Dwuff’s Guide To Taking Study Breaks

Hey guys! It’s the awesomest stuffie ever, Truffle McFluffy! Currently, I have a ton of school to do (*gulps*) Sometimes one just needs a refresh and a recharge, so I thought I’d give you guys some of my top favorite ways to relax after some serious cramming!

(A few of these were adapted from this post 😉 ).

1.  Take a short nap


Honestly, this is one of the best and least energy-consuming ways to recharge! A short nap will relax you, ease sleeplessness, relieve stress, and maybe even help you recall some things you learned, too!

2. Listen to music


Turn on some nice background music on your phone as you study, or just close your eyes and do some stretching while it plays.



Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to some calming Alpha Waves music. 😛

3. Hang Out With Your Buddies


Even if your sisters drag you out to the mall. *sigh* Or if your brother wants you to record your his guitar piece, and you’re trying to check your email at the same time…

*sighs again*


But oh well, it’s a great way to get your mind off studying, do something fun, and relieve some stress! wait I wouldn’t count out the stress…

4. Eat A SNACK (or two, or three)



This one is pretty self-explanatory, thinks me.

5. Go Outside


This one is one of my favorites! Relax outside on the porch, go for a run, roller skate, play tennis with your friends, or if you’re super cool like me, ride on a skateboard.

Well ain’t I cool.


Although you’ll probably end up being so sleepy you’ll fall off.

Well ain’t I really cool.

Anyways, that’s all! Hope you enjoy these Truffle Tips and Truffle Tricks to success!

*runs off to study for test* *swipes a brownie from the kitchen counter* *opens textbook* *promptly drops asleep*




17 thoughts on “Dwuff’s Guide To Taking Study Breaks

    1. Haha, thank you! Your comment made me laugh so hard…YES SNACKS. Chocolate…chocolate…chocolate…*stuffs mouth full of chocolate*….*gets stomachache*…*eats even more chocolate*…fellow chocolate fan here. XD

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