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Sweet Spring Weather ~Cupcake’s First Photo Shoot~

Hi everybody! It’s me, Cupcake! Today Rebekah took me out for my first photo shoot!

As some of you might know, we’re having some mega crazy weather. Like, mega crazy as in 73 degree weather and transitioning overnight from an overcoat to shorts.


And as in taking pictures in the sunny grass instead of in the snow.

(Seriously, we didn’t even get in one snow photo shoot all year!)


Ahhh, that sun…pictures just don’t do it justice! I might go outside again after I’m finished writing this and have a long sunbath.


Oh, dear me, I forgot to introduce myself properly. I’m Cupcake Anne Lorensen, but you can just call me Cuppy when you’re too lazy to pronounce my full name. I’m a girly and artsy polar bear with a love of creative writing and anything DIY.

You can learn more about my friends, my owners, and I on the Meet The Stuffies page.


Dreaming of skies and seas and dragons…

That seems to sum up my personality perfectly!

(Well, part of it, of course. Everybody says my personality is very colorful 😛 )


This one is probably my favorite picture of the entire shoot!


Oh, or this one. It could do as a profile picture, perhaps, if it were cropped a little.


Ahhh! Is it just me or do you wish you could fly all across that deep blue expanse, riding on a nice cottony white cloud??? *looks off dreamily into the distance*

Rebekah says I look so sweet and contemplative in this picture. Though my face looks oddly smushed, hehe.


Ugh! I need to find more ways of captioning these pictures!

*googles “how to caption a picture without getting boring*

Google retrieves a bunch of Brainy Quotes about boredom???? Seriously???


I never trusted technology, anyways.

Oh, except for Pinterest, where I get DIY ideas, and Google Docs, where I write my novels.

I guess it’s safe to say I never trusted Google.

Um, this is getting confusing. I guess I’ll just sit and dream my days away–seems like a good way to spend life, right?


This one as a profile picture, perhaps?


Isn’t spring just the best ever season of the year?

I agree. Except when it rains…ugh.



I got really, really bored of the porch, so I went down to the parking lot and yard.


I played around in the grass for a while, basking in the warm sun.


And seeking a little adventure, I climbed up the big wooden stump, breathing in huge gulps of the sweet spring air.


And then I had to go to piano class. 😦 I really hope you enjoyed this photo shoot of me!



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