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Make-It-Yourself Monday: WP Blog For Your Stuffie + The Sunshine Blogger Award!



Hello. It’s Dejected Dog here. I guess I’m supposed to introduce myself, but what can I say? I’m a dejected dog. I like reading biographies. I also like reading witty quotes, and writing some deep ones myself. Grumpy Cat memes are extremely relatable. And I hate emoticons, by the way.



Guess what day it is? Make-It-Yourself Monday, duh. And today, instead of a craft tutorial, I thought of something much more unique: how to make a blog for your stuffie using WordPress. My owners thought it was a good idea, too, so they let me to write this post on my own even though I have homework to do.



Okay. Shall we get started?

You Will Need: 

  • A computer, laptop, phone, or other electronic device
  • Your creativity



First, you’ll need a WordPress account. To do this, go to and click “Get Started” on the top right corner.


You’ll be taken to a start page, where it will let you choose between a blog, a website, a portfolio, or an online store. Choose blog.


Next, choose your theme. You don’t need to overthink this one: you can easily change it later. Just pick one that you think will fit the vibe of what your stuffie wants to blog about.


I chose “Twenty Sixteen.”


Then, choose your domain name. It should match the title that you have in mind. To help you think of a good one: what does your stuffie want to blog about? Is it going to be a personal blog with deep reflections, favorite quotes, and book reviews like mine? Is it going to be an art portfolio? Are they going to blog about crafts and DIY tutorials? What about writing and photography? This took a long time for me. I thought of its-a-sad-world but Cornell said that wasn’t a good one. And then I thought of dejecteddogsmusings but Cornell didn’t like it. Cornell can be a bother at times. So I finally decided on melancholydoggy, and this time he agreed.


Check if the address is available.


Choose your plan next. I’ve got more important things to spend on than a blog, so I chose Free. However, if you want a custom domain, a lot of storage, and more customization options, you could go with one of the paid plans.


Now, create your account. Just fill in your email, username, and password.


(That’s not my real email, by the way. So don’t email me at that address).

It should tell you to wait up and then take you to your site page. You’ll get an email from WordPress, and there you can verify your account. Now for the fun part.


This is how my site looks right now.


Open “My Site” in the top left corner. Go to Themes < Customize.


In the customizer, you can change all sorts of things: your site title, tagline, and logo, your color palette, your fonts, your header image, your navigation bar, widgets, and more. You just have to explore around.


Here I am customizing my site identity.


Here’s how Melancholy Doggy looked after I was done customizing.


In “My Site,” you can also edit, add, and delete (basically manage) your blog posts.


I edited “First Blog Post” so it could have some actual text.


You can also manage the pages on your site, which aren’t like posts. They’re static material that you want visitors to see every time they come to your site: for example, a page about you and a contact form.


Just click on the title of the page you want to edit and it’ll bring you here. If you want to make a new page, simply click the “Add” button.


Like I mentioned before, WordPress allows you to change your theme quickly without any fuss at all. I decided I didn’t like Twenty-Sixteen, so I switched.


Here’s my revised blog.


“Menus” allows you to edit what you want to display on your navigation bar.


You can also manage some very important things in Settings.


In your reader, next to “My Site(s),” you can view your feed from blogs you follow.


I’m not really going into blogging, since this was just a demo, so I went to Settings and deleted my site.

I hope this little tutorial was helpful. If there’s any questions you’d like to ask or anything you’d like to add, just drop me a comment.

Oh, and don’t leave yet. Violet Gray from Vibrantly Violet nominated us for the…

Sunshine Blogger Award. *bows* Thank you, Violet. I’ll call my owner over to answer these questions.



  • Thank the person/persons that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  • Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  • List the rules and display the award.

What is the most complex book you have ever read?

My human geography textbook. WHY SO WORDY. If that doesn’t count, the Bible. 😉

What is one crazy obsession that you have?

Stuffed animals (obviously).

