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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 2~

(Baby’s POV)


I was just typing up a history essay on my laptop when I heard Huggies call to me. “Baby, can you come here for a sec?”


I immediately slammed my laptop lid shut and hurried to follow his retreating self. If this was about Prank Wars, the name we had officially coined, I was all in. Really, although we had all expected the whole war to come to a halt at the end of April 1, no pranks had actually been played that day. Instead, it had been decided that team joining was eligible, and now everybody had joined sides except Mimsy, Vanilla, and Tilly, who had declined. 



Kenzie, who had stayed in the war on the condition that she could snap pictures of the entire thing and post it on Stuffie Adventures, had even put up a pink poster with all the names of the teams on them. 


I looked ahead to see that Huggies was waiting for me to catch up. “What is it?” I questioned. “Is it about the war?”

“Yep.” He grinned. “And you know who we have to have on our team?”


“Hmm, let me see…”

“Bera-Bera.” Huggies finished before I could name even one guess. “Everybody knows he’s the best prankster in this family.”

“So we want to convince him to join our side?”

“We have to find him first. I’ve searched the entire house; he literally disappeared out of thin air.”


“I guess I can go look for him…before I leave for ballet…”

“Sure,” Huggies said. “Just don’t fall prey to any pranks; I have a feeling Cupcake and Cocoa were up to something today.”


“Me? Of course not,” I scoffed as I walked away. Huggies just laughed.


I scoured the entire Stuffie Home first.


Not finding Bera-Bera anywhere, I then scoured Evie and Rebcake’s entire room.


I then traversed their brother Isaac’s room in search of him.


The rest of the upstairs followed…


the stairs…

By now I was getting quite sweaty. Ducking under beds, climbing up on tall tables, peeking behind laptops–it was all harder work than I thought. Still, I had to find him, or else the war probably wouldn’t be in our favor.


I even searched the downstairs, the basement, the whole backyard, and just about everywhere! 

But no, he wasn’t there. With a defeated sigh, I headed back up the stairs. That’s when I saw the note on the table.

Hey, I don’t know if I told you this, but I signed up for Young Explorer’s camp, a study intensive, and will be there for the next two weeks or so. -Bera-Bera

Where was Bera-Bera when you need him? At study camp, obviously. I was just going to go back in and report that to Huggies when I decided that I was hungry. For something sweet.


So I went back to the Stuffie Home and was just going see if there was anything in the cookie jar when something on the dining table caught my eye. A donut box. 


I could hardly believe my luck. I hurried to it as fast as I could. Just as I was starting to open the flaps of the container, however, I remembered something. It was something I had seen on Pinterest…a donut box just like this one…with broccoli inside. Of course. I wasn’t falling for anything like this. With a satisfied smirk on my face, I left the room to report to Huggies.


But not before I kicked the donut box off the floor, revealing a mess of…Red peppers and celery. And as much as I liked peppers…that was a failed prank for sure.



(Cupcake’s POV)


I couldn’t believe that the prank had failed. Cocoa and I had worked so hard on it! 


With a shake of my head, I propped up my teddy bear in front of me–the best birthday gift EVER–and wrapped her carefully in a flowery blanket.


Then I plopped down to borrow Baby’s laptop for a few minutes while he was scavenging in the kitchen. 


I had just finished the second paragraph of my book report when my Rainbow Loom set caught my eye. Actually, it was Rebekah’s Rainbow Loom set, but since she rarely used it anymore it was basically mine now. I was trying to decide if I would finish my double starburst bracelet which I had been working on or work ahead a few assignments in school.


Just then, I smelled muffins from downstairs…and I realized my owners were baking. So I hopped down to the hallway, deciding I would ask them for one to snack on.


Just as I was rounding the corner, I saw Hummus and Owly sneak inside the door. I abruptly remembered that Prank Wars was still going on…and I had a feeling this had something to do with me. So I decided to follow them.


Turns out, I’d be glad I did. Not a minute after I had staked out, Hummus and Owly came to just where I was sitting. 


“You don’t have to whisper now, there’s no one in here,” came Hummus’ voice after he had thoroughly scanned the room.

“Are you sure?”



“Okay, let’s get to work then.”

I watched suspiciously, the muffin I wanted forgotten, as the two surveyed the area.

“Okay, you do the laptop prank, I’ll do the Rainbow Loom one,” Hummus said. 


Owly immediately went on the laptop, while Hummus opened my Rainbow Loom box. I was quite proud of it. It was extremely organized.

So imagine my horror when Hummus began to mess the whole thing up: emptying packets, turning my loom upside down, throwing bands into different compartments, and tossing S-clips under the plastic holder.






“Okay, done,” he said finally, turning towards Owly. “Are you?”


“Yep. She’ll never know how to turn the screen back the right way.”


“Oh yes I do,” I interrupted with a giggle, having seen enough. “You just press CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW. Or maybe it was down arrow.

“Umm…” Owly started.

“Sooo, just clean that up.” I stalked out of the room to get my muffin. 


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