Epic Hide-And-Seek Fail {A Photostory}

Cocoa’s POV


My alarm rang. I sighed and laboriously turned around.


I had to jam the button twice to get it to turn off.


That done, I rubbed my eyes. Is it morning already? I wondered to myself before realizing that I had only been taking a short nap. XD

Truth to be told, though, I was kinda bored, even though I was still tired. School had ended early for me this year (lucky!) and I was already knee deep into planning out my entire fun-filled summer, but still.

I decided to go find my BFF.


Cupcake was sitting in front of a mirror she had propped up, dressing Petunia.


“Hi, Cupcake!” I greeted as I rounded the corner.


“Hey!” she returned. “I’m bored – what about you?”


“Me too,” I admitted.

“Then let’s find something to do!” she piped cheerily.

“Like what?”


“Um…” she bit her lip. “I don’t know. Google it.”


“How helpful,” I muttered to myself, but got out my laptop anyways and googled “things to do when bored.”


Pretty much none of the search results suited me. I sighed and looked up, but Cupcake wasn’t paying attention.



She ignored me. “Hey, we should play Hide-And-Seek,” she suggested flippantly.

“Um, what??”

“I said we should play hide-and-seek.”


Sometimes my BFF can have the weirdest ideas, I thought to myself. “First of all, we can’t play with only two people…”


“What about three?” Mimsy asked as she walked towards where we were sitting.



“I’ll join, too, if this isn’t girls only.” Hummus surprised us all by appearing on the scene with one of his famous grins.


I feel like being nice for once, so I speak up. “Sure, why not?”

“The rules are simple,” Cupcake says. “You can only hide inside this room…wait. That’s basically it.”


“Not it!” Mimsy exclaimed.

“Not it!” Hummus followed up.

“Not it!” I cried quickly before Cupcake could have the chance.

“Oh fine,” Cupcake sighs dramatically, making us all giggle. She turns her back and begins the countdown.

Hummus’s POV


Five down, twenty-five to go, I speculated as I stared at the big shelf where our owners kept all their possessions.


Using my foot as a springboard, I reached up and began to climb.


There wasn’t much there: a couple of packs of cards and some stationary.


I leaped to the next shelf, which also held no hiding options.


And so I reached the third, which was quite crowded.


There were two necklace boxes sitting side by side…



But by then I could hear Cupcake counting to fifteen. There was no time to waste. My foot perilously knocked down one of the necklace boxes (whoops. remind me to pick that up for later!) as I climbed to the tallest section of the shelf.


And there I saw my prospective hiding place: a state quarter book with a cozy chink between it and the corner of the shelf.

In a flash, I disappeared behind it.

Cocoa’s POV


Cupcake was counting down already. You should have thought of a good spot before hand, I reprimanded myself as I hurried across the bedroom, trying to find a good place to hide.

I tried several places and scurrried away, dissatisfied, until I looked up and saw…


…the mirror.


I slipped behind it, panting, and let myself relax as I waited.

Mimsy’s POV


I climbed up the pink stool, panicking. Cupcake was at 10 already, and I had not yet hid.


I made a flying leap to the bed post.

And there I saw the bundle of blanket lying on the unmade bed. What better hiding place?


I slipped inside and readily disappeared from the outside world.


“3-2-1, ready or not, here I come!!” I cried gaily to nobody in particular, whirling around and half-expecting to see some unattentive paw sticking out.


And there I began the search.

I searched under the bed, in the clothes drawers, and pretty much everywhere.


And then I leaped on the purple blanket. To my surprise, it was quite lumpyfor my taste.


And so I tore back the blankets and peered inside…


Mimsy sat up right in front of my eyes, almost making me scream. “Found you!” I exclaimed triumphantly after I had recovered from my shock.

“Fine, fine,” she laughed. “Now let’s go find Cocoa.”


“Do you know where she is?” I asked.

“Nope,” she replied quickly, much too quickly to make me believe her. “Well, on second thought…”


“She’s on this side of the room.”

With the use of that clue, I promptly found her.


“I have no idea where Hummus is,” Cocoa groaned as the three of us set off together. “I heard him on the bed, and then on the table, and then tinkering with the vases, and basically everywhere.” she sighed. “Perhaps in the drawers?”

“He probably found a really good hiding place,” Mimsy said.

Where could he be? 


“Wait! Guys!” I diverted everybody’s thoughts as I scampered towards the shelf that our owners had just recently cleaned. “It’s so cuuute!”


She was pointing at a drawing of a baby, which was indeed adorable.

“Speaking of which, we haven’t explored this shelf for the life of us…”


“Ooh, look! A deck of cards!”



“Do you think it can talk?”

“Ahh, no. But it’s so pretty!!!”


“Whoever made this is so creative,” she echoed.


“And aww, that mirror holds such a sweet message on it!” Cocoa joined her on the top shelf.


“Can this play actual music?” Mimsy wondered, cranking the knob on the music box. “Why, yes, it does! How cool!”


“Now I am definitely trying this recipe,” I gushed.

Hmm, maybe we were having too much fun.


Either way, we all jumped in surprise when almost half an hour later, Hummus’s head appeared.

“Anyone still interested in finding me?”


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  1. Hahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This made my day!! 💕😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜

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  2. I LOVED that! The ending was SO fantastic – that sounds like something I’d do (get completely distracted)!!
    I’m just really currently in a state of momentary confusion. I think I might have met you once, or maybe you just coincidently spell your name the same way as the other girl I met and have a sister ironically named the same as the other girl. 🙂 Hehe.
    Have you ever done the National Bible Bee?
    ~ Light4theLord

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    1. Thanks! ❤ That's something I would do, too…

      Hahaha! I thought you'd never notice! Yup, I have met you through the NBB! You were actually the one who gave me that accessory with my name spelled in Scrabble letters which is shown in one of the pictures! It's so pretty – I still have it on my shelf. 🙂

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      1. REBEKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 But you knew this entire time and was so cruel as to not let me know?!!?!?!??!?! 🙂 😛
        Wow. So like… the first time you commented on my blog, I was literally like, “Oh, how cool! She spells her name like THE Rebekah!” (yes, I’m calling you THE Rebekah instead of using your last name. 🙂 ) And for a split second I thought it’d be cool if you WERE THE Rebekah. 😀 But of course, that would just be too ironic, so I dismissed the thought. When I saw the ‘Elizabeth’ thing, I was like, “Wait a second….” and then I was frantically searching the blog for more clues – when I saw ‘owned by Isaac’ I ran to my sister and was like, “I’m right, aren’t I?!? Rebekah has a brother named Isaac, right?” And she’s like, “Uh, yeah…”
        THIS IS SO COOL! I had resigned to the point that you really had disappeared off of the face of the earth (off ST, off Quizlet, everywhere!) when suddenly.. this?! 😀 😀 😀 😀
        I can’t believe you still have that! That means a lot to me!!! 🙂 What exactly is on the back (if it’s my name, just say ‘it’s your name’ or whatever – seriously, I can’t remember what’s on the back)? It drove me crazy because I knew that if I knew what was on the back, I could figure out if it was really YOU!! (and yes, a super long comment…. 😀 )
        Wow. I’m seriously just now getting over the fact that you’re… you! 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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        Yes, it’s meeee!!!! And yes, I am verrry cruelll!!! I thought I’d tell you that I was ME but then I was like, nah, and then I thought I’d tell you again, but then I was like, why would she care. That’s so funny and it means a lot to that you actually still REMEMBER me like that! I am SO sorry that I disappeared off the face of the earth like I did; when you last sent an email to me (when was that, like two years ago???) my mom was going to make sense of the whole letter-sending thing, but we were busy moving and thenbusydoingotherthings…and then I guess working that out just slipped…I am sooo sorry about that!! But I definitely didn’t forget you; in fact, I actually found your blog when stalking your G+! It was the first doll blog I had EVER seen and I thought it was the most creative idea ever! That got me to the days of DWOD, Happy House Of AG, Small Dolls In A Big World, and others…and finally my own blog! So you were technically the one who inspired me to start blogging in the first place. 🙂

        It’s super pretty! As for what’s on the back, it’s my Quizlet username: RBB5. 😉 I absolutely love it!!
        I so hope you’re coming to Nationals this year so we can meet up again! (And ooh, I could maybe even get to meet one of your dolls in real life…) *evil grin* that’d be awesome!!! #longcommentaswell

        YES, I’M MEEEE!!! 😀 😀 😀

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      3. It IS you!!! 😀 You ARE cruel!!!! Heyyyyyyyy! Of course I’d care!!!! 😀 You and K8GB were the first BBers I had met on ST and then at Nationals, and when you and Elizabeth were in finals together, I was seriously holding my breath every time you came up to recite. It made me so nervous!!! 😀 😀 It was a couple of months after Nationals 2014, right? So that would make it two – almost three years ago. 🙂 I remember – you were moving to… oh, wait, I won’t say… but I remember!! 😀 I totally understand the whole ‘busydoingotherthings’ thing. 😀 You HAVE BEEN STALKING ME!!! I totally forgot about G+… 😀 I rarely get on there anymore.. hmm.. maybe I should. I wonder who else is stalking me. 😀 Aw, thank you! That’s so sweet! (except I’m still trying to figure out how a human being could be THAT cruel as to know about the other person and not even give a clue!!!!!! :D)
        Wow! I actually inspired someone else to blog!!!! 🙂 I love your blog…. and I still stick to the fact that your photography is absolutely incredible. 🙂
        Oh yeah!!! Now I remember!!! 🙂 You’re doing BB again?! YAY! *cheers and throws confetti into the air* So are we! And I am totally determined to make it to Nationals (I made it last year but we weren’t able to go) and actually GO this year! I would LOVE to see you again! It’s been like, three years!!! I’m so glad you found me though… 🙂 Though…. I’ll still bring up that whole stalking-not-letting-me-have-a-hint thing. 😀 😀 Yes, of course I’d bring my dolls! (why wouldn’t I?!)
        AND I’M MEEE! (not that it’s as impressive, but… XD)
        ~ LIght4theLord

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      4. Yess, it’s me, the cruel little bean. 😀 😀 😀 And haha, thanks so much for thinking of me!! That’s so cool and encouraging that you were cheering us on. 🙂 Ooh, now I remember – almost three years ago??? Wowwww…. We’ve moved to a new location from the one I told you, by the way! 🙂 Yes, we do move a lot…

        AND YES I HAVE BEEN STALKING YOU. 🙂 You followed me on G+ and then I took a peek at your profile…and saw this queer Dolls N’ All post you shared about??? That definitely did inspire me! Aww, thanks, I hope my photography’s getting better. Yours is absolutely mindblowing as well!!!
        I really, really hope we both get to go to Nationals and meet each other (and your dolls!) after so long!!! I guess we can just be internet friends until then… 🙂 AHAHAHA I am quite a strange human being with an ability of being cruel beyond human means…XD jk
        Of course it’s impressive that you’re YOUUUU!!!!!!! *throws confetti*


      5. And hey, I’m not quite as cruel as you thought. 😀 😀 I deliberately put that picture of the Scrabble letters up so you could recognize it… XD


      6. Hey, and besides, I couldn’t forget the people I memorized James with, could I?! Correct me if I’m wrong, but Elizabeth’s profile picture was of a ballerina, and her username was.. Dancer4Him? Is that right? (if it’s not, tell me it’s at least close. 😀 )

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      7. Haha, I guess not! And ughh!! I honestly can’t remember either!!! 😦 I think it was Dancer4Him557, but she might have changed it since I can’t find that name on Quizlet anymore???? *racks memory*


      8. That is exactly what you are. 😀 I loved watching it – ya’ll did such a fantastic job!! 😀 Woah.. that seems like such a long time ago, but I remember it like yesterday! We had met on ST, had a super long conversation, and then met at the meeting. 🙂 That was so fun! You’ve moved again? Wow, I haven’t moved since like, 2007. XD
        Oh yeaaaah… I forgot about following you first! hehe. 🙂 Queer? I like that word! Nice job using it. 😀
        Your photography is INCREDIBLE! I especially admire how on earth you get it so perfectly lit inside. My inside photography is atrocious. <how'd you like that word? 😀
        I can't believe I have to wait *goes and checks calendar* SIX MONTHS! NOooooo! 🙂 You're right though – we can still be internet friends!! 🙂 Except this time, we've actually met before. Mwhahaha. That makes this internet friendship all the better!!
        Yes, those strange human beings who are so desperately cruel. 😀

        Oh, thank you, thank you very much! *elegantly bows with a sweeping flourish of the hand* 😀 😀

        True, true, I'll give you that. Thank you for putting that up there. I probably wouldn't have thought about it had you not put Elizabeth's name and the Scrabble tile one up there! 🙂

        Yess! I had forgotten about the 557! What all did that stand for, anyways? And I'm sure you've told me before, but what was the 5 in RBB5 for?

