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The Terrible Trio Play “Cars”

Toto’s POV


I lay down with a sigh. I had been sitting by the window playing with that metal slinky for almost twenty minutes, and there was only one word which described me at the moment: bored. I had finished school, I had completed my chores, and there was nothing else to do. Huggies was testing out a new recipe for his food blog, Cupcake had a sign up saying “Novelist At Work. Bystanders will be written into the story,” Dwuff was working on his AP homework, Tilly was learning a new piece on the harp, Baby was at ballet class…and yeah. You get the idea.

Perhaps I’ll take a little nap, I mused, lying down.


Just then, I saw Bunny Baby advance towards me. She looked pretty bored, too. Of course Bunny Baby would want to play with me…I jumped at my chance.


“Would you like to play with me?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?” she responded. “I am so, so, bored. My sisters won’t do anything with me. What do you want to play?”

“Hmm…” I mused, and then my face brightened. “I know! We’ll play cars!”

“Great idea,” she said. “I think Strawberry wants to play too, I’ll go get her.”


Five minutes later, we were all outside, with me dragging a collection of toy cars behind me.

“Here they are.” I showcased all the different vehicles.


“This one’s my favorite,” I said as I reached toward my prized yellow Penzoil car. Bunny Baby scanned the array, while Strawberry sat admiring the big blue race car.


“What’s this?” Bunny Baby asked, pushing one of them towards me.


“It’s a construction truck,” I replied after much pondering.


Strawberry shuffled through the two race cars, obviously trying to decide which one she liked best.


We finally set off together, with Bunny Baby pushing the construction truck, Strawberry pushing the big blue race car, and me pushing both the green race car and my beloved Penzoil.


I zoomed ahead the two, making loud vrooming sounds.


“Problem!” Bunny Baby squealed as we came to the stairs that led down from the porch.


“How are we supposed to get down here?” Strawberry questioned.


“No problem,” I said confidently, proceeding to knock both myself and my two cars headfirst onto the next step.


“C’mon, you have to try it!” I yelled at them.


“Oh, bossy bossy,” Bunny Baby mumbled, but nevertheless, both tumbled down and landed headfirst like I had done.


We landed on the next step just the same way!


And the next one, too!

We even slid down the railings!


I didn’t expect that we could get down the full way, but you know what? That’s exactly what we did! We reached the patio!


Strawberry raced ahead of me.


And then we raced across the patio!

Bunny Baby had a construction truck, so she went out to the yard-with-no-landscaping and had some fun scooping dirt!


Strawberry and I then proceeded to have another race.


Boredom was forgotten; we had SO much fun!!


We finally collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion.


“Let’s do this again sometime!” Bunny Baby was the first to suggest.


“Yes!” Strawberry quickly agreed.


“Hey, wait!” I suddenly stood up. “We should have a club name for ourselves, and have lots of adventures, and we can even document all of our escapades on Stuffie Adventures!”


“Our readers will love it!” Strawberry exclaimed.


“Our club name should be…” Bunny Baby mused. “I know! The Terrible Trio!”


I laughed. “I now dub us The Terrible Trio, once and forevermore!”


I hope you enjoyed this photostory! Of course Rebekah thought that The Terrible Trio was a great idea, and snapped some group pictures! You get to vote on which one should be the official one: just comment below!

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:




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