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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 1~

Yay! It’s here! 😀 Happy April Fool’s, guys!

-Told In Dwuff’s POV-


I settled back on the pillow with a sigh and a yawn. It was a nice Saturday morning at the start of April: nothing more, nothing less.


With a book resting in my hands and a multitude of my owners’ throw pillows lying all around, I slid down luxuriously, pulling the blankets over me. Saturdays are the absolute best, I thought to myself as I stretched my legs. I loved the undisturbed weekend mornings when my cousins were all out and about, when I could do what I liked without the least bit of distraction.


As I was still musing, my eyes turned towards Owney’s calendar, which was lying open on the bed, and a light bulb seemed to pop. Suddenly, I remembered what day it was. It wasn’t just Saturday. It wasn’t just April 1. It was April Fool’s Day. 

As I was never much of a big prankster myself, I simply told myself to keep up my guard so I wouldn’t fall prey to the prankster and spy of the family, Bera-Bera, who was the cause of almost every prank done in the house.


Those were my plans until I looked to my right and saw Polby sneaking down the table.


“What on earth are you–” I began, putting down my book.

“Shh!” He warned, putting his paw to his lips.

“Why?” I asked ignorantly.


He sighed at first, but then his eyes lit up. “I guess you could be of help…” and with that, he scrawled something down onto his notebook and tilted it towards me.

I took some time to try deciphering his signature scribbles until finally getting his point. He had written:

Planning to play April Fool’s joke on Huggies. You can help. 


My eyes slowly lit up too as he explained the plan to me through the help of paper.

I cackled evilly to myself over the plan. “That sounds like a-”

“Shh!!” was his only reply, and I rolled my eyes. But this was no time to be arguing; we had a mission before us.

-Now Told In Huggies’ POV-


I groped for the string, all the while trying to stifle uncontrollable laughter.


After glancing around cautiously to make sure nobody was looking, I looped the string around the sleeve of Polby’s red hoodie and secured it firmly with a tight double-knot.


And the best part. I propped up the phone on Owney’s bed, hit “Record,” and the rest would be history.


My work finished, I hustled back to where I had been relaxing with a refreshing glass of cold water and my recipe book…wait, what?

My eyes traveled down to the glass, which was filled with not water but a disgusting foamy concoction.


“Holy moly stromboli!” I yelled, kicking it over in disgust. “Is that shampoo or cotton candy or crushed up rocks from Mars?”


Just at that time, I heard muffled laughter, and turning my head around, saw Polby and Dwuff’s heads peeking out at me. “It’s actually foam soap,” Dwuff affirmed.


“THAT WAS NOT FUNNY,” I roared, but they seemed to think it was. “That was pretty dumb, actually.”

“Oh, but you should have seen your face,” Dwuff disagreed, breaking out into another series of guffaws.

“Just wait till I — ” I growled.


“Oh, but no. We’re going outside,” Polby said quickly, scampering down quickly. That’s when I knew I had a joke to look forward to, too.

Here’s everything that happened from the perspective of the phone (cropped at the beginning and edited, of course 😉 )…until Dwuff (sadly) found it out and indignantly hit the Pause button. Watch it–it’s hilarious! (I should have remembered to turn on the audio, though -_- )

“Now I definitely know who did this,” Dwuff chuckled as he held up the phone.


“That was just too funny…” I laughed, while Polby just stared.


He then turned his back and whispered something in Dwuff’s ear: “Looks like somebody else other than ourselves have big April Fool’s Day plans.”

“Hey, I thought Cornell and I were the only ones!” I suddenly protested, sitting up.

They stared. “Obviously not.”


“And that can only mean one thing,” My voice suddenly turned grim.

Our minds seemed to work in sync.



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