        I love long comments. That's all I can say. XD
        ~ LIght4theLord

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    2. Haha ikr??? 😀 Aww, that’s so encouraging! Yes, it DOES seem like such a long time ago…it was such fun though! And we move a whole lot…we’re (hopefully) never moving again though! 😀

      I love the word queer, too! And thanks so much – though I wouldn’t say my indoor photography is like you tell me…you should see Prank Wars episode #1. The photography in there is absolutely ATROCIOUS; nothing like DWOD… XD And your photo shoots…😍😍😍
      (You’ve made me want to say atrocious 24/7 now. Congrats. *hands you medal*)
      What, six months???? *sobs* I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG. But yup, mwahaha, internet friends who have actually met in real life…few have that honor…
      Yup, I’m one of those desperately cruel human beings you’re talkin’ about. SHH you can’t tell anyone.

      You’re very welcome! *hands you bouquet of roses* *throws more confetti* *plays BB theme song*

      Hehehe. I knew that you’d at least realize that I was ME when I told you at Nats…but I couldn’t wait THAT long, could I?? 😀 🙂

      I think the dancer4Him part was because she liked ballet and dancing for God’s glory, and she also loved the number combo 557 so she put that on the end. As for the 5 in my username? It’s just a random number I like. XD XD

      And yay I love long comments too!! *highfives* 🙂


      1. It DOES seem like so long ago! 😀 You moved again?! Wow. 🙂 How many times have you moved?
        Yes, queer is a lovely word! 😀 😀 It’s much better than most of my first inside photos *winces* *winces again* PLEASE don’t go and try to find them. *gulp*
        Thank you, *accepts medal* I’m trying to find somewhere to use the word ‘queer’. 😀
        I can’t wait that long either!!! NOT SIX MONTHS!!!! True, true. Few do have that honor. 😀 I won’t tell anyone…. well, I might. 😀
        I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE BB THEME SONG!!!! Hey, thanks for the roses! My middle name is Rose! 😀 What’s your middle name anyways?
        Now THAT would’ve cost you your HEAD. I thought you were CRUEL to wait about five months, but A YEAR?! That is so MEAN! I’m glad you gave me that clue. 😀 😀 😀 🙂
        Oh. So… it’s just like a number combo? Rats. I was hoping for, well, something more… mysterious. Bera-Bera would agree, would he not? I liked the title. 😀 It reminds me of a DOTM post…..
        That’s it? It doesn’t have a significant meaning? *sobs* I was hoping it’d be better than just a random number. *sigh* oh well… RBB5 does have a nice ring to it (can you imagine saying your username is RBB3? :D)
        *highfives you back*
        Long comments are the BEST! (and I typed a super long one earlier this morning right before going to an intensive 6 hour long ASL – American Sign Language- class while cooking French toast, but I kinda sorta accidently hit the back button and deleted the whole thing. I was pretty mad at myself)
        ~ LIght4theLord

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      2. Yes, doesn’t it? Um…I don’t know how many times I’ve moved, but my family has moved like…10 times??? O_o

        …I will live up to your plea to not go and try to find your first inside photos. Although I have already seen them. 😀 😀 But I’m sure they’re at least better than Prank Wars episode 1…

        How queer you are to be trying to find a place to use the word queer! XD AND WHAT. *checks calendar* *begins countdown to six months*
        *claps hand over your mouth* SHH. YOU MUST NOT BLOW MY COVER.
        Yass the BB theme song!! *plays it over and over again* *hands you more roses* I LOVE the middle name Rose! Not sure if my parents want me to say my middle name here, but I might tell you through email. 🙂
        HAHAHAHA!! OFF WITH MY HEAD! (well that was violent) I’m glad too. 🙂

        Yep, it’s just a number combo. XD
        Bera-Bera: AHH I HAVE A SOULMATE. Could it possibly be a secret code??? Perhaps used between spies and ninjas from different countries???
        (And yes, I think I got the title from that DOTM post. UGH what is this with me and trying not to plagiarize..😭😭😭😭)

        Well, 5 is the number of grace, but other than that, I guess not. 😀 😀 And hahaha, I can’t even SAY the username RBB3 without falling over laughing…
        I ❤ long comments!! That's so funny. XD XD XD now I wanna make french toast…

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      3. Wow. That’s a LOT! 🙂
        Thank you. WHAT?! You’ve already seen them? oh no…. *humiliated* uh, no, they aren’t. Want to see the worst? Uh, on second thought, I can’t find any of them. I think I did end up deleting several… ahem. And uh, I didn’t post most of the pictures. XD Here’s one that I did after like, a year of blogging – awful:
        Ha, ha, ha. I agree, quite queer. 😀 *joins in countdown*
        OH. *whispers* so sorry for almost blowing your cover. I know you wanted to secretly get into the Guinness world records..
        Oh yeah!!! Wait… isn’t that the dreaded one that plays over.. and over.. and over.. and over? *gulp* I still like it. It has a LOT of fun BB memories entwined in it. 😀
        Yes! Email me, please!! 😀
        (yeah, kinda gruesome and morbid) I don’t think you could’ve waited anyways… 😀
        Sigh. Fine. I resign to a life of sad, monotony, mediocre boredom.
        XD XD XD
        😀 😀 😀
        Really? I didn’t know that! That’s pretty cool! XD IKR?
        Uh, I won’t be making French toast again very soon. Ahem. Let’s just say I am a HORRIBLE cook. XD
        ~ Light4theLord

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      4. Yes, it is. 🙂 Hahaha. AND WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING. Those pictures weren’t awful at all!!! Nothing like my earlier ones, at least… 😦

        It’s so queer how queer you manage to be! And yes, the BB theme song is quite dreaded. *sighs* But every time I play it in my head I remembered moments from Nationals…I ❤ it! 😀
        Alright, I will! I still have to get my mom's permission, but when I do, I'll email you ASAP! 🙂
        Haha, yeah. I definitely couldn't have waited that long. XD
        🙂 🙂 🙂 Yeah, I guess you'll have to. *sighs and resigns with you* AHH I love the word mediocre though..

        🙂 Yes, isn't it cool? RBB3, RBB7, RBB8, RBB1…okay, I'll stop.

        WHAT no you have to make French toast again and send me some through cyberspace. And really? Haha, that's funny. (Now I wanna make french toast even more…even though I'm a horrible cook as well. XD ) I do enjoy getting my hands dirty with kitchen work, though! Fun kitchen work, mind you. Not like sweeping the floor…

        I laugh to myself every. time. I read our hilarious novel-length comments. XD Like, seriously, for the life of us, how many comments have we put on this page???? 😀 😀

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      5. Uh, YES THEY ARE! Yours have always been fantastic!!!
        YOU WILL BE SO PROUD OF ME! I used the word queer in my story that I wrote this morning. 😀 *bows* XD Yes, you’re right – both dreaded and loved! Queer how that is, is it not? XD
        I know!!! I remember so many things from nats!!
        Oh, yay! Quickly get permission please!!!! 😀 😀
        YES! Mediocre is such a great word. Let’s see who can come up with the best word! (no using a dictionary or the internet… mwhahaha.) So far, I have mediocre and atrocious so far, and you have queer. 😀 #wordwar
        NO! NEVER! I am SO terrible at cooking. Do you really want something to laugh at? Well, how about one of the worst possible cooking escapades in the history of the UNIVERSE?!!!! (reply quickly with a yes so that I can tell you)
        How is ANY kitchen work fun?!?! Sweeping is the only POSSIBLE fun kitchen work. Everytime I start sweeping (okay, fine, almost every time) I think of this little poem that my mom read to me when I was little (yes, this next part is from memory and I am not trying to plagiarize, I just didn’t memorize the author):
        When young Melissa sweeps a room,
        I vow she dances with the broom.

        She curtsies in a corner brightly
        And leads her partner forth politely

        Then up and down in jigs and reels
        With gold dust flying at her heels
        They caper

        With a whirl or two,
        they make the wainscot shine like new

        And it keeps going, but I’ve forgotten the next part. 😀
        NOVEL-LENGTH!! I ♥ that – brilliant! Seriously, I have a record for lots of comments. I think the longest comment conversation I’ve ever had with someone is the 300+ comment one with Madison of DWOD on her chat page before her server switch. 🙂
        Hey, we should try to get like, 500 on here by nats!!! Then we can tell everyone we had a 500 comment conversation with the other person!!! XD
        ~ LIght4theLord

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      6. Yas I’m so proud of you! Hey, I wanna read the story now… XD Yes, quite queer. 😀 Nats is AWESOME.
        I can’t share my middle name online, but I will tell you at Nats! XD Oh wait…that’s six months…*cries*
        OOH, WORD WAR! I have one…abashed! How ya like that? XD Speaking of a word war, let’s have a real one! How about we both try to write a 1k long short story this week and post it on our blogs? 🙂
        Really? Yes I wanna hear about the worst possible cooking escapade in history!!!
        How can sweeping be fun and kitchen work be not fun?? *glares* I do like that poem though *starts sweeping the floor while singing it* *sister tells me to shush* *sings it even louder*

        Haha! I don’t think I actually made “novel-length” up…but… 😀 😀 😀 And LOL, that is hilarious! 300+ comments???? *dies*
        Yes, let’s get to 500!! That would be so awesome and fun! XD


      7. Oh, thank you! 😀 Sorry, no can do. 🙂 It’s secret until it’s finished because I’m writing it with a friend. 😀 mwhahahaaaaa… but I would be willing to let you read another story if you’re able to email me (I don’t want everyone reading it)…..
        *cries with you*
        Hmmm… it’s good, but not as good as queer. 🙂 How about this: marveliffic (a combination of marvelous and terrific) and fantabulous (a combo of fantastic and fabulous)? Beat that!
        YES! That sounds like a FANTABULOUS idea! 🙂 🙂 😀
        Alrighty… ready for the narrative?

        Well, I was having some people over on Sunday (this story takes place on a nice Saturday) and so I decided to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Surely that is not so hard, right? I’d done it before, so I was sure I could do something as simple as cookies. My little brother asked to help, and so I generously agreed. Of course, I forgot (for the hundredth time) that I was supposed to set the butter out to soften… so I brilliantly set it on the back burner of the stove and preheated the oven (which was quite impressive, because another thing I always forget to do is preheat the oven… not that it makes a difference). I then was trying to find the rest of the ingredients while my younger-than-school-age brother is cracking eggs (note to self: do not let brothers crack eggs). He held out one and said, “This one’s too hard, I can’t crack it.” Assuming that it was a hard egg to crack, I reached out with my left hand (I’m right handed, btw – I had to use my left hand because I was holding something else in my right hand) and grabbed the egg with a little more force than usual because I was somewhat frustrated that we were out of sugar. I grab the egg, slam it against the edge of the bowl and…. yes, the egg cracked. But it did not only crack, it splattered, splooshed (eggs splooshing? yes, actually) and smushed all over my hand, the counter, and the floor (and an unassuming nutcracker leftover from Christmas. oops.). I sighed and tossed the rest of the egg in the trash can before instructed my brother to go get some isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the floor and counter. While I’m wiping up the spilled egg, he returns with two bottles: a white unlabeled bottle, and a brown bottle labeled ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’. I asked what the white bottle is, and he doesn’t know. The problem is, it could be alcohol, witch hazel, or vinegar. Sigh. I took the brown bottle and start disinfecting the floor when all of a sudden…. I remembered the butter. I hopped up, slammed the brown bottle on the counter – in my haste I had forgotten to put the lid on, so the two forces made hydrogen peroxide spray everywhere – and grab the butter gingerly. It’s half melted by this time, so I carefully set it on the counter while I begin wiping up the spilled HP. In the process, I didn’t see the cup of water on the counter and ended up knocking that over too. My little brother then walked in and saw the butter sitting on the counter. He curiously picked it up and squeezed it, and being the observant brother that he is, inquired, “Why’s the butter so squishy?” I then replied, “DON’T SQUISH THE BUTTER!” He thought that was funny. I did not. Anyways, I got the cookies in the oven (oh, and went over to the neighbor to borrow some sugar) and then realized that the next morning was Sunday, and cooking breakfast was my duty. So, I tried to save time (not a good idea) and used one bowl to make baked oatmeal. Of course, I forgot to separate the dry and wet ingredients so I ended up with the lumpy mound of… whatever that was, which I promptly poured into the dish (more like plopped it in). And this entire time, my LOVING older sister is laughing her head off hysterically.
        It doesn’t help that during that escapade, I was also trying to clean my room (okay, yes, cleaning my room is unrelated to the most horrid cooking escapade on earth, but it just adds to the story). I was about to go work on my room after straightening up the rest of the house, making cookies (and epically failing), and ruining breakfast, and clearing off the kitchen counter (note: I didn’t wash the dishes) when all of a sudden I was paged to the kitchen. (really, I was just called, but being paged sounds more professional)
        My mother asked me to get the rice pot lid from –
        INTERRUPTION: At this point, a 19-month-old just passed the computer from the direction of my bedroom holding three mismatched socks… that belong to me…
        (continuing) – the pots and pans cabinet, so I kneeled down and handed it up to her. Taking the lid with one hand and holding the pot full of rice and water, she turned and took a step toward the counter…. right as I stood up, hit either her arm or the pot and was showered with rice and water. Down my sweater, all over my head….
        If this was about anyone else, I would’ve laughed. Right then though, I nearly cried. The kitchen floor was carpeted in rice, accompanied by a large pond-like puddle of water. And as we continued to apologize to one another, I wiped up the rice and water, stood up WITHOUT RUNNING INTO A RICE POT and continued to my bedroom. Ta.da.

