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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 3~

IMG_1524(Here are the teams to help you clarify. And here are parts 1 and 2. Enjoy part three! 😉 )

(Bunny Baby’s POV)


“Guys, we have to play the next joke in Prank Wars!” I whisper-shouted as I ran breathlessly to where Toto and Strawberry were making the bunk bed together. “We’re the Terrible Trio, right? And the first two pranks failed, right? If we can play the first succeeding one, we can easily prove to everybody that we’re the prank bosses after all, not Bera-Bera!”


“So what do you have up your sleeve?” Toto asked skeptically after I had finished my outburst, while Strawberry just stared at me in surprise.


“I just saw this really cool thing on Google…here, I’ll show you…” I got the laptop and tilted it towards them.



I swiped to a picture of a baking pan full of brownies…er, Brown E’s, rather.


“That is such a good idea!” Strawberry exclaimed. “Let’s do it, now!”


The three went quickly to report the prank to their team so that their team members wouldn’t fall for it themselves…and to put their plans in action.


Strawberry: “I need a piece of paper. Oh wait, here’s one.”


Bunny Baby: “Toto, you’re hogging the scissors!”

Toto: “Wow, calm down. I haven’t even cut out one of them yet. And you know this is a human scissor, right? Oh, and plus this is black paper, not brown paper.”

Bunny Baby: “Well, S-O-R-R-Y!”


Toto: “Isn’t that a pretty E I made?”

Bunny Baby: “That’s an ugly E.”


Toto: “Hey!”


The two kept arguing until they realized that Strawberry had already cut out 5 E’s. So they got to work. 


Bunny Baby: “Okay, I think we have enough. Strawberry, can you go get a plate?”


Toto: “That looks amazing! It could fool anyone!”


Bunny Baby: “Done!”


The three put the plate on the makeshift dining table in the still-in-construction Stuffie Home and ran off as quickly as they had come.


“Humm, dee dumm…” Cornell sang as he walked past. “Ooh! Free brownies, huh? Well, how nice of whoever made these…I hope they have nice crackly tops and warm decadent chocolatey interiors…”


“Wait, these aren’t brownies. They’re just pieces of construction paper. How rude. And if this is supposed to be a prank…well, I don’t get it.”


“HA! We played the first prank that actually worked!” Toto danced around and around while Cornell just stared.

“I don’t see how putting some pieces of construction paper on a plate and labeling them brownies is a good prank,” he finally said.

“No, don’t you see? They’re brown E’s. Like, brown-ies. Get it?”


“These aren’t brown. They’re black.”

“Ugh. Told you, BB!”

“What did I do?” came Bunny Baby’s indignant voice from behind. “But hey, it worked. That’s the most important part. We’re well on our way to taking Bera-Bera’s position.”

And with that, The Terrible Trio highfived.

(Brookie’s POV)


We were supposed to play the first working prank!” Oreo complained to me as we heard of the mischief the Terrible Trio had been working up. 

“Hmm, don’t worry,” I laughed. “We can play the second one. I have the gist of a prank that always works.”

“Always?” Oreo asked hopefully.


“Always. Here, you can help me. Just stay quiet and be on the lookout.”

And with that, I got a glass of water from the kitchen and prepared to play one of America’s most classic pranks.


Just fill the glass with water…


Cover the top with a piece of paper…


Flip it over…


Pull out the paper…

How perfect. 


“That is absolutely ingenious,” Oreo laughed, looking it over.

IMG_1770Not thirty minutes later, Dejected Dog came along. “Now what have we here…I was going to flip that over, being the responsible doggy that I am, but I’ll let whoever did this drink their own medicine.


“He noticed?” Oreo whined.

“Don’t worry, some other person will come soon,” I assured him.


And sure enough, after dinner, the assigned dishwasher and kitchen cleaner was the one who finally picked it up. It was absolutely hilarious.


Woot Woot’s grimace as he picked it up and the water spilling all over him…I don’t usually delight much in pranks, but that did it for me. I laughed until tears ran down my cheek.


My prank had actually worked. I couldn’t believe it. Now both teams were in a tie…and it only depended on which team would play the next.

I didn’t know that a couple incidents would drastically change our plans.


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