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Make-It-Yourself Monday: Stuffie-Sized iPhone

Hey guys! Welcome to Make-It-Yourself Monday! This blog series, Make-It-Yourself Monday, will take place on the first Monday of every month, where we will provide you with a fun DIY tutorial for your stuffie!

Today we’re going to show you how to make an iPhone for your stuffie–or you could tweak this craft to make an iPad or tablet instead! This basic iPhone requires only a few materials you most likely have already and no prior knowledge to making stuffie-sized things! The good thing is, it doesn’t come with all the hassle that real iPhones do!


You Will Need: 

  • Cardboard–adjust the size according to how big your stuffie is.
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Colored pencils, construction paper, markers, Sharpies, construction paper, and pens–for decorating and personalizing



Trim your cardboard to the desired size with your scissors. 


Cut a border out of white paper and tape it to the cardboard. Then use a black pen to draw a power button on the bottom.  


Cut out some nice construction paper (or take a piece of white paper and decorate it) as a cover.


Next, take a small piece of rectangular shaped cardboard and color the center of it. This is your camera hole! Stick that on (vertically) as well. 


And if you want, you can also color in the border.


To make a screen, cut and trim a piece of white paper so that it can fit inside the border.


Now comes the fun part! Decorate it so that it looks like your stuffie is looking at something online!


Attach it onto the iPhone frame. How cool is that!?

Great! You’re done! Yup, it’s as easy as that!

MIY 10

Before starting this craft, I thought you would have to tape the screens and un-tape them, but in reality, they don’t need taping at all! The border keeps them nicely in. As a result, you can alternate screens without even having to deal with any messy tape.

MIY 11

Dwuff really enjoyed looking through the new iPhone!
If you tried this tutorial, please comment below to let others know how it went!

P.S: No idea why WordPress says that this post was published on Tuesday…there’s still five hours till midnight! Oh, well…


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