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Toto’s Not-So-Grand Adventure + New Stop Motion!

Hello, everyone! Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to our very first blog post! We have two surprises in store for you all today.

#1: Toto’s Not-So-Grand Adventure ~A Photostory~

Today, Toto had a not-so-grand adventure! Huggies and his other cousins were all too busy to pay attention to him, so he decided to go outside and take on any adventure that befell him! 


He climbed down the ledge…


And found himself outside! 


He sat by the window a little bit.


And then he climbed the railings.


But that wasn’t enough for Toto! He slid down the rail by the stairs which led to the parking lot.


Let freedom ring…


Toto inched his way along the wall.


And finally reached the grass.


He lay down staring at the blue sky.


The tall stalks soon began to prick him, though, so he stood up.


He wandered his way around aimlessly for a while.


And then he saw this patch of dirt with bushes and a strange tower of metal that reached up to the sky!


Toto tried climbing the tower, but the rungs were spaced so far apart that probably not even his older cousins would attempt it. So he turned away and sat down in the dried dirt and debris. This would make the perfect hideout, he thought to himself. 


Toto began fixing up his secret hideout. 


And settled back down again, satisfied with all his work.

He didn’t stay there long though. He was too bored, so he walked over to the big leafless bush which was shadowing his hideout. Perfect, he thought to himself. Perfect to climb, that is!


Toto grabbed a branch and swung himself up.


He went higher.


But then he realized it was a really, really bad idea. The thorns were beginning to prick him like crazy, so he decided to get down again.


Only he couldn’t!


Toto was stuck there, caught by the thorns and brambles. 


It was a long way down…

Toto was getting really tired from hanging on. 


It was getting late, too. It looked like it was about to rain. 


Just as he was giving up all hope, he heard someone crunching in the leaves behind him. “Oh, there you are!” Huggies, his older brother, wore an amused grin on his face. “I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

Huggies untangled Toto from the thorns of the tree.


Boy, was he glad to be back in big brother’s arms again!

Have you ever had an adventure that didn’t turn out as great as you would have thought?

#2: The Warner Bros: A Stuffie Stopmotion

I made this cool Stuffie Stop Motion (SSM) about Polby, Truffle, and Huggies (a.k.a. The Warner Bros) enjoying the warm weather. It was the first stop motion I ever filmed before, and I have to say that though frustrating, I had so much fun making it, even more fun editing and compiling it, and loads of fun watching it! Even though it’s really jerky and bad quality, I hope you still enjoy! 

Note: This video is marked as unlisted on YouTube, meaning that there is no other way of accessing it except by link.

I hope you enjoyed our two surprises!


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