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Rainy Day Galore ~A Stuffie Stop Motion~

Hey, guys!

I’M SO EXCITED. Guess what I’ve been up to during the past week or so?

Well, I was putting together my second ever stop motion!

Or you could call it my first, since my first one didn’t actually count. It was just too awwwwwful and was really only a little experiment. *cringes* I desperately wanted this stop motion to be an improvement from last time (as I always do!), so judge for yourself if I have accomplished that. 😉

It was seriously so much fun! I was sweating profusely and and trying to figure out how in the world a tripod works and laughing hysterically all throughout the whole learning process! I actually started filming this, along with my sister Elizabeth, before we moved. But since the scenery is different now in our new house, I just twisted the plot a little bit and worked on cleaning up a few things.

Like I said, this is the second ever stop motion I’ve made, so the quality still isn’t the best: I’m yet a beginner at this strange art. XD I always appreciate constructive criticism, so if you’d like, feel free to give me some tips and feedback!

Translation: I BEG YOU TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. And what I could improve!

But I guess you just want to see the video. So without further ado and ramblings, here it is!

Oh, and sorry about the title. I didn’t actually know what “galore” meant when I finally exported this video. I thought it was one of those words with little meaning which could replace “fun,” but apparently it means “in abundance”?! XD Rainy day in abundance…that doesn’t sound too right. But by the time I found that out, it was already too late. *facepalm*

I hope you enjoyed watching this stop motion just as much as I enjoyed making it! (A nearly impossible feat, I know, given what an epic time I had making it).



9 thoughts on “Rainy Day Galore ~A Stuffie Stop Motion~

      1. Haha! Yes, my favorite animal is a polar bear! 😉 I think it might work the other way around though…polar bears could be my favorite animal because I have so many stuffed ones. But how did we get so many stuffed polar bears in the first place? *ransacks through pages of stuffie history*

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