        Congratulations on actually reading this entire thing. I applaud thee for your perseverance!

        I think I’ll do that tonight (the whole bugging the older sister thing by singing… or maybe I should just hum in the shower. That tends to annoy her)
        Probably not, but you were the first to use it on this post *claps for you*

        That would be fun to get to 500! Though I have to say, this was probably the longest comment I’ve ever written/typed.

        I just checked – 1,038 words. *realizes that that sentence added to it* Make that 1,051 words… I mean, 1,054… nevermind. (1,055!!!!!)
        ~ Light4theLord (1,056)

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      8. Ahh, okay. How exciting! And yay! Emailing you ASAP!
        OHHH!!!! Those words are both marveliffic and fantabulous!!! I ❤ them!!!
        Yay, word war time! 😀 😀 😀

        Ohmygoodness I literally cannot breathe right now that is so hilarious and I feel so bad for you…like what????? I cannot believe that actually happened! XD XD XD I seriously have nothing to say I shall just continue to laugh and cry at the same time.
        😀 😀 😀
        XD XD XD
        🙂 🙂 🙂
        You should publish that or something. It has literally made my DAY.
        XD XD XD

        Ooh, good idea. *sings with you*
        Yes, it would be super fun! CONGRATS ON 1,056!!!
        XD XD XD


      9. 😀 I can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂
        I agree. 🙂 What are your words for this time?
        WORD WAR! Mwhahaha… now, what to write about. Hey, we should make 5,000 words. *evil grin*

        XD XD IT REALLY HAPPENED! I promise. It was so horrible and so hysterical and yet so terrible but funny and… now as I look back on it, it’s super duper funny, but it wasn’t as funny then. I was literally in tears. I am a horrible chef. XD XD
        Hey, I should, shouldn’t I? 🙂 Aw, I’m so glad I made your day!!!
        *sings horribly, but loudly*
        Really though, humming annoys her more than anything… especially since I normally take a shower when miss sleepy-head is still in bed. XD
        Thank you! XD I’m quite happy with it, actually. 😀 😀
        ~ Light4theLord
        ^ now that ^ was short ^

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      10. I emailed you! 😀 😀
        🙂 My words this time are…ooh, I know! Adjacent and melancholy. Not that impressive, I know, but some of my favorite ever words!
        MWAHAHAHA!!! *tries to think of an awesome story idea* Yes, you have the best ideas. 5,000 it is! *tries to make an eviller grin but epically fails*
        XD XD XD
        WHAT that is so funny and bad and weird and cool and…I cannot even believe it really happened. *dies laughing* Yep, I can imagine. It must have been SO frustrating. 😀 😀 😀
        You definitely should! 🙂
        *sings with you* *starts out in a brilliant soprano* *ends in a frog croak*
        Haha, that is SO funny!! XD XD My sister used to get kinda annoyed when I tried to make dramatic songs in the shower…but now our bathroom door is so soundproof that you literally cannot hear the water running unless you stand right next to it. And interesting…I tend to take my showers in the evening. Or even really, really late. 😀 😀
        You’re welcome! LOL!


      11. Yay! I replied! 🙂
        Ooooh… melancholy. Good one! 😀 Mine are….anaphylactic shock (but I had to look up exactly how to spell it. hehe.) because at a conference I went to, the teacher’s wife went into anaphylactic shock (which really isn’t good, but it sounds really cool).
        *starts thinking about ideas as well*
        5,000 words!! let’s do this!!!
        (note: I’m typing w/ 1 hand ‘cayse I’m helping watching my lil sis)

        It happened! Just ask my sibs at nats!! XD XD
        It was insane. 🙂
        *begins harmonizing* *voice cracks*
        XD same here… aw, that’s too bad! I’m pretty sure my sis would LOVE a soundproof door… XD
        ~ Light4theLord

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      12. Yay!
        I ❤ that word!!!! Anaphylactic shock…anaphylactic shock…ooh, it's like a tongue twister. XD Oh, I see. Yeah, not good, but really cool. 🙂 My word this time is…infidelity! Once my family and I were driving home and we all started trying to think of words that started with in-. Infidelity was by far my favorite, although kinda…*shudders* morbid.
        Yes let's do this!!! *presently falls into a spasm of writer's block*
        Hehe! It must be really hard to type with one hand…

        XD XD XD 😀 😀
        *starts in a brilliant soprano again* *grabs for chocolate* *starts eating chocolate* nom nom nom *runs off stage* nom nom nom
        Hahaha! Your sister would totally ask for one for her Christmas gift, am I right? XD XD

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      13. Isn’t it fun to say?! 😀 😀 Yeah, not good, but cool. XD
        Ooooh, nice one! mine is…. intellectual. It sounds like it means. 😀 😀
        Infidelity is kinda morbid.
        *joins you* *idea pops into head* *runs off to type*
        It is, but I’ve gotten better with practice… I certainly get lots of practice! XD
        *tries to steal your chocolate as you run off stage* *chases you yelling, “I want some too!”*
        I’d love some chocolate right now… hmm… none around here, unfortunately. *starts crying*
        SHE WOULD! Except, she’d probably want the soundproof one for her bedroom door. XD
        just curious… where’d rebcake come from?

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      14. Yes, quite fun to say! 😀 😀
        Love that word! Mine is…acute! 😛
        Infidelity…definitely morbid. 😦 it is a pretty intellectual word, though…
        *starts wailing cuz she still has writer’s block* *suddenly thinks of an idea as well* *runs off and tries to type faster*
        I can imagine you get lots of practice… XD
        *protects chocolate* nom nom nom “okay, I’ll let you have a piece.” There’s no chocolate around here, either. *sobs with you* *goes off to find something else to eat cuz she’s super hungry*
        HAHA!! Oh, yes, definitely. xP
        And as for Rebcake? Well, I actually have zero idea. XD I guess it’s a kind of nickname for me…I think it might have come from my stuffed animal Cupcake? Idk really. 🙂

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      15. XD
        Good word! Actue infidelity…. 😀 Mine is savory and marinate (and profusely, but that doesn’t go with the them). Can you tell I’m hungry?
        *realizes that I need to type faster* *needs a chance to actually start typing* *has to go babysit some more because brother smashed finger in car door and had to go to the ER*
        XD Especially today!
        *nibbles chocolate slowly, savoring it* yum yum yum *thank you profusely* *realizes that brother brings home ice cream* *eats all the ice cream*
        Well, there was some chocolate on the ice cream a few minutes ago, but I already finished it off. Oh, there’s some more in the freezer *virtually sends you some chocolate and ice cream*
        Oh. Okay. Well…. uh…. *tries to figure out why ALL of your usernames are random* I like it anyways!
        ~ Light4theLord (you know why mine is that. XD)

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      16. Well that published before I was ready. XD Haha. *types even faster* *gets writer’s block again* Oh, no! Hope he’s alright now. 🙂

        *nibbles chocolate as well* nom nom nom. You’re welcome! AHH ice cream…yum…ice cream…and hehehe. Picking off all the chocolate from the ice cream…that sounds EXACTLY like something I would do. XD Oh, thank you, thank you! *gobbles up ice cream* *gobbles more ice cream* ahh, cold, creamy, delicious goodness…*sighs happily*

        Hehe. That’s right, my usernames are QUITE random. XD I like it too! And yes, I believe anybody could figure out the meaning behind yours. 🙂 I really love it!

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      17. XD That’s what I thought might’ve happened! 😀 😀 *continues to type*
        I have my idea and storyline finished, but I have to log all of my computer time today, so I’m having to type even faster. Good thing my average WPM is 84! 😀 😀
        YES! ICE CREAM!!! Only problem is…. I had an overdose of dairy, and so I’m now all sniffly. :/
        They’re very random.. XD 😀 Thanks! I don’t even remember when I first used it – probably ST. 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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      18. XD XD XD I hate it when that happens…
        ohhhh!!! *tries to type faster* *runs out of ideas* *stares blankly at computer screen*
        Really? Wow, you are FAST. *sighs and gets writer’s block again* I’ve had to log my computer time a couple times in the past, too! It probably IS good that you type at 84 WPM… 😀 😀 😀
        ICE CREAM!!!!!! *fangirls wildly* Oh, no! :/ Praying. Hope you feel better now. 🙂
        XD And let’s just say I’m a terrible chef as well…I just finished helping my mom and sister make a big Tiberian/Israeli buffet lunch…and pretty much the only thing I was productive at was designing a pretty menu using Canva. XD XD
        ~Rebekah/Rebcake…(I have no idea which one to use sometimes???)

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      19. IKR?!?!?!?!?!
        Well, I was working on the story at 11 p.m. last night, but…. I was told to go to bed, so.. XD I worked on it a teensy bit this morning. 😀
        Thanks! All that ST practice helps. XD 😀
        It’s annoying. I hate logging my time for anything. *sigh*
        *fangirls with you* Thanks! I am feeling much better!
        Oh, I’ve found something else I’m bad at – sewing. I just ruined a pair of doll shorts. *sigh*
        XD I was cracking up as I read that last paragraph – that sounds TOTALLY like something I’d do!!! 😀 😀 😀
        ~ Light4theLord (I can stick with this pretty easily, but it’s funny, because sometimes I’ll switch back to my real name on blogs or accidently sign off as L4TL in my emails. XD I figure out my name pretty fast though. :D)

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      20. XD XD XD
        Oh, I see! Haha, that happens to me, too. -_- I’m TRYING to work on mine, but it’s beginning to sound too much like the Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare…uhhhh wait WHY DID I TELL YOU THAT. :/
        I can imagine. 😀 Yes, it is SO annoying when I have to do that!!! *sighs with you* I have to admit though, it does make me waste less time…
        We all scream for ice cream! XD Yay!
        Why are we so similar???? I am literally the worst seamstress in. the. world!! I’ve been trying to sew clothes for Toto lately…let’s just say that the stitches go EVERYWHERE. XD *groans*
        IKR. 😀 😀 😀
        And haha, really? That’s funny!

