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A Photoshoot Of Cherry + Introducing Stuffie Takeover Week!


Oh, hi there. Sorry I didn’t see you.


I’m just shy. I’m socially awkward at first, but I’ll warm up once I get to know you personally.


Oh, dear me, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Cherry Corvett, and this is my first post on Stuffie Adventures.


I’m quiet, but I like to adventure out and about our cozy little home. I’m careful and precise, and yet I have an uncanny knack of being everywhere at once.


I notice the little things around me…


And I enjoy seeing the beauty of this world.


My hobbies are piano, calligraphy, writing, dancing, photography, and musical theatre.

And how could I forget sticker collecting? Aren’t stickers the awesomest thing in the world?


I treasure all my crazy cousins, but my BFFs in the family are Lulu and Mimsy.


I’m not sporty by any means, but I do enjoy roaming the countryside.


Rebekah said that I was one of the most versatile and photogenic of the clan. 🙂 I’m pretty happy about that.


It was nice that she decided to take me out for a photo shoot today.


So I hope you don’t mind being avalanched with a bunch of photos?


Ugh. It’s awkward staring at and captioning twenty-something pictures of me. But oh well.


Rebekah also said that Lulu and I were some of my favorites to play with…

…because she could style our hair. 😛


I love this picture!

I was just going to close this photo shoot, but I have something extremely interesting to share with you…speaking of which. Polby, did you have to force me to make such an important announcement? I’m quite fed up with talking about myself in the first place.


Okay, okay! Polby here now…

(Prepare for the most exciting moment of your life…)










Stuffie Takeover Week!

The first week of every month will be when we stuffies take over this blog! For the entire week, we post daily on Stuffie Adventures in a set schedule, all with different hosts and topics:

Make-It-Yourself Monday

Hosts: Mimsy (guest contributors)

Topic: Crafts and DIY

Terrible Trio Tuesday

Hosts: Toto, Bunny Baby, Strawberry

Topic: Silliness And Fun

Wacky Wednesday

Hosts: Hummus, Ranch, Baby

Topic: Riddles, tricks, brain-teasers, and all things funny

Totally Tilly Thursday

Hosts: Tilly (guest contributors) 

Topic: Drawing, painting, and art

Foodie Friday

Hosts: Huggies (guest contributors)

Topic: Healthy and yummy recipe tutorials

Sister Saturday

Hosts: Kenzie, Brookie

Topic: Pretty graphics, handlettering, and photography.

Scriptural Sunday

Hosts:  Dejected Dog (chief editor), Cornell (editor), guest contributors

Topic: Devotionals, articles, passage study, and prayers

*To clarify, our current series, Make-It-Yourself Monday and Cocoa + Cup will be discontinued and merged to be done every first day of Stuffie Takeover Week!

We stuffies are so excited for this! For the entire first week of every month, starting with Monday, we take over this blog: we create each day’s post, respond to comments, and we can even tinker with the site’s settings! Our owners are completely banned during Stuffie Takeover Week, and we get to manage ours truly blog. XD

Watch out! The first EVER Stuffie Takeover Week begins Monday of June 5! Are you perhaps EXCITED? We have awesome plans!

I should probably give this back to Cherry.


Well, there’s nothing more to say. I guess I’ll just awkwardly sign off now.




27 thoughts on “A Photoshoot Of Cherry + Introducing Stuffie Takeover Week!

  1. Sooooo AMAZING!!! I just started following you because my website is sorta like stuffie week but just all the time!!!! I am Beezus the stuffed bear and I have pretty much stolen my human’s blog and made it about me, but anyway, lov your blog💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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