What is your favorite part of blogging?

I love writing and taking the pictures for photostories! It’s so fun to bring the stuffies to life. Oh, but photo shoots are definitely the funnest to take, although not so fun to caption. No, stop motions. Evie and I make them together and it’s just so much fun to watch the end result. But reading all your sweet comments makes my day, too.

(So basically I like everything about blogging).

What is one song that you absolutely love and will never get tired of?

I’m not much of a listening-to-songs fan, but I guess “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” counts.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Um, both. And neither.

I never wake up early, but when I do the few hours after are my most active hours. But though I ❤ sleeping, it always takes a while to convince myself that I can finish whatever I’m doing tomorrow.

What is the story behind your blog name?

Story time! Well, some of you may not know this, but Evie and I first had a blog about only Polby and Dwuff, our two favorite stuffies. Obviously, it was called But then, we had some problems with our WP account, so we decided to make a new blog featuring all our 22 stuffies instead of just those two. Evie made up the genius name Stuffie Adventures right away, and I loved it so much I typed it in immediately!

What is one of your favorite posts on your blog?

Hmm. I’m really proud of Little Friends, but then this stop motion was really fun to film. OH WAIT NO the photostory I’m going to post in a few days is definitely my favorite. *dies of cuteness*

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Why is it that I have so many complaints about my life each and every day, but when a question like this is posed to me I cannot think of any?


My life is pretty awesome, actually 😉

If today was your last day to live, what would you do?

Stress out, spend a LOT of time with my family, make sure I’ve done all I can on earth, write a long emotional poem bidding farewell while sitting out in nature for the last time…yeah.

If you could take over the world and become its supreme leader, would you?

Nope. Too stressful, I wouldn’t know what to do, and there’s a 99% chance of being assassinated or killed.

(I’d rather just blog, read my human geography textbook, and eat brownies. Thanks for the offer, though).

Finally, What is one sentence that is your life motto?

Never stop dreaming big.


Thanks again for nominating me, Violet! Now I get to nominate eleven people! If you have already received the Sunshine Blogger Award, dearie me, I’m very sorry. You don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to. 😛

(I’ve tried to be very fair about this and nominate lesser-known bloggers 😉 )

My Nominations: 

Life Of A Farm Doll

Madelon of Musings By Madi

Journal Of Two Dolls

Staff of My Doll Corner

Light4TheLord of Dolls N’ All 

Gracie of Smile And Craft AG

Katie of The Kitkat Studio

American Girl Doll Crafter of Doll Days

She’ll Go Down In Herstory

Blackiesunshine of Silver Sky Dolls

Samantha of AG Doll Awesome 

My Questions: 

  1. Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?
  2. What is your least favorite blog post that you’ve done?
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  5. Rollerskating or ice skating?
  6. Who is the person, alive or dead, who has influenced you the most?
  7. What’s your favorite subject?
  8. Brownies or cookies?
  9. What’s your least favorite food?
  10. Would you consider yourself more introverted or extroverted?
  11. Pencils or pens?

Quick Question: Do I have to comment on all the blogs I nominated to let them know they’ve been nominated? I’m still getting used to this whole award thing…

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and the award!

~Rebekah who can’t find her sign-off anywhere~





12 thoughts on “Make-It-Yourself Monday: WP Blog For Your Stuffie + The Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Ohmygoodness! I loved your answers! I was laughing really hard at the whole supreme-leader one and THAT’S MY MOTTO TOO!!! 😀 My favorite ever necklace (I wear it almost every day) says ‘dream’. It’s like, the only one I ever wear except for rare exceptions. 😀
    ~ Light4theLord


    1. P.S. Oh, and I think that it’s helpful to comment on everyone’s blog so that they know they’ve been nominated, but it’s up to you. If you do, though, it helps to write a comment on one persons blog that they’ve been nominated and then just copy/paste that comment for the rest. 🙂 Hope that helped!


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