        Liked by 1 person

      21. 😀 Oh really? 😀 😀 😀 How many words do you have so far?
        But I got a lot done by not using the computer as much! 😀 Exactly. 🙂
        YESSSS!! XD XD How are we so similar?!?!?! This is really funny. 😀 Hmmm… what are some of your current hobbies (I know you told me some of your hobbies in 2014, but hobbies change over the course of three years. 😀 )?
        I did get SOME stuff decently made from baby clothes! (three dresses, a crop top, three pairs of leggings, a skirt & a cardigan)
        Yup. 🙂
        ~ Light4theLord

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      22. 😀 Yes, it does! I have gotten…*checks word count* 1,096 words right now! About 1/5 of the way through. 🙂
        Yes, totally! That’s ONE pro to it…
        Have you ever heard of nice cream? It’s basically frozen bananas blended up. We just made it tonight…it is SO good!!! XD
        WE ARE SO SIMILAR!!!! It is funny. XD Yes, hobby time! My hobbies have changed a LOT since three years ago…now they are (get ready for this!): writing, poetry, photography, blogging, computer programming, graphic design, and just recently, drawing! Oh wait how did I forget FILMMAKING. O_o . Filmmaking is LIFE. I have a huge obsession with it right now. I pick a topic from my science book (or anything really!) and then write and draw stuff on a whiteboard, and then speed it up in Movie Maker and add text/animations! Or I’ll make a video in which I do a science experiment. 🙂 It’s super fun!
        Oh, cool! I remember that Madi was wearing a dress you made from baby clothes in one of her DOTM posts. 😀 I’m trying to get some decent clothes done, too. (“Trying” being the key word. XD )

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      23. Whew. I’m not too behind. 😀 😀 I’m about the same. 🙂
        Haha, yeah….
        My sister used to make it! 🙂 I’m not a big banana person, but my siblings all love it! 😀
        Hobby time! 🙂 Wow. I have the same ones except for filmmaking and computer programming!!! 😀 Okay, and dolls, music, and rollerblading. 🙂 And Irish dancing for me. 🙂
        That’s so cool! Do you have any vids you could email me? 😀
        Yup. It’s super duper easy from baby clothes… it’s patterns that I ruin. I kept doing the same one over and over… upside down. XD Yes, trying is totally the emphasis!!!
        ~ Light4theLord

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      24. Hehe. 😀 😀 #competitive
        Oh, really! That’s so cool! The one we made today hardly tasted like banana, actually. XD It was so creamy and good!
        Yay, hobby time! 😀 I love how we share some of the same hobbies! And how could I forget rollerblading? Rollerblading = ❤ . Irish dancing?? Really?? That's so cool!!
        I actually posted one on my personal blog! It's really amateur and horrible quality though, so beware… Here's the link:
        Oh, really? *wishes she had baby clothes* And haha! That sounds like something I would do. Or at least TRY to do. XD
        I know my new word! Congenial! 😛


      25. #beware #imsupercompetitive 😀 😀
        Yup! My brother also started making it, but then he grew bored and stopped. 🙂 Cool! Maybe one day I’ll try it again. 😀
        YOU ROLLERBLADE?!?!?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? LIKE, REALLY?!?!?! *goes nuts* Wow. I have found like, hardly anyone who actually likes rollerblading!!!!! Yup, I was dancing in diapers. 😀 Seriously.
        I didn’t know you had a personal blog!!! I’m going to go look at it! (BTW, I’m working on my story and I’m up to 2,425… mwhahaha)
        Check thrift stores or yard sales. 🙂 I found this ADORABLE baby skirt at goodwill once and turned it into a runway dress for the dolls!!!!
        Yes. Try. 🙂
        COOLNESS!! Mine will be…. spectacular and stupendous!
        ~ Light4theLord

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      26. #competitivetwins XD
        ASDKFJLSDKJF the new BB passage is Genesis 1-3!!!!
        Oh, cool! It’s super tasty!
        🙂 🙂 🙂 Waal…I thought I did before I found out rollerblading wasn’t the same as rollerskating. *facepalm* I do LOVE rollerskating, though! And in my opinion, there’s not much difference… Haha, seriously???
        Yes, in fact I do have one! Yay! And ughhhh, 2k already??? *sighs and starts writing* And it’s the middle of the week and I’m still stuck at 1k!! *screams and eats chocolate to help cheer up*
        Oh, good idea! Goodwill is the best!!! Aww, that’s so cute! I bet the dress is really pretty. 🙂
        😀 😀 😀
        Ooh!! That’s stupendous! Mine is…vestibule!


      27. #noway #immorecompetitivethanyou XD
        You should try rollerblading. It’s better than rollerskating. *smirk* And… you can do cool stuff. 😀
        Hehe… we have until tomorrow, riiight? *sigh* Let’s hope I can finish this. So.. we finish it by Sunday because we have to post it on Sunday, right?
        Yessss! Goodwill is fantabulous! The dress is featured in one of the upcoming posts of DNA. 🙂
        That’s a very good one. 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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      28. #hmm #notreally
        YES!!! Like what even??? 😀 😀 😀
        Ooh, I totally want to try it sometime! Though I doubt it’s better than rollerskating. *smirks with you* Seriously though, rollerskating is my obsession. I go outside and rollerskate on the front sidewalk every day…well, at least until about a week ago. *cough cough* XD
        Yes, we do! We post it on Sunday. *eats a bunch of chocolate while writing* It’s totally okay if you aren’t able to finish, I might not be able to either…*laughs nervously* My current wordcount is 2,705.
        Yay for Goodwill! They have tons of awesome stuff! Ooh, I cannot wait to see it! 🙂 Which doll is going to model it?
        Anyone for smorgasbord? What about articulate? Mechanical? Sullen? Okayyyy…enough word-landslides.


      29. #ipromiseiam #doyouchallengeme #arewecompetingoverwhoismorecompetitive
        You should. It’s totally better than rollerskating. *smirks more than you* Seriously, I don’t even know how anyone can rollerskate and have fun. XD (I’m just kidding. I’m being biased. 😀 😀 )
        XD Until a week ago…
        Perfect. Okay. Good. I probably won’t finish… but I might!!! 😀
        YES! I found Madi there and I love it! 🙂 Julie will be modeling it… mwhahaha…. 🙂
        Wow. How about meticulous, simultaneous, ridiculous, aromatic?
        ~ Light4theLord

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      30. #ichallengeyou #yesweare
        😀 Well at least everybody’s gotten the first verse memorized… XD XD
        Hehe…maybe I’ll get to try it someday. Until then, rollerskating wins! *smirks even bigger* Well SOMEBODY is being biased…*laughs hysterically* #hypocritical
        Yep, until a week ago… XD XD
        Ok, sounds great! I might not be able to finish either, but I will try! 🙂
        Oh, I remember! Yes, you did get Madi there! *cheers and throws confetti* Ooh…I bet Julie looks super pretty in it! 🙂 🙂 She’s a really pretty doll overall.
        How cool! I love aromatic. 😀 Mine are…deemed and rend. I know, they aren’t huge impressive words, but I like how wonderfully descriptive they are! 😉


      31. #itakethechallenge #iwokeupearlytoworkonmystory
        XD Yeah really… 😀
        Nope. Rollerblading is WAAAY better. Maybe I should send you an awesome video on what you can do on rollerblades. 😀 They also look cooler. XD 😀 *smirks the best, the biggest, and the largest and way better than you ever could* (see how competitive I am?!?! XD)
        I’m at 4,753. Mwhahahaha…
        *cheers* I want to go there again and check and get some more baby clothes. I’ve exhausted my current stash. 😀
        Ah, yes. 🙂 Have you ever heard Rend Collective, the music group? Can I post my story early, today?
        ~ Light4theLord

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      32. #hahaha #ohmygoodness #seriously #ughhhh
        XD XD
        Hehe. Really now. Ooh, yes, send it! That sounds awesome, but for now…ROLLERSKATING. *cheers*
        😀 😀 😀
        UGH. What???? 4,753??? Seriously??? I’m at…3,283. *sighs*
        Yay!! Yes, you should totally do that! Now I wanna find some baby clothes too…mwahaha…
        Hmm, I’ve never heard of Rend Collective! And sure, you can totally post your story today! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      33. #yeahonasaturday #didyou
        I have to make it first. 😀 But seriously, jumping and gliding and spinning and all…. ROLLERBLADING! *cheers louder*
        XD Mwhahahaaaaa…
        You should! It’s super easy to make doll leggings, so I’m sure stuffed animal ones wouldn’t be too hard. 🙂 Rend Collective is one of my favorite bands. 🙂 It’s Irish or something…. If I get it finished, that is. How about we make a promise – I won’t read yours until I post mine, and you don’t read mine until you post yours. Deal?
        ~ Light4theLord (oops, almost put my real name.. XD)

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      34. #what #hehe #no #lazy
        What is this with me and hashtags. XD
        Ooh, cool! Okay. Jumping and gliding and spinning and all…sounds awesome! But…rollerskating!!!! Okay, okay. I propose a truce between the two kingdoms. 🙂
        NOOOOO. But I’ve been working on my story too…3,578 now! *screams*
        Yes!! I totally want to try stuffie leggings sometime! I tried making a slouchy beanie out of a sock a few days ago on Toto…pretty much the only sewing thing I succeeded at. XD
        Oh, interesting! I never heard of Rend Collective before! I wanna check that out now… 🙂
        Okay! *shakes hands* Deal!
        ~Rebekah 😀 😀

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      35. #donewithallofthis
        IT IS awesome. I will NOT settle for a true. Rollerblading is the ultimate BEST and I will not back down on that. Hmm… gotta go find my sister and have her record me skating. 😀 *walks outside* *burns* *walks back inside* nevermind about that… hehe. Let’s just say I’ll do it later. 😀 😀 #procrastinator
        YESSSS! I finished it, but now I’m revising. I’ll schedule it for 12 EST tomorrow. 🙂
        They’re SUPER easy and fun, too! 🙂 Now THAT is cool. 🙂 XD Sounds a lot like me…
        I like the song ‘My Lighthouse’ 🙂
        ~ Light4theLord

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      36. #metoo #awesomeidea #done #bye
        XD XD
        Okay, then. *sniffs and flips hair* WAR HAS BEGUN. XD And hahaha, that sounds absolutely EXACTLY like something I would do. #procrastinatorfriend
        YAY!!! *claps for you* Okay, sounds great! I think I’ll be posting mine tomorrow 12 EST as well. Maybe a little later if I don’t get it done by then. 🙂 4,285 now! Almost done! *squeals*
        Oh, really? Okay! I made Toto matching pants with his shirt today…now he looks like a little elf. XD My sister wanted to make legging shorts so she cut off the bottom part of her leggings, too…I just found that scrap of cloth in the bag…bring on the stuffed animal leggings. *cheers* Hehe. 😀 :De
        Awesome! Will totally check that out! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      37. FANTABULOUS!
        XD IKR?! I was about to do it yesterday evening and then something came up. 🙂
        I LOVE yours! That was SO fantastic!!
        Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Elfie! (wait a sec… that’s an elephant at the zoo. nevermind) 😀 Woohoo!!!! *cheers with you* My sis made her leggings into shorts too – jeggings, actually, so it was PERFECT! 😀
        ~ LIght4theLord
        Sorry it took so long to reply… hehe

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      38. 😀 😀 😀
        #reallynow #ididntknowthat #notreally #haha #prepareforyourdemise
        Hello YES!! I am the world’s worst procrastinator. XD
        I love yours too! It was just so awesome, and I like the setting you placed your story in. 🙂
        Hahahaha!! Aww, that’s so cute!! XD *dies laughing* Elfie, elfie, elfie…*cue the singing*
        And ha. Let’s just say I’m not going to cheer anymore. Do you want to hear about my worst sewing failure in the history of the world? Let’s just assume you said yes. Well…it’s not that bad…Baby’s my model BTW…except that I knotted the thread wrong so I ended up stitching only the top part of the cloth until I realized what I was doing. Then I started over, reknotted it, but APPARENTLY something was wrong again because it kept getting tangled and I could NEVER pull the thread through. And then as I was stressing over how tight I should make it, I accidently sewed Baby’s LEG along with the cloth (since I had the leggings on him while I was sewing!!) So I had to snip that…and it fell apart again. So I started over again. And then I thought I had done it perfect when I finished sewing. I inverted it, my stitches didn’t burst (*cheers*) and it looked absolutely perfect! And then I realized that I couldn’t even put it on him because my top seam had been way too…top. It didn’t FIT. And I wasted all that good cloth *wails* Oh well…
        That may or may not have been an exaggeration. XD
        (I took a long time to reply too…sorry). 😉

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      39. #whatever
        SAME HERE!!!!! I kinda procrastinated replying. XD But I’ll be off the computer and I didn’t want to disappear off the earth without notice like SOME PEOPLE. 😀 😀 😀 😀
        Thanks! Yours was ornately incredible. 🙂
        Elfie! Yes! 🙂 You should name one of your stuffed animals Elfie…. or have you already?
        BTW, do you have any dolls? I’ve never seen them on here before. Hmm..
        XD XD XD I was so cracking up during that entire thing! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 That. was. AWESOME! Poor Baby, though. How are the legs?! I ruined that one pair of shorts because I accidently hemmed both sides and made them so tight I couldn’t get them past the dolls’ knees. XD
        Hey! You got to exaggerate?!
        ~ Light4theLord
        (so did I, so we’re even now)

