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Make-It-Yourself Monday: DIY Stuffie Calendar

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not Monday yet. But hey, we’ve got something special planned out tomorrow for Polby’s b–*claps hand over mouth* And since posting twice in a day bugs me…happy Make-It-Yourself Sunday Monday!

Today we’re back with a super quick and easy craft: a DIY Stuffie Calendar! To make this craft, you’ll need this free printable that I customized, or if it doesn’t suit your tastes, make your own in a heartbeat at Time And Date (basic version or advanced version)! Be sure to preview before you print, really important in terms of how big you want the calendar to be. Let’s get started, shall we?

Don’t worry, my indoor photography is going to get better…hopefully.

You will need:

*Staplers can be hard to handle when you think of such tiny sheets you’ll need to fasten together, but then tape, like we used, will take a long time; you’ll need to tape every single sheet. On the other hand, glue can be messy and unreliable. It’s totally up to you!



First, print out the calendar.

Cut out all the little months with a scissors.


Stack them up.


Staple, tape, or glue the sheets together. 


Use extra paper of your choice (we used plain white cardstock) to make a front and back cover.


And finally, personalize!


As you can see, there is a little space in every month for notes and events.


You may or may not wish to attach the “Holidays” section to the bottom.

Now you have a wonderful little calendar which you can hang up in your doll/stuffie room! 

If you make this craft, I’d be so happy if you sent a picture of it to me through this Contact page. Bye for now!



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