What was that? Your voice when all wacko there.

        Aw… life must be really hard for a blind person. Need me to smack your face to bring some realization? Oh, wait. I wouldn’t want to touch something so ugly.

        Yes really now.


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      7. Ayyy not really. And no I haven’t lost my mind. That would prove fatal to me. And you have dared insult my voice? Prepare for your demise.

        Thanks for your sympathy, but unfortunately — oh wait, I’m sorry, was I meant to be offended? Actually, the only thing offending me is your face. If laughter was the best medicine, it would probably be curing the world.


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