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      40. #ikr #bye
        Yes, me too!! Hmm, what people? I don’t know of any people who would DARE do that…well, well. XD
        Aww, thanks! I ❤ the word ornate.
        ELFIE!!!!! 😀 😀 No, I haven't named any of my stuffed animals Elfie, but it's such a cute name!! And it's so perfect for Toto…xD
        Yes, in fact, I have three dolls: Lulu, Kenzie, and Brookie! Not your typical dolls, they're cloth dolls my sister sewed for me. 🙂 Dolls nevertheless, I guess! I haven't featured Lulu, yet, but Kenzie and Brookie were in "Little Friends" and a couple other posts, too.
        XD XD XD ughhhh. Just ughhh. Seriously. Baby's okay, I guess. The thing I like about stuffed animal blogging over doll blogging is that stuffies are so much more hardy. XD You have to worry about a doll's hair, scratches…with little balls of fur you hardly have to do anything. 😀 Stuffed animals are less versatile, though. 😦 And I'm trying to make a stuffie room right now but since they're all of different sizes I have no idea what to do. *cue the agonized screaming* But I'm seriously having a ton of fun. Have you ever tried making a dolly bookshelf out of a tape cassette holder? Don’t tell anyone but I pooled a bunch of those. nobody was using them anyways. XD
        Yes in fact I did!!
        ~Rebcake (haha yeah)

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      41. #waitup
        Of course not. NO ONE would POSSIBLY do THAT…. would they? 😀 😉
        Me too… and it wasn’t even one for a word war!
        Yesssss! I have a stuffed elephant, but I’m not changing her name. 🙂
        Oh yeah! I remember – Kenzie and Brookie are so cute!!!
        XD True. Very, very true… 😀 XD Poor Rebekah…. doll rooms are pretty easy. I just recreated mine! mwhahahaa…
        No, I haven’t! Oooooohhh! Mwhahahahahaaaaaaaa!
        Well, I’m off to a church service project with the youth group. If you get this by noon EST, pray for me! 🙂 There’s a girl in the group (actually, the girl I’m riding with) and we haven’t really gotten along, and I don’t know why. *gulp* So, yeah. 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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      42. Hi! This is Kenzie. I was bored so I decided to hack Rebekah’s laptop…mwahahahaha. After all, I’m positive that we will be very good friends!
        #no #idontliketowaitup
        I know, right?? That would be like…so CRUEL! *gasps* XD XD
        😛 😛
        Awww, you do? What’s her actual name? I called Toto “Elfie” the other day and you’ll never know how close I came to having an entire tower of legos thrown at my head. xP
        You remember now! 😀 Brookie and I are both relatively photogenic, so Rebekah uses us a lot. 🙂 My sis doesn’t mind…but I’d totally rather be behind the camera than in front of it. Who’s the most photogenic of your dolls? I’m going to beg Rebekah to take me to Nats so I can meet you. 😀
        Yes, quite true! And hahahaha! I literally fall over secretly laughing when I see her trying to build stuff for us…I wish AG products weren’t so expensive. $150 for Maryellen’s Food And Fridge Set??? Hmm…maybe someday… XD How exciting! I wanna see your doll room now…
        You should totally tryyyy!!! That’s about the only thing that actually looks REAL *falls over laughing again*
        Oh, how cool! Will definitely be praying! Some people at my church are just not my type, either… 😦 *gulp* Have a great time!

        P.S. Julie’s runway dress is so prettyyyyy!!!! *dies*


      43. Cool! A hacker! Oh yes, we’re both friendly, right?!
        Very, very cruel. Did you know that someone did that to me once?
        Little One. She’s actually older than I am. 🙂
        Why doesn’t Toto like the name Elfie? It’s adorable!
        Of course I do! That would be fantastic if I got to meet you!! Hmm… Julie and Katie are pretty photogenic.
        XD It’s probably the same for my dolls and everything… There’s a sneak peek picture coming out tomorrow because of a little someone who kept getting into my doll room. Yes, AG is super expensive. *sigh* True, true. Maybe someday.
        Eh. finding the supplies and time would be the biggest issue… but it would be fun!!! XD
        Thanks! It went super well (except that *ahem* we were supposed to be picking up pinecones… and it turned into a pinecone war. I have veteran scars on my forehead, due to an awfully aimed pinecone from my best friend’s brother)
        ~ LIght4theLord
        P.S. Thanks! I wish I had one like it for me!

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      44. Well…the hacker’s gone now. Too bad. It’s me again. But I’m guessing you both are friendly?
        #seriously #thishashtagwarmustcometoanend #couldyoureadthat #ibetnot
        I know, right? And oh my goodness, really? *gasps* that must have been awful! *gasps again* XDDDD 😄
        Aww, cool name! 🙂 🙂 And haha, yeah.
        I honestly don’t know why Toto doesn’t like the name Elfie! All I do know is that I found a lot of deconstructed lego towers in Kenzie and Brookie’s room today…hmm…
        Yay! It would be quite exciting…I took Kenzie to Texas once and we had a blast. 🙂 And ahh, yes, I remember your photo shoots of those two now! Especially Julie – she’s gorgeous! I sometimes wish my stuffies had hair so I could style it… 😦
        XD I doubt it…anyways. I saw the sneakpeek – your little sis is so cute!!! And I figured out a solution for all my stuffed animal room problems! Especially with so many of them…there had to be one soon. XD Do you want to hear it? My sister thought of it. It’s not as dramatic as I’m making it sound…but comment yes if you do want to hear about it anyways! 😀
        AG is SO expensive. *dies* Yes, maybe someday…what’s one super cute doll thing you want right now?
        True, true. 😀 😀 😀
        Yay! And hahahaha! A pinecone war sounds fun, a veteran scar does not. Oh, well!
        P.S. So do I…

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      45. Hehe.. I think I just won the procrastinating *ahem* award. XD Yes!
        #id #ibetyoucantreadthisextremelylongjumbledandterriblywrittenhastagbutidontagreebecausethisiswaytoofunandusefultomyspellingnot
        Very, very awful. But then again, I disappeared for a week. Whoops.
        Thanks! I named her when I was four. 😀
        Cool!!! Was it last year? You could always do my dolls’ hair at nats… 😀 Really?! What’s the solution?!?!?! I WANT TO KONW! “YESSSSSSS!
        Way too expensive. Ummmmm.. uh.. let’s see. Anything and everything! 😀 Really though, I’m saving up for Nanea. 😀
        IT was fun! The scar is already gone. 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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      46. Haha! Maybe, maybe not! 😀 😀 😀 That’s totally fine, though, at least I never doubted you were still alive…life can get hectic at times. Even though it’s summer! *sighs*
        #ibetsotoo #canyoureadthisidontthinkso #whataboutthishuh #okaytheseneedtobelonger #haveyoueverhadfriedlobsterwithgrilledbluecheeseandcayennewhippedcream
        XDDDD. Yeah. By the way, did you find out WordPress stopped making “XD” into an emoji? *gasps* How rude! I always liked that emoji…oh well…
        Oh, cool! No, it wasn’t BB-related, I went to Texas a couple months ago for my older sister’s senior recital. 🙂 And true! Except that I’m not much of a hairstyler, I can’t even do a French braid. 😛
        Well, the solution is…*drumrolls*…boxes! (I know that sounded weird). Instead of clearing out space for a doll room (hint: very hard to find space with good lighting if you have more than ten…) or using a shelf (what I had been planning originally, but possibly even harder to find…), I’ll just use big boxes for rooms! For example, I’ll take one box, furnish it, and boom! it becomes a bedroom. well, it’s not quite as easy as that, but you get the idea. XD And then I’ll still keep them separate boxes, but I’ll put them together in a dollhouse format. That way, I don’t need to stress over good lighting (I can just detach a box and carry it outside or where there’s nice lighting), or space! (I can keep the boxes in separate places or else keep it in the deserted areas of our basement). Neat idea, no?
        Nanea is SO cute! She would fit so well in your collection! I hope you get to buy her when she comes out. 😀 😀
        Oh, good! XD

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      47. Okay, this is intentionally short because I’m on my sister’s laptop, but I KNOW MY NEW WORD FOR THE WORD WAR!!!!
        This is totally going to trump all of the others…
        serendipitous. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
        ~Light4theLord4 (on my sis’ account)

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      48. Uh, yeah. Anywaaaays… hehe.
        Good. Summeerrrrrrrrrr! *breaks out into song from the Frozen movie – the one that Olaf sang about summer* Wow, that was random.
        #youcouldreadthatiwonderwhatwouldhappenifiputthehashtagsincodesandmisspelledeverythingnowthatwouldbehystericalareyoureadykeepreading #nhventbtdntthnkwnttbcsmnthgfnfblchsrcynnnythng
        #solvethatmissgenius #evillaugh
        WHAT?! NOooooooooo!
        Hehe… 😀 Cool!
        Ah, I could teach you!!!
        Amazing idea.
        I agree! Thanks! Me too… 🙂
        Sooo.. I finished editing the AGSM. 🙂 Wanna see it? I’ll invite you to see the private link . It’s no audio yet, so you’ll have to just bear with it. 😀
        ~ Light4theLord

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      49. XDDD.
        Summerrrrrr!!!! Wow, you’re so random. *glares at you but presently begins humming the song too* I haven’t even watched Frozen…
        #heythatsnotfair #ughicantsolvethat #thisisawesomeformypunctuationamiright #haveyoueverhadroastedbabycarrotswithcrocodilemeatballsandredbasilsourcreamontopwithagarnishofbluepotatochutney
        #thisissomuchfunicantstandit #wearesoweird
        Yup! And you totally should teach me! I’m begging my older sister to teach me right now…maybe by the time we get to Nats we’ll have a hairstyling contest. XD
        IS IT NOT??? Well, I guess I can’t take credit since I didn’t think of it originally…but it’s AWESOME!!! I wish it worked for dolls, too. 😦 Thankssss!!!! So are you! 😛
        😀 😀 😀
        Oh, yay! You finished editing the AGSM! *does a happy dance* Thanks for sending it! For some reason, however, YouTube is acting up…when I click the link it redirects me to a big “Oops!” page. Hmm…uh oh…

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      50. 😀
        Yeah, I kinda wish I hadn’t. It was a waste of time – you aren’t really missing out on anything, and if you think you are, just let it go. 😀
        #hahahahahahahahsothere #ibeatyou #yup #noihaventwhocooksinyourfamily #thisisfunbutimtryingtofigureoutwhereyougetallthisgourmetstuff #idreamedaboutyoulastnight
        No kidding, I did. 😀 I dreamed that we met at some summer camp and I didn’t know it was you (well, surprise surprise, I haven’t seen you in three years.) and the camp counselors got mad because I couldn’t recognize you because there were like, 20 girls who all looked like you. It was frustrating. And then my dream changed and I think we were at a super tiny house that was for your… stuffed animals? Or was it actually someone’s house? I can’t remember. Anyways, I’m dying to see you this fall! Do you think you’d be allowed to Skype?
        Yes, beg her to! Speaking of which, are you on ST anymore? There’s an Elizabeth on there and I know it’s someone in your family (because it’s a stuffed animal that I recognize mwahahaha) but wasn’t sure if it was her or you. So, who was it? YES! A HAIRSTLYING COMPETITION!
        While we’re on the topic of competition, I’m working on that rollerblading vs. rollerskating there’snodoubtaboutwhichisbestbecauseobviouslyrollerbladingtrumpseverythingelse
        anywaaays… but it’s super hot, we’ve been gone a LOT recently, and I had to switch out my wheels and it’s really knocked me off balance. XD No kidding.
        😀 😀 😀
        I tried again. Hmm. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try emailing you the actual vid. 🙂
        ~ Light4theLord

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      51. XD Lol!!!
        #thatsnottrue #ummmmm #icook #itsquitefuntocomeupwiththingslikethisthough #iknowyouretiredofthisbuthaveyoueverhadfriedalligatorwithswisschardfrenchfriesandpumpernickelicecream
        Oh my goodness, that is SO cool!!! *squeals* Haha, that must have been really frustrating. XD I don’t think I would remember what YOU looked like either…all the more, I’m dying to meet you again! And I might be allowed to Skype…but let’s just say I’m awful at conversations…and terrified at phone calls…*laughs nervously* *puts on cone of shame* I guess this is why introverted people often end up in the blogosphere? And begin acting like crazy extroverted nuts on the web but are still socially awkward IRL???
        I will! And I think that’s her…the profile picture with a stuffed polar bear? Her username is Elizabeth C. 🙂 I’m on ST too, are you? I’m RBB5. 😀
        YESS!!!!! And oh, really? I should make a video of me rollerskating…I’m pretty obsessed with making videos, after all…nah, rollerskating trumps everything else.
        Ugh…really???? Awful. It’s getting hot over here, too. Grrr.
        The video still doesn’t work. 😦 You could try that if you liked!

