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Cocoa + Cup {Episode 1: DIY Bird Feeder}

If there's anything Rebekah has learned from making this stop motion: 1. Take it by intervals; 2. Have someone to help you for goodness' sake; 3. always use a tripod or else it will be jerky. it will be jerky anyways Oh! Hi guys! I'm Cocoa! There goes the professional beginning to this post I… Continue reading Cocoa + Cup {Episode 1: DIY Bird Feeder}

Photo Shoots

Beyond The Stone Wall {Photoshoot Of Bera-Bera}

Hmm...who could this be? Why, it's me, Bera-Bera, of course! 😄 And today I'm here with a photo shoot! The weather definitely was in favor of this shoot, but the wind was not cooperating. 😦 We did manage to get a few good shots, though! Do you prefer this picture in focus or out of… Continue reading Beyond The Stone Wall {Photoshoot Of Bera-Bera}


Epic Hide-And-Seek Fail {A Photostory}

Cocoa's POV My alarm rang. I sighed and laboriously turned around. I had to jam the button twice to get it to turn off. That done, I rubbed my eyes. Is it morning already? I wondered to myself before realizing that I had only been taking a short nap. 😄 Truth to be told, though, I was kinda… Continue reading Epic Hide-And-Seek Fail {A Photostory}

Photo Shoots

Stormy Skies {A Photoshoot Video With Woot-Woot And His Umbrella}

Hi everyone! It's Woot-Woot here. A few days ago, Rebcake made a cute little blue umbrella through this tutorial from Fun With AG Fan, and since I matched it best, took a few photos of me outside in the stormy weather! To ease the repetitiveness of this photo shoot and the other one coming up,… Continue reading Stormy Skies {A Photoshoot Video With Woot-Woot And His Umbrella}


5 Polby-Themed Inspirational Boards {Polby’s Birthday Special}

Huwo from Polby! Guess what today is? Not just Make-It-Yourself Monday, not just the first day of's my birthday! So instead of a birthday photo shoot, I thought of a more creative idea while I was munching leftover birthday cookies from my little celebration: inspirational boards which you can easily use as desktop backgrounds, or… Continue reading 5 Polby-Themed Inspirational Boards {Polby’s Birthday Special}

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Make-It-Yourself Monday: DIY Stuffie Calendar

Okay, I know what you're thinking. It's not Monday yet. But hey, we've got something special planned out tomorrow for Polby's b--*claps hand over mouth* And since posting twice in a day bugs me...happy Make-It-Yourself Sunday Monday! Today we're back with a super quick and easy craft: a DIY Stuffie Calendar! To make this craft,… Continue reading Make-It-Yourself Monday: DIY Stuffie Calendar

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Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~

The week passed by with only a few incidents. Ranch replaced a can of vanilla ice cream with ice, Cocoa dyed the water on the kitchen table green, Kenzie had taped the remote sensor shut, and Baby snuck strawberry jello into a juice cup. But then came the one thing that would end Prank Wars 2017… Continue reading Prank Wars ~Season 1, Episode 5 (FINALE)~

Photo Shoots

Nature Wanderings {A Photoshoot Of Cocoa}

Happy Earth Day! It's your gal Cocoa here! I'm the nature enthusiast of the family, so in honor of Earth Day, I asked for a photo shoot! (Plus I seriously needed to write a nature essay which I've procastinated on and I might find the perfect object of study in the yard...) By the way, isn't… Continue reading Nature Wanderings {A Photoshoot Of Cocoa}