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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~

The week passed by with only a few incidents. Ranch replaced a can of vanilla ice cream with ice, Cocoa dyed the water on the kitchen table green, Kenzie had taped the remote sensor shut, and Baby snuck strawberry jello into a juice cup.

But then came the one thing that would end Prank Wars 2017 once and for all.

(Baby’s POV)


I blinked my eyes open. It was early morning: cold, bleak, and dark. A new day, like a new page to write on. Besides me, Hummus and Toto were peacefully sleeping under our blanket in our in-construction stuffie room.


I knew I’d have to get some stretching in before going to my early morning pilates class, so I sat up in bed…


…and tiptoed across so I wouldn’t disturb all the sleepers.


It was then that I tripped on something, and water spilled everywhere.


“What on earth?!” I exclaimed, falling backwards onto the bed.


“You okay, bro?” came Hummus’s cheerful voice as he sat up in bed.


“Turn on the light. I think I tripped on something,” was my response.


“Here…” Hummus mused as he fumbled for the light switch. “Oh, there we go!”


The light was flicked on, and we immediately started. For the entire floor of the bedroom was covered with paper cups.

All filled to the very brimming top with water.


“What is this?” I was confused.

“Some prank of some sort, probably,” Hummus observed.

“What’s up?” came Strawberry’s sweet lisp as she climbed down the bunk bed ladder.


“Don’t move,” Kenzie instructed.


“Whoa,” Woot-Woot stood straight up, still in his sleeping bag. “How are we supposed to get rid of that?”


“Why, we’re going to clean it, of course!” Hummus groaned, but there was a twinkle of mirth in his eye.


Fifteen minutes later, every cup had been emptied and stacked in the middle of the room.


“Where’s Cornell?” Vanilla was the first to ask.


“Probably still sleeping,” Baby answered. “Can you go check on him, Toto?”


Toto went off quickly.


He entered one step into the living room and shrieked.



Because the living room was covered with the paper cups, too. 


“Whoa, okay, this is crazy,” Hummus shook his head.


“It’s in the kitchen, too,” Mimsy groaned. “It’s in all the rooms.”


“More work it is.”


Thirty minutes later, every single cup had been stacked into a large and messy pile in the middle of the room.


“So the question is, who did this?” Woot-Woot asked.

“Hmm…couldn’t it have been Huggies? I heard him banging around long after I went to sleep…”

“No, it was probably Dwuff, he..”

“Or it might be someone here right now…I suspect Baby…”


In the midst of this debate, Bera-Bera slipped into the crowd.


“Bera-Bera!” Hummus exclaimed.

“What?” came Bera-Bera’s innocent laughter. “I had to end this war. It was getting pretty long, you know. I like prank wars, but only the short, epic ones. Not the ones that last weeks.”

“Weren’t those cups absolutely epic?” Bera-Bera continued as he sauntered over to the bin. “It took me almost an hour while you guys were asleep.

“I can see.” Hummus rolled his eyes.


“Well, I guess that calls off Prank Wars for this year,” Mimsy observed.

“Luckily, I’m still champ.”


“Oh, no, wait a minute,” Baby smirked.


Bera-Bera turned to face him as he continued.

“You forget, genius, that there’s always next year.”

Just as Bera-Bera was going to fire a retort, though, a loud snore was heard coming from the living room.


Mimsy shook her head. “I have no idea how Cornell slept through all of this.”



I actually plugged in a lamp so it would kind of have the early morning “yellowish light” feel.


Only seven or eight of the paper cups were actually filled.


The wall, the table, and both dolls decide to fall over in the middle of my filming…


A good way to transport stuffies between our room and their room in the basement. 😉


As for a bunch of paper cups, a plate does just fine!


And of course I lose my balance and the cups decide to tip. #sigh


So that’s the end of it! We hope you enjoyed this series! There may or may not be a Season 2, coming next year! Or perhaps Bera-Bera will have his wish with the “short and epic” war. 😉 Hmm, we’ll see!


10 thoughts on “Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~


    Smiling is infectious,
    you catch it like the flu,
    When someone smiled at me today,
    I started smiling too.
    I passed around the corner
    and someone saw my grin.
    When he smiled I realized
    I’d passed it on to him.
    I thought about that smile,
    then I realized its worth.
    A single smile, just like mine
    could travel round the earth.
    So, if you feel a smile begin,
    don’t leave it undetected.
    Let’s start an epidemic quick,
    and get the world infected!

    Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

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