        P.S. What’s this DNA Academy thing agh I’M SO CURIOUS!!!!
        P.P.S. I nominated Sam and Katie for the Sister’s Tag (and Natalie from TAGS nominated Madi and Katie). In case you didn’t see already. 😛 😛 😛


      52. Ahhhhhh… I have an idea as to what I’m going to bring to nats for you. Mwhahaha. 🙂 and I’m NOT going to tell you, no matter how much cajoling. 😀 How’d you like that word?
        #yesitis #idonotcookatall #yesitis #pleasetellmeyoudidntcookthatbecauseitsinsane #thatissonastysounding #haveyouevereatentoastedcaribouwithradishesandrutabegaandbluecheesewithcreamchesefrostingontopoffriedonionringsanddog
        IKR?! You and Madi are the only bloggers I’ve ever dreamed that I got to meet! I KNOW! I googled you though, and found old BB pics. Mine are SO OLD! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
        Please? *sad and pleading puppy dog eyes* I’ve cured two people who hated talking on the phone, maybe more. 😀 And besides, I’d probably do so much talking that you’d not get a word in edgewise XD XD XD I love that quote ‘introverted people often end up in the blogosphere’
        Yup! I am, under my very conspicuously favorite username. Are you in the ST BB group? If not, join please!!! How’s your verse memorizing going? How many do you have done so far?
        No it doesn’t. Rollerskating doesn’t trump rollerblading *smirk* So THERE! And you can’t say ‘no, rollerskating trumps rollerblading’ cause I came up with it first and you’d be plagiarizing. XD
        I’ll try in a little while, after we watch Sue Thomas F.B. Eye. Have you ever seen it? It’s a TV show that aired a while back and is now on DVd MY FAVORITE EVER!!! It’s about a deaf lady who reads lips and has a hearing dog and is part of the F.B.I. It’s awesome.
        ~ Light4theLord
        P.S. You’ll find out in a little while MWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!
        P.P.S. You’ll see that I posted it today. XD And it’s not because I read your comment, rather, I did it on Saturday and scheduled it for today. How funny, eh?

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      53. AHH NO YOU DON’T. You mean you won’t tell me???? *begins cajoling you* I love that word. XD *starts thinking about what I should bring for you* I should bring you–oh, never mind. *claps hand over mouth* (and no I did not just spell “mouth” as “math.” I totally would not do that).
        #actuallymymomcooks #obviously #ohyesidid #itwasdeliciousmyfamilyravedoverit #ewwwwnoihavent #doyouknowwhatimadefordinnertonight #itwasroastedfroglegswithsmokedpinkguacomoleandaspreadofblendedbarley
        Oh, really? so coollll!!!! *squeals* I dreamed about you and Katie B. once, like three years ago…I don’t even remember what it was about now… And you can find me on Google? Seriously? What did you google? *rapidly searches my name + bible bee* ahh I’m famous my name is in the Memverse forums…XD
        😀 😀 😀
        Ahh, idk. *runs nervously away* I’ll ask about that sometime. 🙂 It’s so weird because EVERY CONVERSATION I HAVE is a complete flop, but on the Internet I’m like I WANNA SAY THIS I WANNA SAY THAT and I can ramble on for a looong time with frens like you…by the way, what Myer-Briggs personality type are you? If you don’t know, go to: 😀
        Oh, yay! What’s the group called? I’m in one of them…not sure if that’s the one you’re in. I’ve memorized all of the passages except two…except they’re all so bad I can hardly say them through once. *giggles*
        IKR IT’S BEEN CRAZY RAINING OVER HERE TOO. At least it finally stopped. *relieved sigh* I LOVE THAT PHRASE “DRIVES ME BANANAS.” It’s GOLD.
        Ahahaha really??? *starts planning the video* And I’m the best at plagiarizing. Literally. If there was an occupation titled “Plagiarize,” I would EXCEL at it.
        Okay! I haven’t watched that! It sounds awesome!
        I wonder if anyone is secretly stalking our conversation here???? 😀
        Also I wonder just how many comments we’ve put on this post??? We’re literally crazy. Crazy twins.
        P.P.S. I saw it and love it. AGH I’m dying Katie is just so hilarious…*bursts into hysterics* literally. 😂😂😂😂😂

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      54. YES I DO! And I will certainly NOT tell you. Mwhahahaaaaaaaaaa.
        #youreserious #ohmygoodness #pleasetellmeyourekidding #wow.
        It happened again last night, but you were dogsitting a dog from the movie I watched yesterday. XD
        Yeah, but I found your picture. 😀 😀 😀
        Please do.. It IS on the Internet!! MWhaha! Skype uses the internet. So THERE.
        I’ll go check it out. Ten minutes later…. I’m a protagonist, evidently.
        62% Extraverted, 76% intuitive, 54% feeling, 53% judging, and 71% turbulent.
        What about you?
        It’s the one where if you go down to the bottom of the page and click on Bible Bee, there’s the ‘join group’ on that page, I think. Same here, except I can say all of them…
        IT’S SO ANNOYING! IKR?! It finally stopped raining enough for me to take a few pictures, and then guess what? The clouds covered the sun. AURGH!
        No, I think we’d tie for that. XD We really are like, totally, twins. XD XD 😀 😀 😀
        IT IS awesome!
        XD That’d be pretty hysterical….
        Over 70, I’m sure. I’m going to go count. Actually, 66 comments on here not counting this one. 😀 I was close.
        YES WE ARE!!!
        ~ Light4theLord
        P.S. Ha.
        P.P.S. I’m glad!

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      55. Grr. Fine then. *glares and huddles in corner with laptop and a good book and a slice of pie* (well that was random)
        #noimnotkidding #wellmaybeiam #hehe #imhorribleatcookingbutilovebaking #SPEAKINGOFWHICH #iwanttomakepie
        Lol, that’s crazy! XD Doggiesss!!!!!! Our neighbor has this REALLY, REALLY cute puppy whom my sisters and I got to meet a few days ago…aghhh! It was this adorable gray-and-white ball of fur and we had the time of our life taking pictures of it! I want a dog now. *sighs* But my mom doesn’t like animals in the house. Do you have any pets?
        I FEEL FAMOUS. XD *cough cough*
        Uhh…uhhh, no! Erm, Skype doesn’t use the Inter–oh, wait it does. I meant, it does not!! *cowers* *bursts out giggling at her own silliness*
        Oh, cool! I’m a Mediator (INFP-T). My percentages are around the same as you, except I’m pretty different in three of them: 63% introverted, 69% feeling, and 74% prospecting. 😀 😀 😀
        I’ll join ASAP! *confetti falls* And you’re ahead of me! *hurriedly begins memorizing* What is this with me and the asterisks. XD
        UGHHH!!! That must be really, really agonizing. Weather…it’s horrible. It completely stopped raining over here, though! 😛
        And seriously. We are totally long-lost twins. Cue the gasping. Oh wait, we don’t even look alike…well, we’re NON-IDENTICAL TWINS. (no that’s crazy Rebekah that would never happen what on earth
        😀 😀 It would…
        WHAT??? That is a lot. of. comments. Whew. Yeah.


      56. Do you really want me to leave? Fine. I’m leaving. *leaves* *comes back*
        Alright, I’m over it now. Hey, wait a second… why do YOU get the pie?!?!? *steals your pie* *licks it so you won’t take it back* *realizes you’re walking away to get another piece of pie* *runs and chases you for the entire pie*
        #youbetterbe #youveneverhadlumpiaandpansithaveyou #imadecookiesyesterdayanddidn’truinthem #reallyionlyscoopedthemoutandrolledtheminsugarandcinnamonandputthemonapanreally #didyoureadthatifsoicongratulateyou
        Yeah…. 😀 XD I don’t really like dogs… puppies, cute ones, yes. Dogs, no. I’ve had traumatic experiences (mentally).
        YES! I HAVE A PET! GUESS WHAT IT IS!!! XD XD XD a fish that has lived since a week after I last saw you. A goldfish that has lived like two and over a half years.
        XD I’m not as famous. My results are BORING.
        Maybe for just like, seven minutes? Seriously, I’ll hang up after seven minutes if you agree and don’t want to go any longer…. please?
        XD That’s funny…
        Wait a sec, where are you? I can’t find you on there! Start memorizing so that I can see you.
        YES! IT IS! But thankfully, it’s nice now. Yesterday I got the best pictures I’ve ever taken of my dolls.. no kidding.
        YES! *gasps* *gasps* *gasps* *chokes and needs the Heimlich maneuver* *gasps*
        XD That’s exactly what we are…. Hey, we kinda look alike. Same-ish hair color, skin color, and eye color…..
        YES! IT IS!
        ~ Light4theLord


      57. Wait! No! Don’t leave! *sobs* COME BACKKKKKKK….oh wait, you’re right there. never mind. Umm…because I LOVE PIE!!! *screams as you lick my piece of pie* *runs faster and licks the entire pie so YOU won’t eat it* *enjoys my pie as you glare at me seeking to get revenge* *smirks and runs off before you can tell on me*
        #whattt #icantevenreadthatdidyoumakethatuporsomething #ohthatscooliwannamakecookies #weretheysnickerdoodle #whatsyourfavoritekindofcookie #mineispeanutbutter #oranycookiereally #iacceptyourcongratulations
        Y-y-you don’t like dogs??? *checks your forehead for fever* *gives you a pill* Oh wait you like cute puppies!! Like meee!!! *retrieves the pill* But I totally understsand. When I was little, I absolutely HATED dogs. When my dad and I went on walks together, they would BARK ALL THE TIME and I would get soooo scared. So scared. But I think I grew out of that fear. After all, my art teacher has a HUGE dog (he looks like a wolf and is bigger than me). He’s still kind of scary at times, but he’s super furry and nice and big. 😀 😀 😀
        OOH THAT’S SO COOL!!! We once had fish but they only lived like, one week. 😦 That’s awesome!! Is it a goldfish?
        Aww, that’s too bad. XD BUT LET’S STUDY HARD AND WE’LL BE FAMOUS TOGETHERRRRRR. Which week of the Discovery Journal are you on? I’m on Week 5. Trying to compete with my brother but he’s right now, like, a whole week ahead…*sigh*
        Grr. ScriptureTyper has problems. I joined before, but then removed myself. And now I can’t join again. :/ *sighs and glares at ST* Can you send me an invite, please? 🙂 I think that’ll work.
        Um…okay????? I’ll ask about that once I stop procrastinating. Who’s the biggest procrastinator in your family? And what is this with me and random questions?
        Yay! And dude your photography…*is jealous* I’m losing a TON of inspiration for photo shoots. I wish stuffed animals were more versatile than dolls. *sighs* But seriously, it’s hard to get inspiration when you can’t change their clothes or do their hair. Hmph. I should make them more clothes…except I’m literally the worst crafter in the world. 😂😂😂 Honestly, I sometimes slave for a loooong time over something and have to throw it away because it’s too messy. 😂😂😂 Were those pictures the ones in the “Never Apart” photo shoot?
        NOOO L4TL DON’T DIE ON MEEEEE. *sobs* I NEED YOUUUUU. *frantically consults First Aid book and does the Heimlich Manuever* *checks your pulse*
        Uhh…yeah. Same-ishhhh???? XD
        ANOTHER RANDOM QUESTION (cuz I’m weird): Do you happen to like gardening?


