5 Polby-Themed Inspirational Boards {Polby’s Birthday Special}


Huwo from Polby! Guess what today is? Not just Make-It-Yourself Monday, not just the first day of May…today’s my birthday!

So instead of a birthday photo shoot, I thought of a more creative idea while I was munching leftover birthday cookies from my little celebration: inspirational boards which you can easily use as desktop backgrounds, or printed as posters to hang up in your room!


To make an image your desktop background, just right click on the image and click “Save image as.” That will upload it to your computer. Then go to File Explorer, find the folder in which you saved it to, right click on it again, and it should have the option “Set as desktop background.” Click that and you’re all set!

Or copy paste it into a Word document, resize it as you like, and print it as a poster!


Are you wondering what these mysterious items beside me are? They’re a few of my favorite birthday presents!


This one’s a jump rope! Isn’t it darling?


This is a rather charming game called Right Turn Left Turn! I can’t wait to play it with my family!


And my personal favorite – a new sketchpad! It’s perfect for all my drawings, and great quality paper, too!

Anyways, you just came here for the inspirational boards, right? Here goes:






Which one did you like the best?



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