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Pawbears On The Porch {Huggies And Toto’s B-Day Photoshoot}


Hello, everyone! It’s your host Huggies here! My birthday happened on the 12th, and Toto’s was today! Although we each had separate celebrations, we decided to combine our photo shoots into one big photo smash!


And we took these (mostly) on the porch, too! It was fun to play around with different backgrounds and poses!


Hmm…I suppose I’m getting boring. How about I share a few tidbits as I show you these photos?


First of all, did you have a good Easter yesterday? My family and I sure did! We went to a beautiful Easter service at the Stuffie Church in the morning and us older ones volunteered at the church’s Easter egg hunt while the littles hunted for them. We even dyed eggs afterwards! All that had us all exhausted and famished–so we decided to sit down to a (big) Easter dinner earlier than expected. 😉


We here at Stuffie Adventures hope you had a very happy Easter, too!


Anyways, now time for a few announcements. Don’t you just love that picture, by the way?


First of all, Prank Wars! The fourth episode comes April 19, I hope you all are as excited as we are!


Second of all…oh wait. That’s the only announcement. I suppose then that I get to ramble now!


My birthday celebration was on the 12th. I suppose you want to know my favorite present…I can’t decide, but one of my favorites was a set of homemade mixes that Kenzie and Brookie collaborated to give me. It was a set of five: a brownie mix, a chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar, a pancake mix, a muffin mix, and a scone mix, too! I love baking with ease without all the unhealthiness of the boxed mixes, so I love them so much!


I suppose you don’t want to hear me talk on about my new springform pan and my new set of massaging creams, so moving on.


Toto had his celebration just today, and I’m pretty sure the light-up handled shark-decorated blue toothbrush I gave him was his favorite. 😀 He also absolutely adored this picture book which Cupcake wrote and Mimsy and Tilly illustrated. However, you’ll have to wait till the next post starring the Terrible Trio to hear all about that.*evil laugh*


Both of us love this shot so much! ❤


And this one, too!


Aww! ❤ ❤ ❤




Ooh, this one is pretty…except it’s too bright. 😉


I really need to figure out more ways to caption these photos except “I like this one.” Hmm…*does research*








Okay, I’ll stop. Those words are quite interesting though, aren’t they?


Best. Picture. Ever.

The landscaping isn’t done yet in our new yard, but there’s some pretty weeds flowers growing out!


Profile picture, perhaps?

Perhaps not, considering how much Rebcake likes the current one. 😀


Our paws were where Toto and I got our last name, in case you were wondering. Evie was making our adoption certificate while trying to decide a last name for us…and our feet were so adorable in her opinion that she wanted to name us after them…Pawbear.


Toto’s trying to look like an F.B.I. agent in this picture. 😀


Yep! So that wraps up all the news and all the pictures…except that Rebcake has finally figured out the secret to resizing photos because of this post and is literally raving over how fast the pictures load now and how little storage is used.

In fact, she’s doing it right now. *sigh*


Don’t forget to wish Toto a happy birthday (and me a belated happy birthday) in the comments below! Have a great day!




11 thoughts on “Pawbears On The Porch {Huggies And Toto’s B-Day Photoshoot}

  1. Hahaha! I thought that was funny when you started using those describing words!
    Great photoshoot! Huggies’ paws are very cute. I really like the picture above the word “peachy”!

    Liked by 1 person

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