      58. XD XD I’m here, I’m here. XD HEY! *starts crying*
        #nope #iateitlastsaturday #metoobutwerealreadyhavingritzchickencasserolewhichislikesoamazing #nojoke #yes #mineishomemadechocolatechipcookiesstraightfromtheoven #youknowwhatisanevenbetterdessert #chocolatechipcookiedoughcupcakeswithrolosinthemiddleandicecream #orcheesecakewithrealfrozencherriesandrolosandchocolatechipsandyeah #delicious
        I have a ton of stuffed dogs, I just don’t like big dogs. One time I was minding my own business in my yard, and my siblings and I were playing and all of a sudden my brother yelled, “DOZER!” (yes, the name of a really mean dog that lives next door that had already terrorized us before) and I thought he was kidding until the huge dog starting growling and chasing me. I was in boots and nearly twisted my ankle running. I didn’t stop crying for like, fifteen minutes. When I was super little (like, three or four) I was checking the mail with my older sister and this dog growled at us and trapped us up against the mailbox. And then that other time, I was rollerblading (waaaay best) with my brothers down the hill in our neighborhood and all of a sudden this huge dog literally runs out of some random neighbor’s garage and is running top speed. I panicked and started skating away. And once the owner slowly gets her dog, she’s like, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were out here. He wouldn’t hurt you, he likes kids.” And I’m trying to be polite, and I’m more like (in my head), “Uh, NO. Not ever happening. You should’ve checked before letting your dog lose like a maniac. I’m SO sure he loves kids. I don’t love dogs. GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!” And I’m just standing there in the middle of the road crying. Yeah.
        Anyways, yeah.
        yeah, well….
        XD XD Yeah, I got three fish that time, one died in two weeks, one in two months, and then there’s one still alive! Yes, just a goldfish from Walmart! 😀
        YES! Well, you’re already famous. XD Seriously, how could anyone forget you winning? 🙂 Um… finishing up four? *sheepish* But I perfected all of my passages!
        NOOOO! I’ll invite you ASAP, if I can.
        Yes! Thank you!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Ask, please! Pretty, pretty please with peanut butter cookies on top? *sends you virtual chocolate*
        Me. XD
        Aw, thanks. You could always get mini dolls…. 🙂 Yeah, making clothes is hard… unless you use baby clothes. I went to Goodwill today and got a cache. 🙂 Nope, not those. But they’re coming up soon! They’re even more favoritest of mine than those!!! 😀 😀
        XD XD I’m alive. 😀
        Yes! Well, ACTUALLY since I haven’t seen you and so far you haven’t asked about SKYPING then I wouldn’t know how much or how little we look like each other.
        Only when it’s not hot and dirty. XD XD XD XD XD
        Okay, so did I ever tell you about my terrifying tarantula in the salad dream? Well, yeah. I dreamed I was eating salad (it’s related to gardening, not like I EVER go off on rabbit trails… ’cause rabbits eat salad! XD XD ) and there was a tarantula in it. *gags*
        So we’re in the car yesterday and were having salads from CFA and guess what? There was a spider on the lettuce. AUGH! YUCK NASTY AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! EWWWWW! SO AWFUL!
        ~ Light4therLord

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      59. Okay then! *sighs and cuts you a slice from the pie I didn’t eat* *sighs some more* *glares as you as I eat my pie*
        #oohawesome #ohmygoodnessthatsoundsamazing #yayforsnickerdoodle #ohilovechocolatechiptoo #heavenly #ohmygoodnessssss #ineedthatsobad
        #especially the cookie dough cupcakes #eventhoughialreadyatedinner #hehe
        Did I mention that I have the exact same stuffed dog you featured in SOS??? The cute brown one with dark brown splotches??? Okay, I’m horrible at explaning. But anyways, I have it somewhere in the back of our closet…I don’t feature it on Stuffie Adventures…I kinda want to but there’s wayyyy too many already…that got off topic…
        OH MY GOODNESS THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE. *runs and throws a rock in Dozer’s direction* I FEEL YOUUU. Luckily, there’s no mean dogs around here, but my oldest sister was out running once and chanced upon this HUGE UNLEASHED MEAN DOG. Grrr. Awful…AND OF COURSE HE LIKES KIDS. Like obviously. 😂😂😂 What if we continued chatting here until we got 500 comments and then put them on into a book and published it?? That’d be pretty hysterical…XD
        Fishies!!! (and that was totally correct grammar). I love fishiess!!!! Now I want one…hmph.
        Uh, yeah, I guess so. XD *is awkward* But that was wayyyy back in 2014. 😀 😀 😀 Oh, okay! I’m stuck on Day 3 of 5 and so that’s why I’m wasting my time chatting with you! 😛
        Well, okay then! I shall. 🙂 *accepts the chocolate* *eats the chocolate*
        XDDDDD. Seriously??? Mine is probably…me. Oh wait, no, my sis. The way she procrastinates until the very last minute and yet manages to get everything done…whew. It’s mindblowing. XD
        You’re welcome! And oh, yeah!! Mini dolls are soooo cute! It is! But guess what??? *is excited beyond human measure* WE’RE GOING TO GOODWILL TOMORROW!!!! EEKKKK!!!!! *starts screaming* I ❤ GOODWILL!!! XD
        Well, I await the photos with pleasure. 🙂 And meanwhile, I need to start planning for Stuffie Takeover Week…and writing out my 100 followers photostory. I'm in a tangle because I don't want to hit 100 followers during Stuffie Takeover Week because then I'll have to either cancel a post or post twice in a day…but at this rate that is totally going to happen. XD But ahhh I'm so excited!!! Though I don't even deserve them. At all. 😛
        I was just forming a conspiracy about how we were secretly evil mind twins/long lost sisters. xP I guess my imagination can go wacko sometimes…and hahahhaha!!! I don't really remember what you look like either…*sigh*
        And yeah…I'm still sweating from when I went out and picked seven tomatoes today. 🙂
        NO YOU DID NOT TELL ME. THAT'S GROSS. TOTALLY GROSS. And you never go off on rabbit trails! At all! And neither do I! XD You crack me up. I would say I hate spiders, but hate is a strong word…I guess I'll say I very strongly detest spiders?? 😉
        YUCKY!!!! NASTY!!!! EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! What is this with you and your spider/dog stories 😂😂😂😂😂
        HEY I HAVE AN IDEA!!! WE SHOULD DO A COLLAB SOMEDAY!!! What about…Writerly Struggles With Samantha And Cupcake? XD
        ANOTHER RANDOM QUESTION: Favorite color? Oh wait I think you told me before…turquoise and gold? Of course, though, that was three years ago. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      60. Thank you! *gobbles up pie*
        #yes #yesitis #hoorah #yeswhodoesnt #amazing #yesyesyesmetoometoo #ijusthadfrozencherriesohmygoodnesssososososogood #thoseareamazing #ihadthemformybirthdayonce #emailmeyourbirthday
        Oh cool!! I know exactly which one you’re talking about!!! 😀
        IT WAS TERRIBLE! Thank you. I appreciate your viciousness. Ugh.
        A BOOK! THAt’S BRILLIANT! XD XD XD XD I LOVE that!!!!!!
        Fishes is actually the term for several of DIFFERENT kinds of fish, and fish can be one or more of the same kind.
        XD XD
        Seriously?!?!?!? I’m so behind.
        XD IKR?!?!?!
        They are! YESSSSSS GO GOODWILL!!! DId you find anything awesomely amazing?
        😀 It’ll be soon. Congrats on almost 100! I wish I could have that many. *sighs in despair* I’m only at 23. *sobs*
        Yes! you certainly deserve them!!!
        XD That’s sounds so perfect! It’s so sad. I only remember you slightly, and then from the pictures. And I don’t look anything like my old BB pics.
        Ewwwwwwwwww…. XD Seven tomatoes.
        YES! YES! IT’S TERRIBLE! HORRIBLE! GROSS! SO NASTY! But guess what? I um… ate the rest of the salad (not the spider, just the rest of the salad). I had to do it with my eyes closed or I’d lose my resolve. I figured that if I wanted to be a missionary to another country, I’d probably end up eating some kind of insect anyways.
        YES! WOW! Are you serious? Wow. Yes, it’s still turquoise, and gold, and yeah. Wow.
        ~ Light4theLolrd


      61. You’re welcome! *finishes pie and throws dish in the sink*
        #hoorayyyyyyy #ohmygoodnessfrozencherriesarelegitthebestthingsintheworld #likeseriously #likewhy #likeineed #likeiusewaytoomanylikes #butohwellilikethewordlike #oohcoolio #hmmsorryicantdothat 😦
        Yes!! The stuffed dog in the bottom picture of the Save Our Shelter header collage. 😀
        I just went to our Bible Bee host group’s camp-out! It kinda forced me to perfect my verses…hehe. XD It was sooo much fun! Have you ever done jumpseat quizzing?
        GOODWILL!!!! We should start like, a parade in honor of Goodwill or something. Honestly. And yes I did! My sister and I went to the baby section and picked out a shirt and a onesie that fits Polby + Dwuff. They’re so awesomely cute!! I am totally doing a photo shoot of them, soon. AND NEVER MIND THE MINI DOLLS I GOT INSPIRATION FOR PHOTO SHOOTS AGAIN!! *jumps up and down*
        Thanks! *sighs with you* Hey, we should like, switch or something. XD LIKE I’M HERE WITH 100 AND I’VE BEEN BLOGGING WITH AWFUL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR LIKE FOUR MONTHS. AND HERE ARE YOU WITH YOUR MARVELLIFIC DOLL POWERS FOR YEARS WITH 23. Why does today favor all caps rants? I don’t know. Hmph.
        It does! And me neither! Hopefully we can Skype sometime…well at least we’ll get to meet at Nationals!! *squeals*
        Wait. Wow. You ate the salad? Nice job. And ooh, you wanna be a missionary? I kinda want to be a filmmaker and shoot Bible documentaries or something. AND THEN WE COULD PARTNER AND BECOME THE “WHATEVER ENDEAVOR MISSIONS!!!!” I told you today favored all caps rants. And random wonky imaginations. And weird mission names.
        Yes! I’m serious! XD Turquoise and gold are awesome. I like those…and also pale pink. 🙂 And purple and blue and mint green and…
        Okay I promise this is the last random question (maybe): What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
        ~Rebekah ❤


      62. #crashbangyouch #carelessyoubustedthedish #YESTHEYARE #DOYOUSERIOUSLIYLOVETHEMTOO #mewantssomenow #whyareyoumakingthissohardforme #youhashtagwhatiwantandcanthave #youresomean #justkidding #kinda XD #okay
        Yup! I guessed it was that one!! 🙂
        XD XD
        Well, excuse you, I’m a writer. And um, when I was little I also wanted to be a marine biologist. Hehe. Anywaaays…. WHAT?! YOU DARE DEFY MY COMMANDS?!?!!? 😀
        Fun! Yeah, well… no, I haven’t. What exactly is it?
        YES! I found even more stuff when we went on our trip. Speaking of which, sorry for the like, ten day reply delay. Hehe. I have an excuse (ahem, reason) ’cause we were on vacation. 🙂 Now we’re not. BUT MY BLOGIVERSARY IS TOMORROW! YAY!
        Hey, your photography is AMAZING! I’m coming up with an idea on how to force all the WP followers to make a Blogger or G+ account. So there. XD
        Yes! So like, have you asked? Ha. YES! ONLY LIKE, UM… four more months. *cries in despair* That is, if I make it.
        Yes, I ate the salad. However, I’ve somehow avoided them since. XD Yes, a missionary doctor with my pilot’s license and a camera and a journal. See? Oh, and I want to be a mom and work with kids. How’s that? Oh, and if I get a chance to, it’d be really cool to work at the AG store while I get my degree(s). YES! WE SHOULD! YES! YES!
        Aren’t they?!?!?!? literally the best.
        I don’t mind random questions. Ooooooh. Um… clogging up the sink strainer before I have to wash dishes? That’s annoying. Or teasing me about my fish. Or playing music off key. Or folding clothes wrong. Or not saving documents on the computer. That’s really annoying. What about you?
        ~ Light4theLord

        Liked by 1 person

      63. #hehewhoops *grabs towel and swipes all the broken pieces of glass precariously into the trashcan*
        #yesilovethem #metoo #iloveallfrozenfruit #andyesiamcruel #letssee #fluffyspongecakewithstrawberryfrostingandchocolatecurlsontop #cookiedoughcupcakesstuffedwithrolos #cheesydoublestuffedpizzawitholivesandpepperoni #fluffydonutsstuffedwithcreamandwithachocolateglaze #icecreamsundaetoppedwithtoastedpecansandmeltedchocolate #cheryminipiesburstingwithjuice #cinnamonyfreshlybakedappletarts #speakingofappletartselizabethjustmadethemyesterday #soooogoood
        Well, you guessed right! Oh, right. You’re a writer. When I was little, I wanted to be a scientist…hehe. Now, as I feel like shredding my 5000-page General Science book, I wonder how on earth I could have wished that. I can’t STAND thick books!! Can you??? I DARE MANY THINGS.
        Oh, jumpseat quizzing is so much fun! It’s basically an electronic device where there’s these weird panels of wood strung together. So you place each panel onto each chair, and then each person sits on one of them. The quizmaster asks a question, and whoever jumps up first (the device can track who’s not sitting on the panel) get to answer the question. Basically.
        Oh, wow! You were on vacation? Exciting! AND HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY DOLLS N’ ALL!!!!!!! *confetti falls* YAY!! YAY!!! YAY!!!!
        Uh, no. Just no. *sobs* I can’t get good photos ads;kfjallaskjsd. And YES. They should all get Blogger accounts. Totally. Hehe, I might do that. Speaking of which, I have a question about Blogger followers. Is the number of followers people display in the sidebar widget Blogger followers or email subscribers? Some blogs (A Doll’s Life, Caught Daydreaming) only display so and so number in their sidebar widget, but they just announced their total number, which is wayyyy more. Just wondering. 😉
        Haha, no. Not yet. My parents are actually out of town right now. XD But they’re coming back on Wednesday wooooooo! Four more months? Yes, if I make it. *sobs* I can’t believe the test is in, literally less than two weeks. I LITERALLY HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED STUDYING AAHHHHH!!!
        XD XD XD. I like salads with lettuce, but if it contains any amount of spinach or “herbies,” yuck. 😀
        And ooh, fun! I like kids, too. 😉 Working at the AG store would be awesome! I kinda want to work at Trader Joes (sooo kid friendly!) while I get my degree(s), and then I want to be a filmmaker and do those kinds of curriculums in the forms of videos. Fun, no? But ew, not about math, please. *gags* But oh, it’d be cool to be a Tasty producer! Do you know what that is? It’s BuzzFeed’s food channel. 🙂 And yes!! We should totally be business partners…
        I don’t mind them either. Oh, those are all so annoying. Mine would probably be…when I’m already half-asleep and then somebody comes in and opens the light. Ughh. Or when people get annoyed at ME for scootching my chair against the floor or accidentally making a loud bang while taking dishes out of the sink. Oh, no, the biggest one is when people tell me to go somewhere or do something when I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING AKJL :KSDJFF.
        Rant over. Next random question to come: What’s your dream bedroom?

