#ilovemysisters {Dolls N’ All Challenge}

Hey, guys! It’s Kenzie here! So guess what? The wonderful Jules from Dolls N’ All started a challenge which you can read about by clicking here!  Since Brookie and I are the dolly sisters of the family, our owners thought we were perfect for this!


Here are the rules:

1. Take a picture of you and your sister(s).
2. Put it in a Polaroid frame (picmonkey.com)
3. Upload it onto your blog and tell a bit about your sister(s) and you.
4. Copy and paste these steps below it!
5. Use the #ilovemysisters
5. Challenge other dolls to do it!
So that above is the picture we’re entering! Now let’s tell a little bit more about ourselves. (I’ll include a few photos, too. I know they don’t count, but I thought you’d still like to see them!)
We’re Mckenzie and Brooklyn, Kenzie and Brookie for short: two cloth sock dolls sewn by Evie. She made me first, and then a few hours later she made Brookie. Fun Fact: Our dresses are permanently sewn on to look like we’re putting our hands in our pockets 😛 .
Brookie and I are best friends!! We do so much together. Our personalities compliment each other so well: sweet and shy to cheerful and bubbly, and we share many of the same hobbies, too! Just a few of the things we like to do together are ballet, skating, gymnastics, photography, drawing, piano, and baking.
(And yes, we are the kind who can laugh and chatter for quite a time while the others all think we’re asleep…until we have to remind each other five times that it’s almost midnight). #ilovemysisters
Here is one more photo of the two of us!
You can do this challenge, too! Just follow the rules and be sure to comment back on the original post so that Julie can know you did it!
See you next time!

2 thoughts on “#ilovemysisters {Dolls N’ All Challenge}

  1. I ♥♥♥♥ this! Those are absolutely ADORABLE pictures of you guys! Thanks so much for doing it!!!
    ~ Jules (I’m hacking L4TL’s account… mwhahahaha…)


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