        Liked by 1 person

      64. #laughsatyourcalamity #youknowyoureinbbwhenyouknowwhatcalamitymeansfromabbpassage
        #stop #STOP! #JUSTSTOPYOUREMAKINGMEHUNGRYYYYYYYYYY #pizzaohivebeenwantingpizza #cherryminipieslikefordolls?!?!?!?! JUST STOP!
        Ha. 5,000 pages? Seriously? My worst ones are like, 800. XD If they’re school books, I abhor them. If they’re just fun reading books (like Chuck Black’s Wars of the Realms books AHHHH I LOVE THOSE BOOKS SO MUCH #bestbooksever) then I love them.
        Oh, cool! That sounds fun!!!
        Yes! It was awesome! THANK YOU!!!! *loves confetti*
        Stop. Just. stop. YOUR PHOTOS ARE INCREDIBLE!! Stop making yourself think you’re horrible. You’re not. YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!!
        It’s followers. For Blogger subscribers, you have to go all around the merry go round to find the stats. Very annoying.
        Okay, FINE. If you DON’T want to SKYPE with me, I’m INSULTED. But FINE. HAVE it YOUR way, stubborn Miss Rebekah. XD XD STUDY! I NEED TO SEE YOU!!!!
        That too. Spinach *shudders*
        😉 Sometimes I prefer hanging out with the little kids at our church rather than the girls my age. XD XD Also, if I’d rather not be in class while they’re discussing something I don’t really want to know, then I can just ask my sister to ask me to come help her in her 2 & 3 year old class. 🙂
        WOULDN’T IT?!?! I WOULD LOVE TO WORK AT AG! We don’t have a TJ here. 😦 😦 😦 Not math? Not Algebra? XD Oh, that does sound fun! I’ll eat just about anything (fish eggs (that was a bad idea), bittermelon, weird Filipino food at a lunch). Speaking of food, I get PIZZA AND MY FAVORITE KIND AND PADDLEBOARDING EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I IS SO EXCITED!!!!! ME IS VERY VERY VERY HAPPY! And it’s on Friday. A Filipino friend invited us to their huge house (they live on a lake) for dinner (Hawaiian pizza, huzzah!) and paddleboarding (ohmygoodness have you gone paddleboarding? It’s like so incredible and so amazing it’s not even like, real)
        XD Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…… well…..I’d want a window seat (I’ve always wanted one of those), a desk like the one I have, and EVERYTHING WOULD BE TURQUOISE. Yes. And the accent color would either be gold or gray. A chevron bedcover… a really big closet…. AND PLENTY OF SPACE FOR MY DOLLS WITH GOOD LIGHTING. Ohohohoh, no. Scratch the desk and chevron bed. LOFT BED!!! I guess I could still have the desk I have right now though (it’s like Madi’s, except with shelves on the side above the drawers and an extra one about the chair) and a chevron bedcover. Yeah, let’s go with that. What else? Hm…. bookshelves full of my favorite books….
        What about you?
        Ooh, my turn. What is your very least favorite food?
        ~ LIght4theLord


      65. #glaresatyou #yes #letsthinkofmore #youknowyoureinbbwhenyousuddenlyrealizethetestislikejustoneweekawayandyourelikeahhhhhhhhh #didyoureadthat
        #no #NO! #WHYWOULDIDOTHATIMCRUEL #yummypizza #andyeslikefordollsthatsexactlywhatimeant #theywouldlookgreatinaphotostoryhaha #timeforsomemoreagony #chickenparmesansliderswithpeppersandtomatoes #fudgyandgooeydarkchocolatebrowniesstuffedwithmarshmallowfluff #burritostuffedwithsteakandbeanswithcheeseoozingout #skilletchocolatechipcookiestuffedwithnutellawithcreamyvanillaicecream #andletsthrowinanotherminiskilletchocolatechipcookiefordollsjustincase
        Hehe, not really. It’s actually only…500 something pages. I’m an amazing exaggerator. YES I AGREE!!! I can’t stand ANY books with thick binding and small print, but if they’re novels, I forgive them. I ❤ fiction! Except…I can never write it. I'm still on Chapter 4 of my first novel. Well at least I didn't delete the draft like I always do?? Wish me luck. Also I need to check out whatever those Wars Of The Realms books are. 😛
        Those family pictures you took are amazing! And…okay then. Some of my photos are good, some are bad. Just like anybody else. Does that suit you? Huh?
        Oh, all right. XD Counting Blogger subscribers…it must be annoying.
        NO YOU GOT ME WRONG I DO WANT TOOOO SKYPEEE. I promise. I'll do it sometime. And then I shall get Skype-fright and fall over. But who cares?? I get to see you??? ALRIGHT I SHALL STUDY. *studies frantically* *falls over in a puddle of crumpled up sheets of cross-references*
        Lol, really? Little kids don't seem to like me. At all. Whenever Elizabeth and I are together, it's ALWAYS Elizabeth that they go to. Same with dogs. And I'm here like okay?? Fine?? 😀 That sounds like fun! Is your sister, like, a volunteer or what?
        YESS!!!! And nooo that is way to bad. 😦 TJ is where we get frozen fruit and chocolate. The two best things in the universe. 😛 No, not math, never math!! I'll eat just about anything too, except one thing. I was just going to tell you what, but I suppose I'll answer it in that random question you gave me at the end. What fish eggs are so good! I'm partial to bittermelon, but I'll eat it anytime. Just like onions.
        PIZZA AND PADDLEBOARDING??? SERIOUSLY??? TODAY??? I WANNA GO WITH YOU AND SEE THE LAKE. It would be cool to live on a lake…no, I have not gone paddleboarding! What is it? I've gone kayaking, though. Funnest thing ever eekkkkkkkkkkkkk!! I like that phrase. "So amazing that it's not even real." I need to use it sometime…
        YES MY SISTER OPENS THE LIGHT TOO. Well, sometimes. Other times we either go to sleep at the same time or she's gracious enough to spare me. Hmph. OH I LOVE YOUR DREAM BEDROOM!!! I love Madi's desk, too. 🙂
        The theme would be light pink and gold. The wallpaper would have watercolor swashes of pink and gold, and YES LOFT BED!! It would be a beautiful white wooden loft bed with a fluffy pink blanket and those huge white pillows you find at hotels which are so soft, they're unreal. Underneath would be a desk just like Madi's, with a pretty flowery lamp, my laptop, my notebooks and things, my school books, and all my trinkets. There would be a huge dresser where I can put all my clothes, and a small closet for sweaters and stuff. And a couple low bookshelves stacked with books. Also, a secret sound system and a secret passage so my sister and I can chat. XD And the remaining part of the remaining wall would be filled with my stuffed animal home (a.k.a. complex of boxes). With studio lights. 🙂
        MY VERY LEAST FAVORITE FOOD IS GOAT MILK. Or goat cheese. Or goat yogurt. Or any goat dairy product. *gags* I can eat literally ANYTHING else (yes, I think I can bear raw asparagus)…but that. Honestly. It's horrible. And you?

        Liked by 1 person

      66. #smirks #laughssomemore #nooooooo #yessss #delicious #stop #ohsogood #imhungryagain #stooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
        You ARE an exaggerator, aren’t you?! YES! Why can’t you write it? Fiction is waaay easy. 🙂 Have I already let you read TLH and Journey to Fort Kenera?
        Thanks! I had fun (minus the mosquitoes and ants) Alright. That works.
        Aw, poor you. 😦 Yeah, she teaches just as yeah….
        We have Aldi. Um. Yeah. FROZEN FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE ARE THE BEST THINGS! you sound like a chanter/ranter. Math is okay. Fish eggs cooked fancy, maybe. My dad just fried (XD XD I just typed friend) a fish a friend had caught and let me eat a spoonful of the eggs. Nasy, horrible, and grainy. Onions, eh.
        AUGH my sister did that today when I was trying to take a nap after church ’cause we were up too late competing on who could find the stuff first in our brother’s I Spy book. XD XD Such kids. 🙂 😀
        Seriously? Goat products? Heh. That’s funny. Umm…. Idunno….
        Alright, another question: HAVEY OU ALREADY ASKED ABOUT SKYPE HURRY UP REBEKAH!!!!!
        ~ LIght4theLord


      67. First of all, er, the late response. Yeah. To explain, I’m such a procrastinator I even procrastinate REPLYING TO COMMENTS. What am I doing with my life.
        #doyouknowwhaticravemostrightnow #milkshake #yesyouheardthatright #ayummyyummymilkshake #okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy #illstop #butiwillnotstopcravingamilkshake #oricecream #likestrawberryicecreaminawafflecone #yessssss
        Um, I just can’t write fiction. I just can’t write anything. I JUST CAN’T DO ANYTHING. << okay, maybe that was a tad exaggerated. Yup, you have! TLH and Journey to Fort Kernera are amazing…HOWWWWWWWWWWW. *wails*
        I DID I DID BUT I DON'T THINK I'M ALLOWED *sobs* Oh well. Only, like, three months till we see each other, right? Speaking of which, how's BB going? THE TEST IS LITERALLY IN LIKE FIVE DAYS. What am I doing?? What am I doing??? Aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh, okay! YAY FOR FROZEN FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE. Can I make you jealous again? I'm assuming you said yes. My mom bought like two colossal buckets of cherries from a farmer. And by that I mean, more cherries than the world itself can contain. They're like, cooked, I think, so we took out the juice, put it into separate jars, and FROZE THE CHERRIES. AHHH. FROZEN CHERRIESSSSSSSSS. But we don't have chocolate. 😦
        I DO sound like a ranter! Chanting/ranting is something I'm best at. Math is not okay, at all…well, maybe it is, but you know the only reason I say math is okay? Because my textbook IS THIN. Not like a 900 page science book! I love thin books. XD Ooh, yummy fish! Seriously? Okay, maybe not all fish eggs taste good. Ugh.
        XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 😀 😀 😀 That's absolutely hilarious! I would definitely be that guy…yes, I do need to go paddleboarding! *adds it to mental bucket list* Sounds like fun.
        Grr. #sistertroubles I know, such kids. My sister and I made up a game. We usually play 20 Questions with our brother, but we thought of a new game: Guess the Stuffie! It's basically, one person thinks of a stuffie. You have to ask 5 questions which include scenarios (e.g. Would this stuffie willingly wash the dishes?) and the other person has to answer yes/no. At the end you have to guess which stuffie it is! It's quite fun 🙂
        It's not funny. At least we don't eat goat products very often…
        YES YOU KNOW I HAVE… 😦 😦 😦 I get to ask a question now! Hmmm.. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?


        We should write a book together. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fun and it’s breezy (sorry, random animaniacs reference)!
        I’m not joking. You do a chapter from your character’s POV, and then I continue the story with my character’s POV. Also, wanna link to the short story I reference in my last comment? I’ll give it to you anyways, even if you’ve already readit. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      69. Wow. Just wow.
        That is so brilliant.
        Just beware, because my chapters are going to all be so horrible and yours all so good that you’ll die and not want to continue writing because you can’t stand looking at my cringy writing.
        Oh, thank you! *furiously reads*

        Liked by 1 person

      70. THANK YOU! *bows* Okay, so what should it be about? Who is your character? What time period? What’s the plot? Who is my character?
        I loved your story when we did our war! You’ll be great!
        Hope you like it! Lemme know what you think.

        Liked by 1 person

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